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  1. did so at saltergate. remember playing the dings at jokewell, my colleague was a 'ding' and i asked him if they could hear us off that open topped kop of theirs. he replied "all we could hear was 'W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y-, W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y, W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y' like a haunting sound in the ground".
  2. i truly feel for you, as i personally know the journey you have endured. i remember well the old sky advert where andy gray is talking to the school boy saying "pick your team carefully, you'll support them all your life". i'm not sure if this is the 4th. or 5th. major slump in my time. relegation in 69, then to the third, nearly the 4th. then 2 promotions, relegation, promotion, relegation, relegation, promotion (i think that's it?) it looks like there's only been one more relegation than promotion, but nearly ALL the relegations could have been avoided with better club and team management other than bfr.
  3. turner did fail, but he had done very well at hartlepool and you could see why wednesday fancied him, same too with wilson at jokewell. i cannot agree more with you that booth was 'like a carthorse' and my belief at the time was the dicanio money needed to be spent on a c/f. booth was a 7 goal a season man, and 3 of 'em in one game against bottom of the table bolton. BUT you called him 'THICK', now i don't personally know him, but it sounds like you personally do, care to enlighten us further on your experiences of him?
  4. why did you have to post a piccy with a ford cortina on it? i had one, i had to bump start it in every county in england.
  5. look, nobody with much sense would say things were going well at s6, they wouldn't even say they were average. thus perhaps the ones raising objections, and voicing concerns, some strongly, can see something to 'whinge' about at s6, this maybe nothing more than they know more about football than you do? because even the 'happy clappers' are struggling to find positives these days.
  6. dicanio was (and nobody needs to be told this) a 'fantastically skilled player, BUT not a 'team' player. carlos was, and is a coach who with his career record should never have been interviewed by swfc for the head coach/manager's position. booth was 'a trier', but very limited (i feel it's a disgrace to call him 'some thick yorkshire lad'). as for turner, he came from hartlepool with a fantastic record, but few skills in depth,and left me wondering at the time who 'the brains' at hartlepool actually were,whilst wednesday's fanbase had huge expectations, but the club had 'pocket money' available to achieve those expectations. wilson was a success at jokewell, and was headhunted successfully by us, the problem was 'again' lack of money, and money unwisely spent on 'so called 'stylish' players that could have been spent on 'battlers' and a proven goalscorer. writing this has just made me recall (i think it's 2008) a man u. fan at work said to me (a few weeks short of easter) "you lot need to start winning, as were getting to the 'nitty gritty' part of the season when sides will be battling for points, and you've no battlers in your side" was it that year we'd been hammered 7-0 at old trafford? so obviously something had been seen in out team by other clubs and their supporters.
  7. harry was a far better 'a manager' than danny wilson was, the 'gulf' was vast. dicanio, was, and is what he is, he'll likely never alter, but good strong/sensible management will handle him better than wednesday's 'car crash' approach did at the time. undoubtedly (for me) at the time a number of the better players in the side had little or no respect for wilson, i thought it may well have had dicanio as the ringleader. as for your comment on him being 'associated' with west ham than us, that's only because they have a far greater national standing and recognition than we have.
  8. for me he weren't a 'full shilling' and that's why celtic got shut, he needed a proper manager, one he respected. bfr, not danny (the) boy.
  9. proper manager at west aaam, v. bit of a lad giving it a go at hillsborough.
  10. WOW! well done, I couldn't remember him making one in the opposition half.
  11. it's a wonder coco didn't resign him, he'd have been his favourite player, does anyone remember jonk making an 'effective' pass?
  12. from memory at the time, we had a decent side, almost a very decent one, and I thought we were looking for 'a proper' c/f which we were badly in need of to progress to the highest level. I seem to remember we were after ewe rosler (who was a big hammer at the time) from man citeh, but citeh wouldn't play ball. he then spent the money on dicanio, and didn't we stick with (7 goals a season) andy booth at c/f?
  13. v. arsenal at filbert street 'BREAK HIS LEGS, BREAK HIS LEGS' every time brady got the ball.
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