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  1. Who gives a throw whether you're a season ticket or a day tripper. As long as you're there as a Wednesday fan does it matter? Always one of the most boring and pointless debates going. Now, sitting on the south stand vs the north stand, that's a proper debate...
  2. Got there around four and went straight in. Security didn't check us or anyone else tbh. Only issue at K when we went through was some lad's mates had gone in with his ticket and he was blocking a whole turnstile waiting for them.
  3. Wasn't that the whole point of the family section tickets that were available?
  4. Always some idiots when you've got 70,000 people come together. Have to say the fans that were at The Nags Head in Covent Garden yesterday pre-game were fantastic. All in good voice, all in good spirits and not a hint of trouble - albeit the homeless man, who was wearing a Wednesday top and downed a bottle of whisky in one go, had to be carried off by the Met after slashing on the floor. A superb day out, Wednesday fans truly are the best.
  5. Thought it was good. Arrived by tube, straight down Wembley Way without any problems and walked straight through entrance K without any hold up; up the escalators and then served within five minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by the view for a £39 ticket. It was high up but a good view to see it all - probably isn't a bad seat in there tbh. Didn't have any issues with sound or stewards. To be honest, I walked off the tube into the ground and then the reverse - not too concerned what else is around the area.
  6. I'm in Stoke Newington, can't be arsed to look up mileage but not far
  7. Bought it yesterday but just bought two so I can sit with my mate - moving to worse seats but ah well! The ticket is in block 530, row 29, seat 117. Cost me £56.65 but I'll flog it to someone for £55 cause I'm an English gent. It's been posted to me so I'll meet you on the day as I wouldn't fancy the risk of pinging it around before Saturday or I live in London so you can collect it early and stare at it lovingly. Cheers, Rich
  8. I'm that high I don't need an inflatable Jesus, probably sat next to him
  9. Or worse - their ts&cs say if you order more than you are allowed they could cancel all orders.
  10. Just looked on SEE and it says this now when you go to buy a ticket. No postage option: DeliveryBox Office Collection Your tickets will be available for collection from the venue box office on the day. You will need to quote your order reference number and must provide a payment card or ID matching your booking details. All members of your party must arrive together, and tickets will not be issued without proof of booking.
  11. No idea mate but 529 and 530 have gone from the list of Cat 4. Plenty of other blocks left though.
  12. I booked mine just after nine and it came through about 10 minutes later
  13. I'm in Block: 530 - Row: 29 - Seat: 117, who are my seat fwiends?
  14. I'm still getting my money's worth out of my 1994 shirt
  15. They deal with Glastonbury. This will be a breeze.
  16. Don't forget it is over two seasons. While there might not be many who went to 10 games, there could be plenty who have been to five in two seasons without a membership.
  17. Nah it's got to be including sales today otherwise why wait until half seven to release? It'd only take SEE two seconds to look on the database to see how many had gone pre-9am
  18. Was this the three corners that all failed to beat the first man? To make matters worse, I got back to my car and the traffic warden and given me a ticket cause my bumper overhung a double yellow.
  19. Am I right in thinking I can buy mine tomorrow (as I meet the criteria) but I can then buy another using my ID when they reach GS or will I need another ID for GS?
  20. Now if we could just get hold a goalscorer down the market...
  21. I think Laws took us to a flirt around the play offs mark, albeit late on, a few year back
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