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  1. Yuck - MK Dons are one of the very few (probably the only) teams I'd want the Piggies to beat. I despise the Pigs but I don't want them to cease to exist, like I do with Franchise FC...
  2. Do Yorkshire CCC and the Pittsburgh Steelers count?
  3. I like the sound of this: "We want to keep Kieran Lee here, I can confirm that. With a good pre-season under his belt, let's see if we can get him back to the player we know he is."
  4. Agreed - he's been a good lad for us, and would have scored far more if he'd been consistently fit. Will be interesting to see if he gets a deal with another Championship club. Can't picture Boyd, Abdi, Jones or Pudil in this division next season, and it wouldn't surprise me to see Matias go back in Portugal...
  5. Hmmm... does this imply that we're in talks with Kieran Lee for next year?
  6. Quiet game, then? Made up for KL coming back...
  7. >>At 8.30am on the morning of New Year’s Day, 1990, Hirst and the rest of his Wednesday team-mates had checked out of their rooms in a Sheffield hotel and had headed downstairs to the restaurant. The Wednesday players needed a good breakfast inside them as they would be playing Manchester City at Hillsborough at noon,>> I remember that game well - it was my second ever proper football match, given that we lived in Dublin and only got to Yorkshire every other Christmas (I have a feeling that Colin West might even have scored in the first game we went to!!). I knew the champagne story but hadn't realised that Hirsty broke a finger...
  8. Looks good, apart from how left-footed the midfield is - 4-4-2 with Reach cutting in from the right ?
  9. For anyone in S6 already, how's the river looking? This week's deluges do feel a bit like June 2007...
  10. I'd be tempted to try Reach or Aarons as a No 10 behind Fletcher. What are Slothroyd and Jeffers doing this week?
  11. It's steadily downhill - and the calls (including Wednesdayites) feel more witless in turn. Jonathan Buchan was a downgrade on Paul Walker and Seth Bennett*, (although Staton was decent til he scooted off to Hull) and the current lot (Gidding, Oxley, etc) are worse again... *What happened to Seth? I know he left RS for a shot at a national radio job but I haven't heard him in years...
  12. Exactly. The whole point of the OP is that his Wednesday form increasingly looks like an aberration rather than a long-term trend. We didn't have the right sort of set-up play for Rhodes to thrive. We pumped long-balls from midfield at him, often surrounded by a couple of defenders, rather than counter-attacking and getting horizontal crosses in. He should have been treated tactically like a poor man's Carroll rather than a Sheringham \ Heskey style link-up player.
  13. Garlic bread and Rola-Cola all round!
  14. I do not want to know what goes into Fat Leon's chilli sauce...
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