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  1. 119th Minute of the FA cup final replay, that moment still haunts me to this day. It is like it happened in slow motion at the time. I still believe if we had won one cup final that season our future might have been so different.
  2. I would say we are far away from getting back into the premiership as we are from last playing in it. I just dont see it happening for a while, too many players come to S6 and think they are playing for a BIG club and just dont put the effort in.
  3. From someone who does not keep up with all the (many) happenings at the club I would hazard a guess that too many ego's putting themselves ahead of the best interest of the football club.
  4. Amazing day, 2nd only to Wembley 1991. I really thought the club had turned a corner as we had young, raw talent like Brunt and Whelan but now we are a shambles of a team again with the club seemingly rife with politics rather than football.
  5. I am still hurting like mad from going back down into the toilet league. One good thing for me is that I dont have to put up with gloating pigs living in Bolton.
  6. I hope they listen to you, they are a bloody jinx.
  7. Totally agree with that. I know where Lee is coming from but the current rules regarding glubs going into administration are well known. There is a time and a place to mention to the relevant people about how unfair the system might or might not be. Coming out with it on Sky Sport News is not the place and gives the Palace Players even more incentive. I think Lee is a great guy but I wish sometimes he would consider the implications of what he is about to say before he does so.
  8. Amen to that. Ever since they came back the nosedive started. I am sure they were the orchestra that played on the Titanic in previous lives.
  9. Without taking sides in this ruck this post has given me my first laugh of the afternoon
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