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  1. So sorry for your loss my heart ❤ goes out to you and your family
  2. Ok didn't know that cheers
  3. Finks Wikipedia page says current team Sheffield Wednesday i just thought I would look at is back ground
  4. At the end of last season there wasn't time to reseed the top surface due to the covid, the season finished late. And it was a quick turnaround before the new season allot of other clubs had the same problem this season.
  5. They probably have someone from the STRI or equivalent on contract
  6. Sorry prodictive text should say pampas
  7. Yes,but getting lazy my family don't so I got out of the habit considering most on here dont I don't want to be pompas.
  8. Do you think DC has fuzzysarium or take all patch
  9. Probably a small amount of nitrogen to much then the fans will moan about brown patches due to disease
  10. The plastic is drilled deep the roots are then pushed down and hopefully takes hold of the plastic and entwined for strength it's still normal grass on the pitch but people think it's indestructible but the British weather is the gaffer
  11. This is true the few dealings I have had with desso once it's down that's it people seem to think that you lift and reeseed every year not the case desso maintenance is a little more complex
  12. I was at Rochdale Fc they are using confiscated cannabis lamps in the goal mouth that the local plod have them it works great
  13. Only 20% is plastic on reason pitches
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