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  1. i have found in work and local sport IF you're **** at it no one expects much from you, but if you have ability and let your standards go slightly you can be criticised. also 'having a bit to say for yourself' can be seen as a fault within certain establishments, i imagine the two had upset someone, perhaps pointed out how well things were going. or not, who knows, let them get on elsewhere and great luck to them all that are leaving for other ventures.
  2. money for old rope, play at an easy pace, nice weather too, win/win. lots of sunshine, beach, and blue sea, or blackpoo?
  3. danny williams... why did that name send a shudder down my back?
  4. he must have, i'm still reading it today.
  5. didn't he and others get singled out and treat like **** by the club for doing absolutely nothing wrong? thought i read it on here a few times.
  6. the small light in the tunnel isn't daylight, it's the express heading this way.
  7. we'll ALL be getting 'put in the picture' very shortly, and it won't be thanks to me.
  8. i've done it dozens of times, so many i've begun to pity you, but you still keep looking for it.
  9. lestrade leave it to sherlock, he normally makes you look a dumpling.
  10. the look on carlos' face at wembley and home to uddersfield, and any other time he was posed a problem his one idea couldn't get around.
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