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  1. Lordy, I hadn't seen this thread for a while! Where's the Wednesday - Rotherham divide in the north-east? My dad's side of the family were in Thorpe Hesley when I grew up (Grandad was a porkchop but Nana was an Owl) and I don't think I ever saw a Blades or Millers shirt around there, Elsecar or Wentworth...
  2. Chris Adamson, surely - a celestial beauty.
  3. I'd never noticed that our away badge owl is pink before now...
  4. What happened to Marv then? Looked like me playing Mortal Kombat. Urgh - that'll do.
  5. FFS. BPF has had a good night but should have got to that...
  6. We'd taken 5k tickets by midweek- could well be 6 or 7k Wednesday.
  7. I was thinking that about their keeper too
  8. A Darling red card would cap this off beautifully. Palmer, not so much.
  9. That's like me at parkrun, arguing that my 28 mins is equal to a skinny lad's 20 mins.
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