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  1. have to agree jeff, not a bad start off point. send it to the fl, they'll be sure to use none of it. i'm not sure the maths adds up on the season ticket money being your entire budget, but close to. there'd need to be protection of these academy players so pl clubs couldn't do a george hirst/leicestershitty job.
  2. 1) relegated pl clubs would be covered by ALL pl players having had 'relegation means a reduction in salary accordingly' written into contracts, we pretty much know anyone of pl standard will be off anyway to kiss another club's badge. 2) true, but the financial reward for winning promotion should be increased, to give them sufficient spending power to have a fair chance of survival. 3) yes, IF they want to take that risk.
  3. how would you stop a club owner bunging another business £5m to sponsor their shirts for £5.5m, the club gets an underhand £5m, and someone gets a season's shirt sponsorship for £500k. win/win.
  4. in that case the reduction in salary when falling from premier to championship is not enough. besides the badge kissing prima donnas will be off elsewhere anyway.
  5. if you go with the latter, would some unscrupulous lot find a way around bringing more money in? would some people awake to find a ferrari in their drive, offshore accounts, etc.? it may well be a move in the right direction, but it needs to be thoroughly examined to find loopholes before someone drives a bus through it.
  6. it's utterly staggering to me that it isn't that way as of now.
  7. are relegated clubs with cheating money exempt?
  8. is nathan modest playing these days, if so anyone know how he's doing? and that other one, somebody vardy?
  9. i'm not sure about 'uddersfield, but we had only one forward of any note whatsoever, and when he was fit and firing were in 3rd place, when out for an extended period they couldn't hit a cow's ar$e with a banjo. how many cubs above wednesday have only one forward worth more than £300k,and he's been out for a couple of months?
  10. hey!, we haven't exactly got the 1970 brazilian squad.
  11. some people just HAVE TO post, on anything. it's like when online shopping, and you look in the product reviews and some clowns put 'i haven't used it yet, but it looks good in the tin'. ffs.(sorry neil).
  12. are we picking the wrong sort/type?, or are we turning them into failures?
  13. in two seasons with you getting in the mix, at least one would have hit you in the face and gone in, another a deflection off your ar$e.
  14. there were 'warnings signs from the start, but i'm sure it wasn't signing 20 strikers. the 'warning signs' were himself with nil experience in matters. at the time i wasn't sure about a committee, then i was less sure about those on it apart from roeder who had some english experience. gray's departure, followed by us bringing in a man with an appalling track record. our play which it seemed needed the same sort of overplay that arsenal engaged in in the division above, and the fact that it was becoming widely known, if not WAS widely known how to dismantle arsenal with 2 solid banks of 4. at the end of the first season, glaring needs were ignored, and damn near the same in the second, with only fletcher's addition offering any appreciation of us needing alternatives in our build up play in either window. the side had started to struggle in attack, and stuart gray's 'brick wall' defence was starting to leak. then without ever really tackling the problems in the squad, we dive in for rhodes, i didn't hear all hell break loose at the time of his signing, and the rest is history, including jos... until a proper manager stepped in, and things improved, but then...........
  15. do they have turns? in being boss for the day.
  16. guess dc would too. be a way out for the efl (who it seems haven't got a clear cut case, or they'd have nailed us by now). wednesday, who should have known better, but say they got the 'nod' (and kept the receipt). and the dingles who..... oh! well, everybody can't be winners can they?
  17. now have you inadvertently hit on something? carry on till safe, then get slap on wrist deduction, and warning to all.
  18. there's plenty 'gone short' who knew it was being deliberately 'shorted'.
  19. they usually take less time than us to get back out, and then sell what got them up for good money, and fill their boots with good loans. lessons to be learnt.
  20. no i work with a serious number of the 'tards, and they'll tell you 'en masse' they HATE wednesday more than the love being a dingle.
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