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  1. Why do you keep trying to bring up Brexit out of nowhere, I've seen you do it earlier on in this thread and the Borner one. It's nice you have your own opinion but it's got absolutely nothing to do with Sheffield Wednesday or football and just derails the actual threads and turns it into another boring debate about Brexit. Find some friends/idiots down the pub who'll listen to your soapboxing instead.
  2. Used to be best mates with Bazza a few years ago (both in Villa academy)
  3. Still buying that lie in 2019 is impressive/worrying...
  4. Yep think its Lazaar, you can see number 38 on the edge of the box at 1:27. Great news if he's back for the run in
  5. He's waited quite awhile for any chance at first team football (and taken it with both hands!) so hopefully makes sense for him to stay, and he doesn't have much competition for his place here
  6. I don't think halving the points for away matches gives a proper representation, it should be more 5 to 10% different (or based on position in the home/away table seperately) Halving is too extreme
  7. Commentary out of sync for everybody else?
  8. Could Penney be playing wide left in midfield? Then Pudil or Thorniley at centre back
  9. I think so, if it's the same one I'm remembering I think he was a Wednesday fan too?
  10. He was the 2nd top scorer in the Portuguese league the season before we signed him if I remember correctly, could have a very good season if he stays fit
  11. So you think he contributed a lot going forward? Did you watch? He had a good game, but to be a starting right back (especially in a 3-5-2) in the Championship it still needs to be better and improved upon, which he'll hopefully do
  12. He was much better, I wouldn't quite say excellent as he didn't contribute much going forward, but something to build on for him
  13. I'd play the same but with Thorniley for Penney, definitely have him on the bench though, I'd like to see Penney get some minutes where he can get involved a bit more before he starts
  14. If we get through this year without having a disaster we could be in a good position next year with some young lads with decent game time under their belts, and then hopefully able to strengthen in positions where necessary, and focus the money where it's needed
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