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  1. Other than the fact nobody's carrying a knife your not wrong!!
  2. Bolton News reporting that as of this morning all staff in possession of a club mobile phone can no longer make outgoing phone calls.
  3. The latest from the BWFC saga is that apparently all guests at The Whites Hotel are being told it's cash only for rooms/services as the credit facility has been taken away from the hotel. Ken Anderson no longer wishes to run a club that is losing around £1million a month. There is real genuine concern that the club could be liquidated in the high court tomorrow as Ken Anderson has been playing games with HMRC for too long now and he might just be hard faced enough to allow it to happen.
  4. I had the pleasure of speaking to Emerson a few times when he played at Bolton Wanderers, a real gentleman and someone who really loved his time at S6
  5. Overheard a guy in a suit who seemed fairly senior within SWFC telling a couple of blokes in the club shop about "it's going to be an all orange kit". Can't do any better than that sadly, but sounds like we might be hard to miss away from home next season
  6. Even though this has a fishing trip all over it, Owen Coyle would be a shocking appointment for us. Being from Bolton, knowing a lot of BWFC and Wigan fans I have been told the same thing about him from both sets of fans. His tactics are appalling, weird substitutions and no plan B, add to that a country club style approach to training that lead to rumours at both clubs of senior pro's going to the chairmen to raise their concerns that they were not being worked enough. Hopefully MM won't do anything as daft as to appoint him!
  7. Mixed feelings about this tbh. Personally I think Warnock would have been the right person to keep us up this season, the fact that he is an ex SUFC manager didn't bother me at all, he is a professional who would have got on with the job. However I think his appointment could have been a huge problem as well, just like it was for my "other" team, Wigan RLFC who took on Ian Millward, who was basically the equivalent of Neil Warnock being a hated ex St Helens coach. From day one it just didn't work as half the fans never took to him and were just waiting for him to trip up, which he eventually did. Apply that to us and you have half the fans at Hillsborough just waiting for us to go a goal behind so they could give Warnock grief, in the position we are in its just something we just can't have. All we can do now is hope that MM will get the next best person who will keep a high percentage of the fan base happy.
  8. A basket case for a basket case of a club, it might just work But then............
  9. Based off today's performance that might not be a bad thing
  10. I'm sure he said that Gardner was feeling his achilles before the game
  11. Well Bolton fans are known for being numpties I guess
  12. Quality player but his work ethic is appalling according to all the Bolton fans I work with. He was the target of the Bolton boo boys for that, can you imagine the field day our boo boys would have!
  13. Really can't stand them either myself. The Kop from being a great atmosphere years ago has turned into parp parp clap clap in terms of songs.
  14. Whoever sold them you can't add up either mate as 3 doesn't divide properly into £6.20
  15. Cineworld let you in these days with food and drink as long as it isn't hot food or alcohol.
  16. Never happened to us at all. We have had random bag searches in the past and never had a problem with stewards when they have seen our bottles of Pepsi Max. Guess its far easier and bigger for them to harass someone young than a couple who are in their 40's!
  17. Don't feel too bitter, from what a couple of people I know within BWFC have told me they seem to regret pinching him off us now. Comments such as "hopeless" and "the lad looks like he has never seen a football in his life".
  18. SYP would go into complete meltdown if our fans tried to "welcome" the opposition team under the South Stand like that when they arrive
  19. No shock as it was in the Bolton News last night that local sponsors were pulling out of sponsoring the club. Fans were also said to be boycotting any kit/training gear with the quickquid logo on it. All of this shows exactly what an out of touch buffoon Phil Gartside is.
  20. Some people would see it as an act of cruelty rather than luck Just kidding, enjoy your day
  21. We have a winner, even though Monkey Tennis is a great idea as well.
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