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  1. i agree with some elements of your post, but as for my 'narrow revisionist version of history', i like to think i am capable of seeing both ends of a situation. as with carlos he was a bullsh***er as a manager, but a very good clown, as by the end he had everyone laughing at us.
  2. he took us to third with this crap squad and one worthy forward. to your latter part, it obviously isn't the answer if you're determined for it not to be, and many on here aren't. he didn't suit them from the start, and they've been waiting.
  3. i imagine a manager IF in need can ask the player to play if it's touch and go, as for overall fitness training not being up to the mark, is that someone else to blame too?
  4. when did we drop £6m on liam palmer??? and to who?
  5. yes we did. an ageing squad, with little physical training, and injured further through playing when not fit, and not fully recovered, will take a long time to get back to fitness when the manager runs off as the side crashes down the table. for some unknown to step in and try to stabilise the free fall whilst getting the squad back to some form of fitness is a huge ask, i cannot recall it being asked before of any manager? we needed to rebuild far before the 'uddersfield shambles. he was backed by the chairman better than any wednesday manager since premier times. we should be thankful that mr. chansiri has stepped up and funded that wasted effort, he was not well advised. the list of potential managers offered to him were very tempting names indeed, only for each name to be just out of our reach, until BINGO! we land one, and boy did we land one. it's like trying to buy a top notch car, we're getting a roller, oh it's gone, a ferrari, oh that's gone too, an amg merc. nope gone again, 911? lost out on it, yippee! landed one, got us a trabant, now for some expensive alloys and a sports exhaust.
  6. i'm not confused in any way whatsoever, but you're by now very much grasping at straws. your champion, your hero, was a charlatan, but you don't want to hear that, do you? you refuse to see he was in charge when the best financial chance that SWFC had in the last 20 some years was squandered. you refuse to see that at wembley he stood frozen like a rabbit in car headlights as bruce had his way. what we, or anyone else can call, or label the 'uddersfield debacle i just don't know, in a **** or bust situation, once again he froze like a man completely out of his depth. spending 'mythical fortunes' cannot get you into trouble with the efl, spending real ones can, and have, and if you think the spending was 'mythical, maybe you can explain our appearance in front of the tribunal better? i and others who take a more balanced, and even handed view, see now your hero was a clown, but to you still worthy of high rating. unfortunately despite his 'suggestions' on air that he'd like to manage in england again, there are no takers, so from your point of view is the rest of football wrong as well as me?
  7. it will be to you, it's meant for others to laugh at whilst 'some' are puzzled. he was in the hot seat, talking double dutch whilst the club's best opportunity for decades was blown, and God only knows how many decades to come before another one arrives? it could be the only one for 40 plus years, and just look at the qualifications he had? any cv with more than 10 pages in it should have gone in the bin.
  8. coco was a charlatan, and snake oil salesman, you're all miffed because you've a garage and spare room full of snake oil.
  9. bank balance, trophy cabinet, BOTH EMPTY.
  10. carlos turned it into a relegation side, and then ran off. credit where it's due.
  11. but have a peep through the curtains now and again.
  12. how long is this 'time' that 'will tell'? end of the month?, the following two months?
  13. who is then? who do we get in for another 18 months and then boo him outa the place?
  14. covid 19 is still to play it's hand in this. we've had a tickle, what winter might bring is totally unknown? at present who is paying the wages at all the clubs, and how? i like us to get in two, three, or even four decent signings and bolster with loan signings, after releasing our dross to the third and fourth divisions. what happens before next Christmas? nobody knows, i've an inkling it won't be much fun. we think this last season was disrupted...
  15. the 'apathy' has been allied to years, if not decades of having very little indeed to spend as a club. but then dc comes in, we pi (i'll use the term 'chuck') it up against a wall on ideology, and now we're back to nothing to spend, and seemingly to some, as the return of apathy.
  16. nah! i don't, just try standing, go outside (you'll need those dark glasses as the light will hurt your eyes) but don't get too close to anyone, it's dangerous. i bet you've been practicing the 'self isolation' all your life?
  17. nah! i'm telling you to get out (far more often).
  18. whatever the instrument, it's the same old tune. it's not up to you or me, so wait and see. maybe you'll get you wish next week, or maybe not?
  19. i'd like to see ya face when ya see how much ya getting back.
  20. i haven't a clue, just as anyone who can see what's took so long can see. i'm going for the 'i don't know' answer as i'm hoping to get a place on the next panel to sit. seriously, guilty, mitigating circumstances, ten bob fine, half a dozen points off this last season, and a warning of future conduct to ALL clubs in the division.
  21. that was the kangaroo court sitting AFTER the law had spoken, this is the law judging the kangaroo court if it goes ahead, i imagine there's one or two rubbing their hands at getting in on this one.
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