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  1. If I remember correctly JJ played really well for 85 minutes of that game, then did something really stupid (can't remember what) to give away a goal near the end?
  2. We do, but we were third in the league with the same Midfield and Fletcher upfront
  3. Pelupessy really is poor with the ball
  4. A lot of youngsters on the bench, interested to see more of Alex Hunt if the situations right, would like to see him when we're in a few more attacking positions than the situation he came into against QPR
  5. Well from what I've heard he's a ball playing centre mid but his best moments last night were all good defensive work. But if he's able to bring his skills in and he's also capable of getting stuck in he could be useful, maybe he'll get a few more appearances here and there, he seemed to be gaining in confidence towards the end of the match and getting on the ball more.
  6. I though he had started to look a bit tired to be honest, save him for Tuesday
  7. Ideally the wingers get in behind more often than the way we have played it so far, and the winger on the opposite side to the ball should be arriving at the backpost fairly regularly
  8. In a 4-3-3 the wingers are very important in implementing a high press, they should often be the ones to begin the press on the opposition full backs, which should prompt the rest of the midfield to press. Although this is obviously tiring for the wide players, especially as they have to be getting behind the opposition in attack, then sometimes recover and help the full backs out back in the defensive third. May be part of the reason for getting more wingers in, allowing us to rotate the wingers and be a bit more active in winning the ball higher up the field. It's a great way to create attacking opportunities and box the opposites in.
  9. You've really set someone up for a ban with a joke based on that one.
  10. I'd be interested to to see this team sometime, with Harris drifting into wide positions either side. Not sure on playing Hutchinson with 3 centrebacks though, but maybe having 3 centrebacks will actually push him further up, Iorfa and Borner can both bring the ball out from defence. First areas to improve for this formation would be Odubajo and Winnall, although Fletcher is more than good enough if not injured. Then an attacking left wingback, and Reach can play in centre midfield sometimes too. Fox can be an option at centreback, Hutchinson too. Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Odubajo Reach Luongo Hutchinson Bannan Winnall Harris
  11. Should he start the next league match? Rb not been very strong for us so far this season Far too soon to say after 1 game, but I've got visions of him and Iorfa forming a strong right hand side, at rb and right cb
  12. Because we have managed it without Bannan before, he only gets dragged too deep consistently when playing with Hutchinson. Most of the time he sends it long he has no simple options for 15 yard forward passes or the like, our movement in attack is very limited.
  13. All those wins we had before the last 3 with Bannan and Luongo in midfield? Bannan (and the team) plays much better, and much further forward, without Hutch in cm. If you've watched Sheffield Wednesday for the past few years and you think Barry Bannan is our main problem then sorry, I think maybe football isn't the sport for you.
  14. Modou Sougou Kamil Zayette Jon Otsemobor Mike Jones John Bostock Danny Mayor Gary Gardiner Rhoys Wiggins
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