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  1. Dooogs

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    5 Live commentator struggling - "It's a header from...Az-hay...Noo-hooey?"
  2. New joint player-coach dream team of Ched Evans and Marlon King.
  3. I miss that gif - it always reminds me of the good times under Carlos..
  4. Notlob have got to be favourites for the drop, mind - utter, utter gash.
  5. Dooogs

    Luhukay out.

    This. It's whoever's in charge of our player recruitment over the last 18 months or so who needs firing. I'm not a massive Jos fan but the results are broadly reflective of the (fit) squad.
  6. I was thinking what a waste it was shooting from out there...
  7. Dreadful marking there - you could see Carvalho shaping to shoot and the defenders just watched him line it up...
  8. Is that Steve McCall? It's a combination of the hair and the eyes, i think...
  9. Lovely shirt but that photo is straight out of Private Eye's Up The Arse feature...
  10. Dooogs

    On Jos...

    That bit about commitment from directors is the only part that worries me, given the likely FFP pressure coming our way...
  11. Lovely article - I really thought around 1992 that the side would be built around Hyde and Ryan Jones in the late 90s. By contrast, I couldn't stand Danny Sonner - a pound shop GH.
  12. 1st; Shez (although Maclean and Pieman are good shouts) Last: JR at the moment, alas.