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  1. if ya buy a chinese copy, ya can bend it like riverlino bent it round czech wall in 1970, and the good news is as it's chinese the keeper won't risk handling it.
  2. no, plenty of turnip heads will, that's what makes it profitable.
  3. they're like golf clubs mate, new name, NEW price, still does same job until somebody in development drops one and then last years was better.
  4. the best defence in the world cannot continue to hold if the forward line offers no out ball for them.
  5. can we have half a dozen paul madeley's please.
  6. any NEW manager coming in wouldn't have the knowledge that monk has picked up over the last season, so wouldn't know the clubs needs, or are we on here going to advise him? the latter might be an ideal opportunity for those who didn't like his appointment to get in early with the back stabbing.
  7. 1) chelsea 69 2) roger wylde 3) hirsty (on goals scored) followed by waddle. 4) blackburn 1-2 away after going one down in a must win game (79/80?) and exeter same season, lost 1-0 smithy missed a penalty, but we went up that day. 5) see above. 6) st. james park (not the one above). 7) sheridan v man u. lcf (or monster trucks, take your choice). 8) many away, destruction of the pigs at the massacre. 9) lyons. and 10) there have been point deductions and sides relegated for many years (more than 50) for breach of regulations.
  8. not for us, i think as a club we lack cohesion, we generally like to see the fire well established before we make an attempt to tackle it.
  9. have to agree with the latter part (and hopefully monk will have seen that too), but not sure it's been just the last 3-4 years, did you mean decades?
  10. i didn't know he managed halifax, till i just looked them up.
  11. i've not got the slightest what will happen, IF anything 'next season', the country might be crippled by the end of winter. who/which clubs will be able to pay staff if crowds are drastically reduced or non existent? will a season be completed? will clubs be looking at reducing playing staff? will contracts be torn up by clubs? will premier sides be looking to loan out more of their squads? is it a good time for us to be looking at getting in replacements, or a bad one? totally new territory ahead.
  12. tin hat on, lights blue touch paper and stands back... so who do we fancy if monk gets the bournemouth job then?
  13. who was the 'alifax manager who said 'the three most overused words in football were halifax town NIL'?
  14. barrow were the second side i remember going out of the league after workington town (i think). if it's barrow in furness it's a right **** to get to, i bought my last car from there, i thought it was about the same distance as lake district.
  15. or not depending on the terms of the contract, what actually did the contract between the 2 parties state in relation to 'satisfactory condition''?
  16. they talk in the manner they do because they only think of it in terms of 'championship manager' or some other 'game' where reality is absent. as the saying goes 'money makes the world go around' and it's never been truer in football. money now seems to be the basis for a good, effective side, be it buying in high earners (as has been the previous route) or quality signings at more bargain prices, but IF it's the latter then we need to sell when the player is hunted by a bigger club and wants out or we end up renewing his contract for a medium sized fortune and his wanting away is still reflected in his performances. we don't need huge squad numbers, we need huge effort, ability and adequate squad back up.
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