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  1. I'm a green keeper at lindrick golf club I see often he is a Liverpool fan one of brothers likes Wednesday but not big football fan
  2. Does anyone remember the football game at services on way to kiser about 20 aside good laugh
  3. I was in that van there were 22 and 2 bales of straw 6 went with tickets the rest without we all got in climbed over turnstile then leged it great days
  4. Just read peter swans book he tells you how good he was also a very good read
  5. People think that Micheal palin is a piggy fan the truth is he is an owl me an my brother ha d adrink with him and he told usthat what you see on pole to pole was the way it was edited he didnt see the final cut until it was to late we had this drink with him in a pub called qeen adalaide rond the corner from Q.P.Rs ground and he was going to the match.
  6. i cried then and ive just shed a tear now what a soppy git 47year old only because i might not see the new wembley with the beloved owls
  7. southen softies comes to mind idont think the pier has has ever recoverd from that saturday nigt
  8. Yes he was a great owls fan doc martin boots scarf round each wrist and the trusty denim jacket he got kicked out in southend ror sticking the boot into some advertising boards caused alot of trouble that day
  9. singing the blues ihave still got terry currens single also you take me up thomson twins
  10. what happened to the young lad sonetti cracking debute goal against villa never been since
  11. love him or hate him not seen better football played since tricky trev was manager every other manager as been poo ,he spent alot of money but good days where would we be now if the fans didnt shout him out
  12. Always went on north anston supporters bus left from the cutler, crates of beer then stop at a boozer just short of the ground never a full bus on way back ,happy days
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