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  1. they must have jacked the idea of loading the dishwasher sometime in the past, as they smash the plates in the restaurant now.
  2. what's that supposed to mean? you get your ideas from nursery rhymes?
  3. he would be so smart they'd look dim every day, as opposed to looking dim every time they take action against someone.
  4. do you wanna borrow my tin hat? made in england (by johnny foreigner) so it's better than all eu muck, btw what's the pound fallen to today?
  5. we can make it up on here if you like, we do in other threads.
  6. and chansiri's is we'll let the law of the land decide for once, OVER you.
  7. there is only one of us two in any 'sort of denial' and it's you. monk had done a fantastic job of getting out 'rag, tag' squad up the table, he had done it with only fletcher as a worthy striker, that is FACT. we were at that time perhaps a few places above where we should have been, but as they say 'the table cannot lie'. our slide down corresponded with the loss of our only striker (whose wouldn't have?). again FACT. you say he was replaced by wickham, but it was clear to see wickham was far from 90 minute match fit. FACT' the only thing 'fanciful' is your overriding desire for us to ar$e about with the ball, instead of attacking our opponents at the earliest opportunity, and often.
  8. firstly, 'entertaining football' wins you nothing, no side to my knowledge has been promoted for playing 'entertaining football' it's accruing enough points that seems to carry the day. secondly, you didn't have to foot the bill for splashing out on all these players, and as i pointed out, but you chose to not understand both the bank balance and trophy cabinet were left empty. thirdly, getting to a wembley final is worth nothing, if you going to freeze on the day, on a serious number of occasions owlstalk has gone into meltdown over a pig failure in playoffs, then we go and meekly submit. fourthly, don't think you're the only one who could see where our shortcomings were, many were staggered by our acquisitions, whilst glaring problems were overlooked. but you can't jump up and down at the 'entertaining football' you enjoyed in season one, and your trip to wembley without accepting that was paid for by dc, the man who has sanctioned these poor signings you complain of. fifth, 'i still don't see why a trophy in the cabinet has any resemblance'. resemblance to what, a submarine?, a llama?, what? yes we did get to the playoff final, and we WON NOTHING at great financial cost.
  9. is all of the monies spent his?, or has he borrowed in the clubs name?
  10. let's be fair we haven't a clue how long covid19 is going on for?, if empty stadium football is with us for some time to come? If reduced crowds are allowed in next season, how many?, and what will be the gate money? he could as grandad points out cut his losses, as at present they are mounting, how long will he allow that to happen?, how long can he afford that to happen? in the real world at present covid19 will see some businesses close, IF it goes on for some time longer who knows what the outcome will be?
  11. remind me again, what we actually put in the trophy cabinet in that and the following two years? i'll give you a clue, it's the same as now.
  12. what has happened since Christmas is our only forward of any merit has had a long term injury, and you know it.
  13. i have pointed out in a post on here that there are a number of supporters who are willing to deny the truth in order to give themselves the ammunition to stab monk in the back, it's quite possible none more so than you. because you want the ball tiptapping about about in our half, and on half way all day like it's some magic cure all for bad results, in the pretence of ball retention, when in fact it merely takes our defenders and threatens to shut them down by opposition forwards whilst struggling to control the ball in the most dangerous area of the field for us. he is a professional football manager, you are a fan. i am utterly certain he knows far more than you about football. he took this shambolically unbalanced squad of ours and forced it into 3rd. place before his only forward went off with a long term injury, which has resulted in us falling away in scoring, (do you deny this?) and thus form, both you and i know that's not rocket science to see that, but admit it, it doesn't suit your agenda does it?
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