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  1. At least we would never see Leon Clarke in a Wednesday shirt ever again
  2. Maybe he hasn't mentioned that at all, you know what Sky are like for trying to stir sh*t up.
  3. Sky Sports news keep saying that he is looking into a case for wrongful dismissal but no comment from Megson as yet.
  4. Nothing at all on his page https://twitter.com/#!/AyoObileye
  5. Not a first team player been on at all, more than likely banned from going on Twitter while the storm is happening.
  6. Sadly principles, integrity and loyalty are nothing in football anymore, be it at boardroom level, management or players. Welcome to the wonderful world of modern day football where it's dog eat dog.
  7. That's a very grim image, but also it's true.
  8. Really enjoyable read with some great photos as well.
  9. I think Jemson was a couple of months after Woods if I remember right, wasn't he bought due to Hirst being out for a little while. Also I seem to remember in his first match he hit two goals against Man U in the 3-2 win at Hillsborough. Sadly he was never quite followed on from that like a long line of Wednesday players to follow him. As for Warhurst he was one of the best signings that Francis made and at 750k was a bargain imo. The strange thing with Warhurst was when he went to Bolton there fans never rated him, yet they loved Jon Newsome. Strange game or what?
  10. With business sense like that it's no wonder we ended up neck deep years later on. Like you say £1.2 million was a lot to spend for a goalie, was it really Dave Richards and the board making a statement of intent rather than using logic though? Brian McClair it was mate
  11. The best game he ever had for Wednesday was in the FA cup at Preston, we were getting hammered by them and there was just nothing going past him at all. In the end I think we broke them and won 3-0. Sadly games like that seemed to be few and far between for him and I remember him sadly for the two goals against the pigs that went right through his legs in the 1991-92 season, one at the sty and the other at Hillsborough. Personally I think it was money wasted when we already had two excellent keepers.
  12. It does make you wonder really as imo we have never been quite the same since that 4th Huddersfield goal in the 1000th minute of time on that Deadman played!
  13. Premiership or Blue Square premier (hopefully never btw) I bleed blue and white and will always go and watch Wednesday.
  14. This is quite a good version imo from the Wigan Warriors fans who did this for a full 30mins AFTER the game at Warrington in last years challenge cup. They do it at the DW stadium as well and it does add an atmosphere to a stadium that didn't have one until this group of fans tried to get one going.
  15. I can't imagine Megson being too impressed by this as wasn't it him who wanted it moved to Tuesday night in the first place to give the players a bit more rest?
  16. Maybe Darren's training finished early at MK Dons today
  17. I am convinced that if Lowe gets a run and feels he has the backing of the manager then he could get quite a good return of goals for us. But will that happen for him though?
  18. Everytime you think this club has turned a corner things just seem to start falling apart again
  19. It's not all bad as at least he's on a Cross Country HST rather than a horrible vomiter :otsy:
  20. I don't know why but I just have a vision of a guy in an SWFC top floating down the Don at speed on a floating map of the UK
  21. As much as it will get negative marks I have to say give me genuine clubs with genuine fans like the Exeter's and Plymouth's of this world anyday rather than some of the glory clubs and glory hunting fans in the topflight. Yes I do hope that we will return to the topflight but I also hope we never become like some of the clubs up there and that we keep a hold of reality. As mentioned if only Blackpool had seen fit to come out with some advice like this.
  22. Luckily my wife is of the same opinion as me about priorities in life, such as going to watch the lads rather than some crappy overpriced meal out on the commercial evening that is Valentines. That said I will treat her to a scallop at the chippy before the match
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