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  1. you can get done for 'upskirting' now.
  2. I'm not that widely travelled within the uk now that I can comment on present other forces. but having travelled extensively in earlier times I found small local forces a bit more understanding, than their big city compatriots. numerous forces in larger areas are 'up for it' without a doubt, with a decent stick in your hand, some spray, plenty of 'up for it' mates at hand, aggressive dogs, AND the law on your side why wouldn't they be? but policing will always be about JOB NUMBERS and MONEY, remind me, what is it YOU go to work for?
  3. CORRECT, I know, or knew a number of coppers, at least two who worked swfc, it was considered a nice lil' earner.
  4. if you let the pigs out, then there's a good reason for battening people, and a just need for yet more officers needed next time around. it's NOT incompetence. get the picture?
  5. different time, vastly different game then to now. as in boxing it's impossible to 'evenly' compare. most Olympic records are set nearer to this time than the 60's thus men are now much fitter and faster. it was (I believe) said of alan ball in the world cup final, 'he covered every blade of grass, and never stopped running', with today's midfielders up against him he'd get knocked over and trampled into the ground.
  6. 1) playoffs 2) promotion (if not achieved from previous season's playoffs).
  7. it didn't mate, get over it. a very british to look to the past, whilst the future runs away.
  8. here what about this for an answer?, 'it's been tried in a court of the law of the land, and a ruling given of acquittal. would they really fancy a trip to the crown court after they've made THEIR decision?' would they then tell the magistrates court in mansfield they were wrong, and THEY'D be better handling all their business from now on to eliminate wrong decisions in the future?
  9. it wants pace in both departments up top, wide and central.
  10. TAKE THEM FOR F***ING DAMAGES for sticking their ancient noses into this at this time.
  11. this needs the club to throw everything behind him in defence, and put the 'old farts' in their place. NOW lets see what witnesses they have? a body of opposition footballers who had got together (perhaps manager included?) and decided to 'rough up' their opposition in the 'friendly game' and for that game to be played in a bad spirit, a bad atmosphere, and akin to something like turning out time at a nightclub used to be, with confrontation at every possible turn. when that 'confrontation' is at it's height, one opposition football claims he was 'abused' and the major shock is his confederates on the day ALL HEARD IT. WOW! what a surprise.
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