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  1. monk haters, you'd all a dagger in your hand when he was appointed, you must hate wednesday winning as you can't twist it.
  2. a lot of people seem to think they are bulletproof, or it can't happen to them. one big worry is (for all ages) it can leave you with brain damage, though to some on here that wouldn't be a concern.
  3. you keep 'scoffing' at sides going up, only to come down again some seasons later. I WISH WE COULD GET UP FOR JUST ONE SEASON, JUST ONE. it would remove any losses dc has incurred, and fill the coffers with cheating money for the near future. honestly some people and the understanding of money, or rather lack of it. get that money tree watered.
  4. i always said we were run like the boys brigade second Xl, by a set of gentlemen amateurs.
  5. brentford's method has been a must for a club their size and financial clout, who knows in coming seasons what financial clout we will have?, the fans maybe faced with 'gradual team building' or £45/50 a seat to fund their demands. of course united will fall, they may go the way of stoke, that being having 'dreams of grandeur above their station', and appointing a 'footballing manager' as winning results just weren't enough. ring any bells? as for gray's team, and rose tinted glasses, our team 'built for survival and nothing else' (as you call it) went to the two title contenders on their own patch in the last two games of the season and smartened the pair of em. with the ref dragging us off watford as we went down the field for the winner. yours is a post that hasn't even learnt from hindsight, that takes quite some doing. where is the money coming from to do a wolves job?, are you advocating 200 potd at £50 a time?, cos it ain't enough, or do you think a 50% increase on s/t's will fund it? the money is spent. just for once it would be wonderful if the amatuer economists gave us some insight of examples to follow on HOW TO GROW A MONEY TREE.
  6. well in all fairness it is still coping with his long lasting effects.
  7. couldn't agree more. l**ds man through and through. did a fantastic job for us, but i think a plaque might be better on't sarf by the players entrance.
  8. i remember going to blackpoo, me and my mates were walking towards the ground, when we heard singing, we looked (and was shocked) to see a decent sized body of wednesday fans walking down the middle of the road singing 'we love the wednesday, hate jack charlton'.
  9. monk first, the other 3 equal last. i think boris is out to prove himself popular and a decent guy, and its not working in this crisis, it's making him look indecisive. the time calls for strong leadership, not pie in the sky promises of a clear Christmas. by all means see IF you can get people back to work, but be warned we haven't got over the first wave (are china on their third?), and winter only just over a quarter of a year away with low temperatures that c19 appears to spread best in (see the number of meat plants in the uk heavily infected). time will tell, but i wouldn't imagine many season tickets will be sold, if any. the horrendous costs of running a football club are bound to come hammering home if and when a second wave hits us, can many survive?, can the government furlough footballers wages?, can we print enough money?
  10. the ground will likely hold more but it's social distancing on the concourses, toilets, and exits at the end of a game.
  11. they'll not be allowed around you. 50 on't kop, 100 in't north, and 20,000 in't sarf in line with the government's treatment of the elderly.
  12. true it's not the advantage unless you are BIG at the top table. we should have built on what gray was doing when dc came, but we splashed out instead, it's history that we threw the baby out with the bathwater. it was WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG!, but so many jumped on the sh*t or bust banwagon at the time thinking it was the only game in town. now we are HUGE steps short of where we were under gray, with the 'laughing stock' across the city lauding it in the top half of the premier after doing it the smart way, the brentford way. we have to build using our heads, we tried by ignoring our heads and just using our hearts, it's both stupid and very, very costly.
  13. it appears to be rotten to the core because the governing bodies are happy in their well paid jobs, keeping their heads down, keeping the status quo, having a spot of lunch at their club, and making sure when a new appointment is made it will be another 'establishment man' who won't rock their boat. if you think back will carling called the people running rugby union '57 old farts', well guess what?
  14. time and time again, you refuse to see or accept that monk took us to third place in this division with a squad that should have only been capable of top 8 at very best. he then lost his only forward for a prolonged period, then you go on to post the sh*te we have (forward wise) would have performed under a different manager. brian clough in his pomp couldn't have got rhodes, and winnall firing, couldn't have made nuhiu a threat for more than 15 mins. a game, maybe clough could have got ff to string together 2 decent games in a month, but that speaks volumes of ff not gary monk. you had your pass it for passings sake period, look where it got us by the end?, around where we are now in the table, and this clubs best chance for decades totally spent.
  15. stick another nought on just to make sure.
  16. he's a player, his fair share, or go to china.
  17. i see em relegating us, and paying £150m in compensation. as dc asks 'can we count the £150m as income?'
  18. TOPMAN eh gurujuan? print if off, get it on yer bedroom wall, he's here for some time to come. just say no to cocoball.
  19. this squad was nowhere near being good enough to be up there without the only forward we have playing all season long. monk did a FANTASTIC job of getting us third, but, as we all knew (but some conveniently choose to forget) fletcher was carrying the front line, and has had an injury problem in the latter years. monk has 'refined' our game to take into account he hadn't a single forward fit of any note, much the same problem that stuart gray had, only without gray's solid defence, the same stuart gray that was hounded out by the same mob that is on monks back. you got your 'alternative' a fortune was spent, nothing won, and then he ran off 18 months after he ought to have been sacked, failed in his next job too, and is now running santa ponca co-op Xl.
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