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  1. Good goal scorer but doesnt contribute much. Hero or zero player. Had no service today so cant criticize
  2. Good sub.. much better than matias given the circumstances
  3. Nobody should ever get a 2nd straight yellow for diving so far from goal unless its blatant
  4. Softly lay a hand on him.. that would teach him. ffs.. why always us
  5. Im fuming. Surely there is some leniancy when its a second yellow even if it was a dive.. which it clearly wasnt. Ruined an otherwise good result. flippingrefs
  6. Oh so now i have to pay £40 odd for a ticket and on top of that i have to pay £4 for a pint of wee wee.. great value.. flip that!! Who the flip drinks fosters or john smiths anymoree apart from social rejects
  7. You would think so but if we lose next couple of games and bottom teams get a win we go back to pooing ourselves.. should be safe now though
  8. Do the new owners have funds for a prem push if we could only get him back on loan?
  9. semedo is a good player.. does his job. Its wingers that are the problem. no creativity. But out fans are so thick they dont understand football. Dont know what gray was on about when he said antonio had no football brain?? its same as di canio situation.. manager has forced best player on our team out of the football club.
  10. Thought he was pretty crap when he came on against leeds tbh. We need a striker that can hold it up and work hard.. madine isnt the answer.
  11. Could see it happening.. but if we get some loans we need them to be long term.. 1 month loans are no benefit to anybody
  12. Not praising him that much.. just saying he looked better than coke
  13. He was at least in position most the time and not wandering like coke. Made a couple of decent interceptions and more comfortable on the ball.
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