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  1. You read response? After your bum licking. He was reasonable. Now you post in every thread with spelling mistakes in all. They have schools in pontefract? FFS.
  2. Gillingham fans seem to rate him.. https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/jack-tucker.124300/
  3. I dont think any player performed badly tonight. I think out fought. An unchanged sunderland team with a game plan. Most teams at top dont change team weekly for fitness issues.
  4. tactics cost us these 2 games and also auto promotion. Moore is likeable but not good enough. Feel free to neg.. but way i felt all season
  5. Time wasting from start. Set up their team perfect against us. We have to change it at half time. Laing on for byers and go 4-4-2
  6. this performance so far is down to tactics.. we havent imposed anything.. i dont like it
  7. Oh my god.. people holding up some pieces of coloured a3 paper in a pattern. be pooing myself
  8. http://motornews.live/novo/bite/06-oggi-sunderland/?sport=soccer
  9. I dont remember first 2 corners.. Just a huge issue for debate here.
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