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  1. some over 'the hill' some had never seen the top of 'the hill'.
  2. all income has to contribute towards the running of the club, or should i say an attempt at cutting losses? included in the running is transfer money, no matter how you cut a cake, once eaten it's gone.
  3. you're correct he should give you money back, then buy no ****er in closed season and put season tickets up £300 each, that ok? football fans.
  4. when i say 'attempt' i mean really have a go, not flog a dead horse all day long, if the square passing inside our own half with less than 3 minutes left isn't 'flogging a dead horse' i don't know what is. it certainly isn't 'attempting' to win from my point of view, the managers of the majority of pub teams would have used a different method and tactic with 3 minutes left, carlos couldn't, he knew of none.
  5. there all the same, i've banned mine from using the word 'NO'.
  6. i expected us to 'attempt' to win. as for 'uddersfield, YES i expected us to win the second leg, and hoped we'd win the first.
  7. i didn't post about redundancies, i too have been made redundant in my time, far from a pleasant experience. # footnote; should my current employer be reading this, i am open to offers now! i was comparing this man's gesture, whilst other less generous prefer the stick to the carrot.
  8. you will disagree, you have every right to, but you are wrong. any and all decent people, fans or not, will look and see a man of great wealth and power not forgetting the little people in his empire. whilst others work for employers who have threatened them with the sack for not turning in during furlough. have told staff to supply their own ppe, and told staff who complained it was too warm, "it will be, take your mask off".
  9. yes the 16/17 season, the one i referred to. sadly carvalhal's football was easy to predict, it had only the one approach. it's true to say nothing is guaranteed, but IF more or all bases are covered then you have the best chance possible, in carvalhal's case he had just one m/o. the chairman did make mistakes for me too, not too sure about the t/f committee, buying and not selling, buying in and not addressing the squads shortcomings and actual needs. being close to getting it right wins you the same as being a mile off, and likely costs a lot more, as we well know.
  10. whilst a deal of your post is somewhat correct, the part about his 'good news' generosity failing to hit the mark is obviously wrong according to the newspaper and remarks on here.
  11. my interpretation of general football (not just swfc) fans is they want a multi-millionaire to come in spend all his dough, and **** off so a billionaire can step in and take over.
  12. whilst i agree with the top 80% of your post, where and when is 'the end of this pandemic'?
  13. outstanding gesture on his part, well done DC, WELL DONE INDEED.
  14. i wonder if the efl will be doing us for spending this now?
  15. he was our head coach. the business with the swindon boss (mark cooper?) as manager overseeing carvalhal (head coach) might have been if suggested to him, too much after his good work. undoubtedly when cooper didn't materialise and carlos took the reins he may have kicked himself, but perhaps looking at us, and where he is now he maybe thinks differently, but secretly i wonder if he'd like to go back in time? but maybe it was the transfer committee business that was too much, likely we'll never know until dc brings his memoirs out.
  16. we went into 15/16 with just one m/o, at wembley with less than 3 minutes left and 1-0 down westwood rolled the ball out to the fullback, who squared it to the c/b, who squared it to the other c/b, and square to the second f/b, and........reverse, until eventually some 30 seconds later we crossed the halfway line, with 30 seconds of the 180 seconds remaining burnt in a sh*torbust game. the biggest game in, well, perhaps in our entire history, and were ****ing about with it around OUR penalty area, not getting it to the opposition one. in time for the 16/17 season fletcher is brought in as a 'one size fits all' cure for the wembley shortcomings. you're likely correct expectation was high, and for good reason too. the the disaster of the 'uddersfield shambolic debacle takes place for God only knows what possible reason? and the race downhill begins..... to here, today. fortune spent, nothing won, second fiddle to pigs, shocking squad, serious p&s problems...
  17. it can't be our fans are no worse at patience and grumbling than any others in football anywhere,i've just been told that. so how do we get the best out of bannon? the difference with us, and fulham and brentford is that those two have multiple options of attack, whilst if we had everything going through bannon all the time, our opposition would easily shut us down by doubling up on bannon. we need to expand our attacking options, to allow bannon the freedom to play a telling ball, he also needs movement up front.
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