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  1. and that's the drum the club needs to bang as loudly as it can, this isn't sheffield football related, it's sheffield WEDNESDAY related, it's grudge bearing.
  2. deliberate nastiness. evil. willful. calculated.
  3. anyone out after 21-45hrs. will be shot without challenge.
  4. IF I was booed as my name was announced i'd be thinking 'I'll show these conkers' and be trying my b*llox off to get them off my back. IF I was shyte and got heartily cheered, i'd be thinking 'oh! it seems shyte is just fine'. booing tells you some folks don't think you're doing too well, and everybody in the ground (including the manager) can hear it, and next years salary might just depend upon your improvement. just or your information, I don't boo our players as individuals, only a shockingly bad, no effort, across the board team performance would call for me to.
  5. for someone else's team after their move. there's some in our squad aren't good enough, and all the cheering in the world won't alter that.
  6. people pay THEIR money and have the right to THEIR opinion, i'm sure cheering failure will go down as well as when kiddies at school are told that 'everyone is a winner'. I wished that had been in at school in my day, it'd saved me a lot of running up and down. too many people go to hillsborough with a 'aw it'll do' attitude, we need winners, with a winning mentality, don't cheer losers, it might catch on.
  7. ah! but what provisions have you made for the dimwits that can't?
  8. I can't remember a timid juggler amongst them. he's scared to come, c'os he knows what the likely outcome is if he does, so he stays back.
  9. for me, and it looks like you too, both need to be replaced with better over the next 12 months. dawson is one hell of a shot stopping keeper, but his handling of crosses even as close as the edge of the 6 yard box is far from what is required.
  10. the club needs 'to mobilise' and make it actions public, so the individual can throw in their support, 8,000 complaints won't wash unless it has the club's support.
  11. there's plenty of good keepers around at his age, and younger than him, he should be better than he is at his age. so name the one's we've had who have been worse under a high ball?, or was Cardiff your first game?
  12. he's neither young, nor excellent. if we had brought him in from another club, we'd be playing hell as to who's scouted him, he's insecure, he fails to inspire confidence in the back line, he is amongst the worst I've seen under a cross as a wednesday keeper? I really am struggling to think of worse, but you can start naming them if you know of any. just because the lad has come up through the club, shouldn't give him any free merit over anyone else, we've clearly got an injury prone aging first choice, and a guy in back up who has the chance to prove himself, will that back up keeper have taken the jersey in two years time? I think not at sheffield wednesday.
  13. a good goalkeeper, and I mean good, gives a defence one hell of a lot of confidence. an 'unsecure' one, gives them the jitters.
  14. and that's what football officials should be all about, swings and roundabouts, but it's not. if you're one of the 'unfashionables' away from home and 0-1 up, get ready for some right decisions going to the 'favourites' in the latter part of the second half. look at when we were at manure, and 0-1 up, with only seconds to go, we ended up playing 'next goal winner', it was f***ing cheating, but it was man u and 'ole blue nose', so they ignored it 'cos they knew they'd be in for it if they didn't, and hadn't the boll*x to ref it fairly.
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