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  1. I'm getting a proper hard-on for Harris' dribbling. Love to see a Wednesday player running past the opposition with the ball - it's been too long since we've had that...
  2. Nice to see the opposition keeper screwing up this time! Lovely cross by Murphy - proper "can't miss" stuff from Harris.
  3. Should have been a 'keeper, if he's that good at making himself big...
  4. I'd have Forest and Norwich ahead of Brum and Palace - go for a proper 88/89 vibe...
  5. 2 hours ago, debs11boys said: I can’t give anymore info right now. But a very good source tells me he has had contact. Touching cloth, more like.
  6. For some reason, we seemed to have had more crap players at left-back than any other position over the last 20 years. Jon Beswetherick, Paul Gilbert, Paul Smith, Julian Bennett, Daniel Jones, Rhoys Wiggins... they all make Morgan Fox look like Roberto Carlos.
  7. Bullen should pick himself in goal, given how the 2006 game went. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/4657406.stm I was there and the Wednesday fans got funnelled on to a train straight to London Bridge, despite us living 400 yds from the New Den! (PS Look at the state of that team - Gilbert at LB, Barry Corr up front and BO'B on the left. It's a minor miracle that we stayed up that season)
  8. To be fair, Joao is just the sort of gritty, resilient character you want in a long relegation scrap...
  9. Has the pirate ship in Metrodome been converted into HMS PTL yet?
  10. To the tune of Men At Work's "Down Under": We got Massimo Luongo He'll make you look like f***ing drongos Can you see, can you see Luongo? You'd better run, you f**king Tarn scrubbers. *flute solo*
  11. Does anyone know how KPS is getting on these days, by the way? I remember hom getting diagnosed with Parkinsons a few years ago...
  12. Good manager, excellent bloke (admittedly building on Chris Turner's player recruitment - just a pity that Big Chris was so tactically inept). I'll alway remember him with gratitude for Cardiff - which just about makes up for our trip to Colchester( for, I think, his last game in charge)...
  13. Exactly - like a souped up Reda or a poor man's Pearson/Bumface...
  14. Wasn't "berk" Cockney rhyming slang for "Berkshire Hunt" originally? I was at the Madejski for our 6-0 shoeing about 10 years ago, and the home fans didn"t even make any noise then...
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