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  1. Is it? I thought I remembered from when we signed him, he just wasn't being picked often while at Cardiff, not due to injuries. I could be misremembering though. Someone on here will know.
  2. Goals up here Anyone know much about Lewis Farmer? Excellent technique in creating the 3rd, then a Ronaldo chop and cracking finish with his left foot for the 4th, not bad for a right back!
  3. If we keep accusing our upcoming opponents players of racism, with the only evidence being the accusers recalling of the event, we might be able to get promoted this year, don't even need a new manager
  4. Some absolute drama queens on here. He wasn't fantastic tonight, but embarrassing? Get a grip
  5. Terrifying, it's too early in the morning for that mate.
  6. You'd play 3 at the back with no wing backs? We'd get absolutely battered
  7. It's a shame we couldn't get him, but glad to see we're not paying over the odds for players anymore (good deal for Luongo too), we can't afford to do that with FFP. But smart investment, selling players at the right time, and using the money to strengthen multiple positions should see us competing and also operating in a much a more sustainable fashion. We should have sold FF when he had the strop, and used the money to inject some much needed pace.
  8. Also you should realise due to sheer number of users on here it's quite likely that some are on the spectrum, it's a bit out of order to them to use it as an insult
  9. Haha, are you 12? We're talking about football, no need to get upset mate
  10. As we have enough cover I think it could be worth the risk of taking him on loan, he would really help if we're going to be up there this season, looked a class above anything we've got in that position and very comfortable in his few appearances. Allows us the option to have 5 at the back on occasions too, I know it was awful under Jos but it would be very different with Odubajo and Lazaar as the wingbacks.
  11. 5th highest for dribbles in the league last season, about the same as Salah, not bad for a poacher
  12. He hasn't turned Sterling into a poacher at all, does he remind you of Lineker or Sheringham how he plays? He's helped train him to get into positions to score goals (coming in at the back post a lot), but he is still getting on the ball in wide areas and around the edge of the box very often.
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