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  1. IF dc is not for appointing anyone from outside the club, then there is no rush whatsoever to appoint someone from within. bullen is going nowhere, and needs the time (should results go our way) to further prove himself in the position.
  2. beardedwankers in sandals, who drive 2vc's.
  3. I figure it was taken from the north, or 'cantilever' as it was then known, looking towards the south eastern corner, so did catch bar lane stretch so far down?
  4. it 'seems' some people wanting him to be acclaimed a 'success' after just 2 games.
  5. at times there is. anyway before you go around criticising people you need to look at yourself. last evening when I was out poach.....erm! passing your estate I fell into the moat, and tbh honest it smells a tad. that nice mp mr. douglas hogg had his moat cleaned out and his drawbridge 'waxed' at taxpayers expense, not sure if the 'waxing' is a sexual thing, or not though.
  6. our keeper was sent off at reading, and we should have scored more against the dings. so perfect? NO. satisfactory? PERHAPS. got things right? AT TIMES.
  7. I agree with you on both aspects. in my posting I finished with a question mark, asking that the reason could be a requirement for a 'packed' penalty area to limit opposition forwards mobility. it makes no sense whatsoever not to have your quickest players on halfway ready to strike back.
  8. is it a numbers thing?, the more congested the box the harder it is to get a run onto the cross?
  9. be very hard to argue against most of this posting. failure of planning, tactics, and substitutions.
  10. hooper's driving, chipping, and putting (when not).
  11. nah! it just means were short of coaches with bullen tied up, bullen being given the job after 3 games (2W-1L) would be rather reckless when dc can bide his time. we can appoint a coach and make no announcement on the managerial position for some weeks, or even months if dc deems it so.
  12. we expect the next manager to bring them with him.
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