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  1. I think the rationale was more like: Nilsson cost £650k. Ingesson cost about £800k. They're both Swedes and broadly comparable. Therefore, Klas is 15% better than Roly and must be a world-beater.
  2. I miss proper fanzines (even if the mid-80s was a bit early for me) - that's the sort of nonsense they were made for...
  3. The long-lost gammony Asterix character. (would actually work in Asterix: based in Britannia, shouting fish-and-sovereignity-based abuse at the Gauls across La Manche)
  4. Harkness was one of the immediately post-relegation signings in 2000 who never gelled. From memory, I think Jewell /Shreeves suggested that he and Ian Hendon had professionalism issues too (which I think was probably a metaphor for taking the likes of Owen Morrison down the pub instead of training)... Ripley was class but his legs had gone once he got to us - a rich man's Chris Sedgwick.
  5. Ones I'd completely forgotten until Wiki'ing: 2010s Danny Pugh Stuart Holden 2000s Maurice Ross Paul Gallacher 1990s Christian Mayrleb Steve Mackenzie
  6. Partridge. Wouldn't be any worse than the latter two. (always wonder what happened to Curbs - he had Charlton established as a stable Prem club then left voluntarily and nearly vanished)
  7. Is it Ronnie Moore who's not been on speaking terms with Colin for 20 years? To be fair, that might be a long list of people...
  8. And conversely, people going 'keep sport out of politics' annoys the hell out of me.
  9. I suspect fantasy football might be to blame for that. Someone mentioned twatty pundit nicknames earlier - for some reason, the 5-Live being introduced as "Statman Dave," as if that's the name on his birth cert really boils my ********. Actually, calling it 5-Live rather than Radio 5 like it should be. The incessant cross-promotion of other shows on the same network - the BBC's constant plugging of other shows and podcasts is getting as annoying as TalkSport - and I hate TalkSport. But most of all, ignorant pundits going "he just needs a bit of
  10. "During his time with Schalke, the fans there gave him the affectionate nickname "Das Kampfschwein" (The War Pig), which has been picked up by some English language journalists.[6] In Belgium he is known under the nickname the Bull of Dongelberg, an allusion to his birthplace." I'm in, just for the silly nicknames.
  11. Agree about priorities having to be a left-back and a striker, though. Trickier when you're not sure what formation the new manager will want, admittedly...
  12. That sound more like getting a player in from th'Lane...
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