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  1. lestrade leave it to sherlock, he normally makes you look a dumpling.
  2. the look on carlos' face at wembley and home to uddersfield, and any other time he was posed a problem his one idea couldn't get around.
  3. i think there's a possibility that the bottom two divisions will be affected, also the players available at Christmas (due to high wages) may differ from the norm. it's ok paying a tenner to watch it on iplayer, but the hobbits up the road have no tv's, it's whale oil power up there still.
  4. the 'reward' for partying is on it's way, and it's closing at speed.
  5. what a very silly comment indeed. my point was that IFmonk cannot get us promoted then it is highly likely that the person following him into the hot seat couldn't either, and so on, and so on. but IF anyone does get us up it won't be with passing it square in our backline all day long again.
  6. 100% on the top two parts. who was responsible for the utter disgrace of the second season? is debatable depending on who you listen to, whilst NOW monk is responsible for everything wrong when you listen to the people who say carlos was not. third season, spent, gone and a squad not listening to shyte anymore.
  7. how will a winter and spring of c19 affect us? will other championship clubs go under, will we? will players be unpaid? will a season be completed?
  8. each to their own judgement, some think trump a smart man. i'll settle for the younger looking bit
  9. or alternatively do you support the sheffield wednesday manager?... or are you still smashing bus stop windows and street lighting?
  10. we hadn't adequate forward cover, and we haven't now either. i'm not sure the strikeforce we presently have will score enough for us to survive.
  11. i'd like to think we're loaning one in. to attempt to go on without would be not learning from the period of fletcher's injury last season. a defence cannot survive without an out ball. poor results and performances lead to more poor results and performances, and into a spiral. we need at least one heavy handed striker.
  12. they're gone. there you are, i've done it for 'em.
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