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  1. of course we are, **** me see the odds before a ball was kicked saturday. less than half the clubs (in the division) fans would be 'optimistic' starting on -12 points, but at least (i am informed) we have a manager in place with history for pulling such a feat off before in his career. a good many of our 'fans' wanted gray out, a very good many loved coco, some still do, what's that tell you of our fans and 'a balanced outlook on football managers'?
  2. i agree on all 3 forecasts. but our 'long season' may be shorter IF some of our fans weren't constantly turning a knife in the managers back.
  3. monks not great, but apart from bruce he's the best we've had for some time. can you imagine coco handling what we have at present? little or no money, a dozen or more new players needed? he'd be off quicker than when we were going down under his stewardship.
  4. the two league cup (or whatever it's called this time around) results aren't worth a bean to me, they cost you injuries and fatigue in a trophy you're not going to win. so i'm at cardiff city 0-2, cracking result.
  5. who will? a third division manager? someone so desperate that he'd step in at s6 with their last 5/6 years history? or someone with 15 jobs in 16 years who hasn't worked for nigh on half a decade?
  6. they rather hack an arm off than back the sheffield wednesday manager, but not the arm with the dagger in it.
  7. who would you advocate bringing in then?
  8. the hardest game for some time isn't 'a decent benchmark' at all, it's the hardest pressure game for some time, that's why you're wanting it as a benchmark. i would have thought that you might have wanted cardiff, or did you go off that one at 0-1, or 0-2?
  9. unfortunately when he came in we required evolution, not revolution.
  10. the one continued failing of the backstabbers is that they will not accept that our entire forward line other than fletcher was worth less than a ford cortina. they continue to say 'a manager' should have done better, but fail to say how, and it wasn't that particular manager in charge when the assembly of shyte was done.... ....it was 'their hero'.
  11. it's not been hard to notice that a certain element in our support actually hates monk. nothing new in that, i've seen it before with wednesday support, big jack and wilko to name two extremely successful managers with knives in their backs during their tenure. but now we have owlstalk, and we put our names to our posts and opinions, thus are easy to recall. i think i can recall some that wouldn't urinate on him were he on fire.
  12. i agree totally, i couldn't agree more. but he chose to dive in, it's his money not mine or yours, so... once whilst having nothing much to do and imagining i'd a euromillions rollover win to spend my thoughts turned to buying swfc off mm. looking at what my expected costs were over 3/5 years i realised i needed a second euromillions rollover win to do it.
  13. IF he'd lost the first 3 would you be wanting to 'reserve judgement...for a few more games'?
  14. there is so much to say on that matter that is abundantly obvious, but unwise to do so. had you bought the club, set advisors on, they had given you the names of some 'known' people in the game that you'd failed to land, THEN came up with a bloke who'd had X amount of jobs in so many years, and hadn't worked for how long? what would you have done next?
  15. his advice on 'all things football' would come from outside of the family circle as far as i would expect, do you not see that? we all know how 'advisors' were brought in.
  16. it's his money, i assume from the way he has spoken since buying the club that he has plenty, and plenty left. owning a football club is running an expensive business, and like any expensive business easy to lose money on to someone new to the game. i imagine IF he was starting out now with 20/20 hindsight he'd perhaps choose different advisors on all things football. but how new is the family to buying and selling property and businesses? the family counsellors will be used to handling business and property sales, but not running a footy club.
  17. it's not about making money, it's about handling it. look at the number of pissheands that won on the footy pools, or huge lottery winners, couldn't handle it, blew the lot, and returned to square one.
  18. where the hell can you build around 'grimey'? i was up there a couple of months ago, one side looked like the grand canyon after a tunguska size meteor strike. the low side is a wetland sanctuary , thus flooded. top side is a huge hill to brierley. that leaves a very heavily wooded area, or playing on the side of the old muck stack. the old muck stack idea might be appealing to them as the first time i went to jokewell (we gave then a 0-3 hiding opening game of the season) we we're stood on an open kop built of colliery waste. a dry early august day, everytime we scored a cloud of coal dust went up, i think big jack told the lads to leave it at 3 or the fans will have pneumoconiosis. .
  19. they can't get their head around it for one of 3 things... 1) they like to sit wringing their hands 2) they can't understand anything outside their own experiences in this world 3) they think they're smarter than the owner. what puzzles me is why people (and let's be extremely polite here) with less than a £million seem free to offer financial advice to a bloke that's loaded. it's like a bloke who can't afford a 99 saying to a multimillionaire "i'll show you how to handle money".
  20. i didn't know that, i've never heard the term sheffield 3 before. but i had a feeling a certain party involved in the matter might just be a tad smarter than some on our side of the fence who are wailing all the time about a lost ground. hazmat suit from matalan.
  21. tarmac dug up, bins raided, polluting the don washing in it (although this activity may well not take place) plus all the additional nhs spending on counseling when they saw street lighting in action. let the hobbits **** off t'lane.
  22. they hate wednesday to the core, they'll have approached toytown, the sty, and donny, then gone into lancashire.
  23. what happened to the dingles wasn't selling it to themselves, that's where it falls down, stop looking for the panic button.
  24. let's be fair here, i bet you don't buy anything about monk do you?
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