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  1. There are a few in the rugby league Mersey swamp - Warrington's a similar size. The biggest town without a league side (this was back when York were in the FL) was somewhere horrid in Essex - Grays, Basildon or similar. (presumably full of West Ham / MU fans).
  2. If we're counting friendlies, there weren't many Wednesdayites at this debacle either: https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/shelbourne-merit-victory-1.41770
  3. My (forrin, used to work in hospitality) OH thinks fear of having to throw *anything* away is an English disease - the amount of times she's commented on a cafe losing dozens of sales rather than risking one scone being left unsold at close of play. When did the Hillsborough catering change over from the massive urns, btw?
  4. Exactly -I thought this would be a Febreze thread.
  5. Cold sleety rain is always worse than Proper Snow, especially if it's windy.
  6. Home to Peterborough in Feb 2005 - there were snowflakes blowing under the roof on to the Kop, and I had a trip back to Harrogate (where I was working that week) on a train that only just made it back without breaking down in the snow. I looked like a yeti by the time I got back to the hotel... I don't remember anything except the games (except that we won) apart from the Posh fans assembling a "FRY OUT" board in the first half, which had become "Y FRONT" by the second half... https://www.skysports.com/football/sheffield-wednesday-vs-peterborough-united/teams/58180
  7. Is he playing in the middle or all over the white li...never mind.
  8. Hmm, two Wycombe shots on target, two goals. Do we need to hypnotise BPF before the game to think he's playing against Italy each matchday?
  9. It's a penalty in the Waddle household. (do Geordies all say it or just the Waddler?)
  10. I'm happy to predict he'll score every other game, but I'll wait to see if he'll be fit for 30 games yet...
  11. I don't think I've seen Wycombe since the 2012 promotion game. Did Windass have a "I AM A CHANGED MAN" t-shirt celebration?
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