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  1. Shows how far we have sunk when one player out causes this amount of panic in our manager when we are playing Rochdale!! It also goes to show that even GM realises without JJ we are not looking that great.
  2. I could be at Blackpool Pleasure Beach getting yet more value out of my annual pass, but no over to the theatre of nightmares I will be coming on Saturday. Must be bloody bonkers!!
  3. I'm glad that a former player has blown apart the myth about what a great place Hillsborough is to play at and what great fans we have. The place is bloody awful to watch football at with all the moaning the second one pass goes astray. Some of our fans at home are an embarrassment with the treatment and singling out of players, Chris Brunt, Glenn Whelan, Darren Purse to name a few recently going back to John Sheridan and even Chris Waddle. How the negativity can be eroded I don't know and in truth I don't think it will be as its ingrained now in people, but the longer Hillsborough benefits the other teams more than us the longer we will be crap.
  4. Great interview, great bloke who always tried his best and that's all you can ask for. Like said before every Wednesday fan needs to read this as the atmosphere at home is destroying us. Wednesday fans away from home are amazing, but at home some are little short of a disgrace.
  5. http://gobarbra.com/hit/new-4e2f25b0d105e15e1060a9ba6b74b17b
  6. Afternoon Andy. Do you fancy a crack in management?
  7. I thought that when I read it. Well when one comes in two go out sadly as both of us cant stomach seeing him in a Wednesday shirt. Hopefully common sense and decency will prevail, but I cant see it as both qualities are rare in football these days.
  8. This I would even take relegation than sign this piece of human garbage. I don't ever want to see him pulling on our shirt
  9. Same here mate. I just don't think I can give any of my money that will then end up in the pockets of someone who did what he did.
  10. I hope to god we dont sign that vermin Hughes. If he comes I will have to have a long hard think about going to S6 while he is with us.
  11. After reading this topic Anyone fancy 2 tickets for the game on Saturday?* *Just kidding
  12. Glad I decided against getting train tickets for this one as that would have been money down the drain thanks to sky
  13. Weekend away staying at my father in laws. Friday night we are going to the Royal Opera House to watch The Barber of Seville then the day after watching the lads at Leyton Orient
  14. Thanks for the response. I was beginning to think I had dreamt this up It's a shame the teamcard solution couldn't be used even if it is a token amount of points, but like anything you can't please all the people all the time.
  15. Sorry to bring this up again but nobody ever answered it the last time so hopefully someone from the club will this time. I am sure when the weekend pass came out that any cancelled games would result in a pro rata amount of teamcard points being credited to your teamcard. Why can't that still be the case rather than just give up on what is a good product for those of us that use it who live away from Sheffield. It is great the club are allowing fans into the new midweek fixtures, however it is useless to me as I won't be able to get to them, hence the reason I don't have a full season ticket. Thankfully I have already renewed even though I am slightly wary about doing so based on this seasons happenings, but the year after it might be back to pick and choose which always means coming to less games as you tend to find other things to do rather easily.
  16. Has it though? I am bloody sure you used to get pro rata teamcard points as part of the T&C's a couple of years ago. I am positive I saw that on the OC a couple of years agoand that was one major reason for me commiting to the ticket.
  17. Totally useless to me unfortunately as I can't get the time off work. This is why I have a weekend season pass as I stand little chance of getting to Tuesday night games. Why can't we have some teamcard points pro rata like I am sure the T&C's were a couple of seasons ago? I have renewed via Direct Debit and at this moment in time I am feeling it aint worth filling the form in. Just take the £15 hit and pay per game I can get to as if I do that and it gets cancelled I can get my money back. The only trouble with paying per game is it is very, very easy to say "oh I will miss that one and go to the next". Been there and done it and only been to 10 games a season because of it. For me the weekend ticket was/is ideal as I am not paying for fixtures I can't attend and it commits me. Not good enough from SWFC imo.
  18. If we win at Bristol City then bang goes another league game off our tickets against Tranmere as that will be postponed (hopefully I may add ) and moved to a midweek fixture.
  19. I thought when the weekend season ticket came out that if a game was cancelled then a certain amount of teamcard points would be awarded to your card. That way you get a pro rata amount back on your card but if you can make the new date then you can just buy a ticket for the game. Even if I could get the evening off work, which is why I buy a weekend pass btw there is zero chance of me getting tickets for a game that in my mind I have already paid for. I am regretting renewing for next season now if this is how we are going to get shafted by the club. As for you get a re arranged Saturday game, well how many of them are there? Very few I would guess.
  20. 7 - Sort out the halftime entertainment. Topless dancing women would be nice
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