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  1. Hmm, slight problem there. What this side actually needs is to look at how Brentford got to where they are now from a decade ago, and try to reverse-engineer that process... (the downside of that is that it takes a decade, but better than splurging on the next versions of Urby, Rhodes and Abdi"...)
  2. JJ was a decent-to-good winger at Championship level for a decade or more. "Are either of them better than Esajas / Wade Small?" is more of a 'get-rid-or-not?' test...
  3. I wouldn't like to see the bespoke carpet for either of those...
  4. I don't remember seeing a stream with a comment box before!
  5. i've got the sound off but the minute's silence appears to have been about 3 mins already...
  6. It's a very attacking bench - we're a bit stuck if we lose a centre-back (probably have to move Fox to the middle unless Moses can play there)...
  7. Is that Alex Hunt on the bench? Had to look him up - I thought Jack Hunt had come back for a minute when I saw the subs...
  8. What's the conversion rate from £Iorfas to £Van Akens - about 16:1?
  9. Just saw the replay - the Stoke miskick to try to clear Fletch's flick-on was a thing of beauty. Lovely cool finish by Luongo. Let's not do what we did at Cardiff - great first half followed by a pish-poor second half...
  10. I'm predicting a 2-1 for th'mighty, mighty Owls but I'd settle for a draw to be honest. Now to try to get the kids to bed before it starts...
  11. Not surprised to hear that Hutch is incite-ful...
  12. When was the last time we scored four in the first half? (Spora Luxembourg?)
  13. Reet, how much injury time left for a winner?
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