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  1. a number of our players should thoroughly enjoy the fantastic salaries they get from swfc, but spend some, and put some away for a rainy day, as rainy days are coming soon for a number of you. nip down to sports direct and see if they have a toytown, or donny kit for you to try on in front of the mirror, as you maybe going there.
  2. yeah! let's see how that goes in the next 5 years.
  3. he's lightweight, you can't say he isn't. can you imagine playing today, or any other for that matter knowing you were being marked by adam reach?
  4. i guess we all see the 3 of them going at the end of the season, westwood may have another decent season in him, but he's made some errors in his latter appearances for us. hutch, not sure what to expect, but i guess it will be downhill from us. ff, still has some good stuff in him, but either he's been holding back, or his face don't fit, or both. IF we are to move forward, there must be/will be squad and first Xl casualties, and tbh, it's well overdue. let monk bring in his no.2, let him get rid of the 'baggage' and bring in some new faces and a more attacking style.
  5. yeah! ok, so now and again they used to test the nuclear attack siren on the cop station. that was nuclear armageddon for both sides, it held the peace in place. now the uk is sliding downhill, not much hope for the young of today, after all we've got trump on our side.
  6. not so, he 'won' many gullible people over.
  7. he spent more money than how many wednesday managers put together? and the end 'result' was the trophy cabinet was as full as the bank balance, but the treatment room was overflowing. 3 poo (hows that neil?) results.
  8. dangerous wish, not such a bright future ahead for kids now.
  9. it's utter childish to say that, no one could guarantee anything when they take over. he bottled wembley when up against a manager who had his number, Christ only knows what label you can attach to the 'uddersfield debacle? we had a crippled, unbalanced squad by the end.
  10. that's the guy. look everyone loves the clowns at the circus, but in this case others are laughing at you, not with you.
  11. qualified, and highly rated, but lacking in daring, attacking instincts, and flair. soulless football, but had us achieving in the 3rd. until mm arrived. my guess would have been if we'd been up there at the end we'd have held on for five consecutive 0-0 draws and missed out.
  12. it looks fun on the rotherham owls coach, where's it go from?
  13. i can see what you're saying, but sadly for us we appear to be the last set of dumplings to go for it, swansea were in a desperate situation when they set him on for a last throw of the dice, but as far as a serious contract, it's US. i do wonder IF swansea had survived what would have happened in the longer term re carlos, also I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM IN CHARGE AGAIN IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP, as he's a good laugh, but sadly that rubs off on the club that employs him, and thus sides won't do it. only one lot were daft enough.
  14. he shouldn't have been set on, even then he should have been sacked after the wembley 'no show'. Christ only knows who was influencing dc at the time?
  15. IF he's that good, why is he begging for work?
  16. yes, but neil says i've to stop swearing on here.
  17. anybody know enough to know the mix at brentford? how many come through to be first team players? how many come through to be stars? how many are good sales? how many of their team are brought in?, bought in? how many are 'found' in london's parks football? qpr (for me) always had some big black lads they'd discovered locally.
  18. the only time i fear 'the worse' is when i hear the parents, mourinho's and guardiola's all of them.
  19. perhaps that's the hold up in our p&s case. the fl have decided there is no case to answer, but added 'could you give us a hand sorting this out while you're here?'
  20. physical size is the big kick in the crackers all clubs stumble into. a colleague of mine runs (something like) an under 8's team, and he says continually the bigger players are sought, whilst the scouts ask who are his parents to see how big they are too?. the only exception was the man city scout who was interested in 'some' of the smaller more skilled players also. when asked by the l**ds scout 'had any other scouts been?', he told him, and added 'man city', and the l**ds scout asked 'who he was interested in?' when i added the smaller built players to the usual names, he went white, and said 'i'll have their names too i guess'.
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