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  1. We were hoping the FL would keep us up as a result, IIRC. That said, if Swindon's demotion was the factor behind 4 promotion spots in 90-91, then without Swindon, we'd have ended up in the D2 playoffs against Colin & Cole...
  2. Arguably, we should have signed a full-back on loan but with Fox injured, what would the alternatives be? We weren't saying that we were ruining Urhoghide when he got MotM at Brighton...
  3. This is a damning indictment of grammar and syntax teaching in the 90s...
  4. Monk's Point by Thelonius? Feels optimistic at the moment, though...
  5. Lordy, that's woeful if true. Was it the last L1 promotion season where we pulled around a bunch of half-time deficits to win at full-time?
  6. I misread that as a reach-around. "If your performance doesn't improve, I'm pulling you off at half-time..."
  7. I was going to ask - noticeably more empty seats than recently?
  8. I dunno - still a chance we'll finish ahead of L***s (in 23rd)...
  9. Souns like those Big Ron quotes about journos asking him if he was related to Dalian Atkinson...
  10. That's what I was expecting - not sure how they'd line up left to right, though...
  11. A super-modern, fluid, inverted-outside 0-11-0 with all positions simultaneously overlapping. (Nope, not a sausage either)
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