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  1. What happened to Reda's career? I know he wasn't a Prem player, cult hero that he was for us, but I'm surprised he didn't carve out a career as a L1 goalscoring utility dude
  2. It wouldn't exactly be an even fight. What's on the undercard, Adam Reach vs Billy Whitehurst?
  3. If the last Snoots matchday this season doesn't feature the Nuns' Chuff beer garden, it'll be shoes off in the car park...
  4. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/526780487662317402/
  5. Close one but Marriott just edges it as the worst of the three. The medievally bad hair just clinches it over Kachunga, with Brown taking the brow... erm, bronze medal. Thought experiment: if we played Kachunga and Marriott up front for all 46 games, how many goals would they score between them? 10? 5?
  6. Hmm - I was a bag of nerves in 1990 and 2010. In 2000 and 2003, we were so inept that I was resigned to relegation with weeks to go. Guess which category this season falls into...
  7. I presume this is "Don't Stop Believing' " as in the final scene of the Sopranos, given our likely fate tonight... *cue Blackburn striker wearing a 'Members Only' jacket*
  8. I would have loved to see Robbie Earle (mid 90s, not now) in a Wednesday shirt. Kingsley Black can FRO, though.
  9. George Reilly the ex-Watford clogger or George Riley the overly handsy ex-5 Live presenter?
  10. The radio suggested he definitely did handle it but it was pointless (and probably shouldn't have been a red) as it looked to be going over anyway...
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