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  1. Springett Ron Neillson Swan Walker Megson Don Waddle Kay Sheridan Di Canio Fantham Dooley I'm old enough to have seen all these players. What memories what a team
  2. Sorry Torryowl you're spot on, I got that really wrong, but does it somehow make it worse, that six years after the first Million pound transfere we spend 275000 on our forward? Don't suppose that " Torry " is short for Torrevieja, if so we're almost neighbours ?
  3. At the same time that Simon was being signed by the Owls, for 275000 pounds...a record signing then for Wednesday, Trevor Francis was becoming the first player transfered for One Million Pounds ???????
  4. Wycombe Tickets already bought and printed.... cheap flights booked for tomorrow, thank you Ryan Air Will then be in UK till after the play offs......if need be??????????????
  5. I don't know how old my Father was on his first visit to Hillsboro', but I was 5 years old when he first took me to see the Owls......in 1951 My two Sons were 6 and 8 years old, when My Wife and I first took them .....in 1978 AND my two Grandsons were 6 and 8 years old, when we All first took them.....in 2011 and my two Greatgrandsons...........well not yet for quite a while............ .date to be advised
  6. Sorry mate........... My first game was in 1952 so my first Manager was a 5 years younger Eric Taylor
  7. "Arriba Los Buhos"......... is "up the Owls".....out here in Spain, We usually manage to get back to see three or four games each season, I even got back for the Tranmere game to take my two Grand sons Joe and Max to their first football match at Hillsborough, Out here we rely on the internet for our regular Owls fix. PS we are even MASSIVE out here,,,,,Sheffield Miercoles
  8. Weaver........7 Otsemabor...7 Batth...........8 Llera...........9 R Johnson...7 Tavernier.....8 Great first half Semedo.......7 Quiet game by his standards Lines...........6 Marshall.......7double marking second half restricted him somewhat O'Grady.......6 worked hard first half, should have scored Morrison......7 as above..
  9. Thought Llera's first touch as quality and he then uses the ball so well from control, But has to be reda for MOM what commitment and drive
  10. so working by your dates, I,ve got to say Norman Curtis........... I,m sure that he used telephone directories for shin pads????
  11. In watching Wednesday for over 60 years the following has got to be THE BEST team ................ R Springett R Neilson D Walker P Swan D Megson P Di Canio J Sherridan T Kay C Waddle D Dooley D Hirst
  12. If you want to read about a "real" wee pipe-head footballer then get hold of CM Taylor's Premiership Psycho, great read and a reat good laugh, and dedicated to his Wednesdayite Mum and Dad
  13. Thanks for the nod Gandiaowl..... Had a little trouble finding it , but well worth the bother once I did get it... found myself laughing out load to the antics of the hero/villain Kev King, and could place quite a number of premierleague players into some of the scrapes he gets into....really well written. A great read find it it's well worth it I found it in Waterstones, after asking an assistant
  14. I've heard ( On good Authority ) that Weavvvvvveeeerrrrrrr is so impressed he wants that strip your owls wearing as next years Goalies kit ?????????????????
  15. This team is picked from players I have actually seen play ..................... R.Springett R.Nillsson D Walker P Swan D Megson Di Canio T Kay j Sheridan C. Waddle D Dooley J Fantham
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