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  1. And even if we do go into full national lockdown just say you were testing your eyesight on our new signings and it's no worries.
  2. I think it might have taken him a bit of time to get used to but possibly playing in a back 3 helps him, most of the time he can pass it off to Iorfa and Van Aaken quite simply so he doesn't have to try and pick out a pass, and he can concentrate on what he's best at.
  3. I think he might have taken Windass's legs as he barged into him (push/barge was fine itself).
  4. The way we're pressing is great to see, as a team and players actually cutting passing lanes, the benefits of a younger, more mobile team and some new coaching staff I think
  5. Was it Rasiak? Said we put a £2.5million pound bid or something in and ended up signing Francis Jeffers?
  6. Go on then what's your analysis of the numbers and statistics showing countries (across the world) have had so many excess deaths, if it wasn't caused by a pandemic? Studied a little stats too so feel free to use the big school words.
  7. First half he was pretty bad with some poor touches but 2nd half was the best I've seen him play in a while, looked more like the Adam Reach of old, would be very useful for us if he can get back to the level he was at a couple seasons ago.
  8. Hunt Man of the Match for me, great little player, really pulled the strings tonight, very busy.
  9. Decent and looked confident on the ball for a guy making his debut but gave it away a couple of times in bad positions in the 2nd half, got turned once in the 2nd half too.
  10. Crossing has generally been poor but looked fantastic tonight, put in 3 or 4 really good balls. Wasn't sure he could play as a wing back, but if he keeps up his crossing like that he can do a decent job.
  11. I didn't say the option were enough, everyone knows we still need to sign a striker Just that Windass can play as a genuine striker (he can also play the Izzy Brown role), his goals in his loan period and goal and assist on Saturday showed that, it's nothing like throwing Harris and Reach upfront, who are useless there. I think he might even be at his best upfront, the goal on Saturday was a proper Strikers goal, good finish
  12. He very clearly is, check out the 3 players scoring records for an easy indication.
  13. Glenn Whelan - stuck playing with players playing above their level in the centre, the likes of Kenny Lunt, Yoann Folly, Craig Rocastle. But kept us competitive, used to be our creative, box to box, and defensive midfielder all in one I thought.
  14. Probably the sort of striker the other 3 would all love to play with.
  15. After short pre-season probably best to change it up a bit, get some more minutes in for some players like Dele-Bashiru, Hunt, Shaw, Odubajo, Reach, Palmer
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