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  1. 3 minutes ago, dorian gray said:

    you see i like players who are comfortable in the tackle at the back, i don't give a **** for them being ball players, or maybe we should put bannan there.

    was micky lyons a 'cultured' passer of the ball?

  2. here's the most important things next season (IF covid allow us in) how much will a potd be?

    how much will season tickets cost? 

    are you waiting for the s/t money to pay the folk who have their s/t from the disaster this last season (and by disaster i don't mean covid)?

  3. 2 hours ago, CircleSeven said:

    I know we only got demoted yesterday but I’m so glad we are back on these types of thread. I can’t be arsed with analysis of what happened last season any more. I know we need to learn lessons but we’ve also got to move on. 

    I like Moore’s preferred style and hope we can get the players in to make it work. Players who are comfortable on the ball at the back are going to be key and probably the hardest to source. L1 is normally big hard as nails centre backs to play against the tough as old boots strikers who litter the division. Not sure if there are many of those about who can play a cultured pass...

    you see i like players who are comfortable in the tackle at the back, i don't give a **** for them being ball players, or maybe we should put bannan there.

  4. 25 minutes ago, thommowl said:

    On another note, as I've said before Barnsley and credit too them are taking full advantage of the extra subs, their attacking midfielders and strikers run their knackers off for an hour and are all replaced for similar. If/when the rule goes back to 3 subs they will struggle immensely. 

    it's called 'tactics'' 

    we don't bother with them.

  5. 4 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

    The Barnsley players gave a to555 about their club, ours didn’t. They were here for the money only and an easy life.



    ticking 'very lucrative' contracts out, it's bled the club to this point.

    in future get them in who ONLY GIVE A ****.

  6. On 19/03/2021 at 03:23, Zarostulus said:

    And this is a huge problem that will one day sink football. 

    hiya, hope ur still around

    i was talking to a tarn fan last week who said you had a great centre back,  (the fan is in his 70's if not 80's) and say's he's one of the very best he's seen at oakwell, who is  the c/b, where is he from, and how much did you pay for him?

  7. looking at the dingle stats yesterday v. norwich shows only 32% possession...

    yet they mustered 15 shots on goal...

    they had only a 61% pass completion rate...

    yet their high back line caught norwich offside 5 times...

    compare that with us, 

    we'd would have had more possession...

    with low single figure shots...

    our pass completion rate would have been higher, as many of our passes would have been in the wrong directions...

    with zero offsides as our backline hasn't enough pace to push up and effectively cover.

  8. we'd be far better starting this thread again about WHO IS NOT TO BLAME, it would have less posters, and taken far less time. the issue now is with dc unlikely to leave, where do we go next season? 

    a clear out (with many jumping ship, or being pushed)? some unwanted (really) cheapies coming in again? another half a dozen managers? and eight bob to spend (but don't go pi**ing it up against the wall).?

  9. 13 hours ago, Blatter said:

    Yes but with the current (lack of) management structure at club the person responsible for making sure we have an adequate squad is the owner. Anyone with half an eye could see we needed strikers, a left/wing back and a box to box midfield player for the last 3 transfer windows. I’m also pretty sure that lack of a regular pay packet would have a bad affect on morale in any job, never mind one where team spirit is paramount.


    what puzzles me is WHY we didn't have those. 

    the loss of fletcher to injury the season before  had crashed us around Christmas (3rd. place) to serious relegation candidates by season's end. that should have shown the need to the squad of a true c/f, then the only cover we had in nuhiu had gone too, for me it just didn't add up. you wouldn't have seen it in the local girls under 10's team, but then again perhaps you would with 'modern thinking' on football and no c/f and 'false number nines' and what man. citeh can achieve (with a king's ransom).

    have we been in a transfer embargo for just about the whole season? 

    was the sacking of the manager just before Christmas what we used to see with milan,  something to occupy the fans with without it being incoming transfers? (because IF it was i'd seen it too many times to be fooled by it again).

    despite all of this looking like the fault of the club leadership, the games lord snooty pointed out in his summary, rotherham h, wycombe h and a, luton h, and bristol a weren't chansiri's fault.

    add to that the 'resurrection' of a keeper who was easily the best of our 3 one week and calamity jane, or mysteriously injured the next, and....BUMP!

  10. 13 hours ago, PriceAPP said:

    There was fault in Pulis!! Awful awful manager for us. 

    i did wonder at the time what pulis was doing? 

    i thought of two similar options.

    did he concentrate on defence 100%, knowing IF he got that working effectively then he needed little from his new attacking options after the Christmas window to fire us clear?

    or did by doing the above did he have us 'keeping in touch' without escaping the clutches of relegation, thinking the Christmas additions would easily fire us clear?

    either way proving him to be the person needed to take us on further with a similar effect that bruce had.

  11. 20 minutes ago, Blatter said:

    Those players, in spite of not being paid on several occasions, took enough points to stay out of the drop zone but for the six point deduction that can only be the fault of Chansiri. Those are the facts.

    i agree, he is the main culprit, but surely you cannot defend our squad as adequate.

    IF the lack of payment on time (and it is hard to defend that scenario) has effected our performances then they should have refused to turn out, not put in a substandard performance.

    one failure to put out a team should have brought the matter to a head and resolved the issue.

    our squad has not been good enough from Christmas 2020, and the owner since 2015 (in relation to running a professional football club). Those are the facts.

  12. 2 hours ago, McRightSide said:


    Trying to find at least something positive, I would say that our business in the transfer window in Summer wasn’t too bad - both Windass and Paterson contributed to the squad. 

    What really hurt is though was the goalkeeping situation and the lack of a left back. 

    the grass is bare down our left flank at hillsborough, where sides have attacked us all year

  13. 3 minutes ago, WhiteOwl91 said:

    'Many of the same players from 4/5 years ago' is a lazy opening. 


    Westwood, Hutchinson, Bannan, Palmer, and Reach (Ok with Reach i know i know...) arent the reason were relegated. 


    Recruitment without a left back, a points deduction, and wasted investment like Marriot, Brown, Kachunga and rubbish like that ABSOLUTELY IS


    Fletcher replaced with Paterson

    Hooper with Marriot

    Forestieri with Kachunga

    Kieran Lee with Pelupessy

    Jack Hunt with Palmer

    Morgan Fox/Daniel Pudil with NO ONE



    Thats why were relegated. Not those players that remain.

    BIG money urinated up against the wall after receiving bad 'advice' is the constant factor, and a bloke who knew next to nothing about english championship football when he came.

    a what and his money are easily parted???

    he's been 'taken'.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Sticky Micky said:

    His decision alone to start dunkley was ridiculous 


    But taking Rhodes off for Kachunga 





    His time here has been awful 


    Can anyone say we've looked good under him ?


    Yes the players are rubbish but they are a hell lot better than he will be signing next season 



    And his motivation skills are shocking 

    stood there like a absolute plum 


    Get someone in whose actually achieved one little thing 



    Absolutely gutted 



    why are you giving him while tomorrow?

  15. 1 minute ago, TheSlicer said:

    Don’t know too much about Hull to be honest, but I know they’ve picked up Lewis Coyle from Fleetwood, arguably one of fleetwoods best and most consistent players at league one standard and he’s captained them to the title, pretty sure they didn’t pay much for him either. But like you say I wouldn’t trust chansiri to get players like this, I also don’t think Sheffield Wednesday as a whole can attract players like this. 

    dc will be getting 'ADVICE' as we speak.

  16. 11 minutes ago, TheSlicer said:

    Just because we have been relegated doesn’t mean chansiri will click his brain into gear. Anyone that thinks next season will be better is in for a serious shock. 

    We will still be playing over inflated prices, to watch average players that don’t actually want to be at hillsborough. We will only attract players that can’t get attention from anywhere else. 

    mid table next season will be as good as we can hope for. 

    id be interested to see if anyone can point me to some evidence that goes against what I’ve said 

    BIG improvement or hounded out, straight choice.

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