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  1. I was stood in the norf lookin' down on this, with what we knew to be the standard of refereeing in that division I thought he'll go for that, didn't even get a free kick. did the bloke get up again?
  2. I've only read half the postings so far, and have drawn the conclusion that unless we had a strong manager like big jack, wilkinson, big ron, or bruce, coming here and doing f*** all good was about the 'benchmark'. 'come to wednesday and under achieve for good money'.
  3. rules should be the same for everyone. but football for some time now has been a dirty business.
  4. they should dock us 8 points... and then pay us £150m for the fuckingparachute money we didn't get, that very, VERY NEARLY SHUT THIS CLUB DOWN.
  5. the true fact is that English championship football is a 'handicapped' competition, and should be continuously advertised as such, and referred to as such, to embarrass the fl into action. Is it in anyway in breach of 'fair competition' rulings? instead of 'rewarding' the relegated sides with bucket loads of 'dirty' cash, then what about giving them 3 penalties start at the beginning of a home game, 2 for an away game, and 15 points start in the division, and let their manager referee the game?that might just about be fairer.
  6. that's why he's knocking them, jos was his hero.
  7. IF chelski end up in an embargo, then 'perhaps' they'll want to keep playing staff to cover their back, but may loan him out again? buy if we can, if not, trust in bruce.
  8. the injuries we already have, and those to come will 'likely' prove to be too much for us to overcome with out 'brittle squad', but what bruce has achieved with a squad built up by someone else, with a completely different style of play in mind has been nothing short of 'outstanding', and gives us great hope of what improvements can be achieved next term
  9. I think to be fair I have counted two defenders being used, but using two defenders to take out 4 of our attackers or attacking support is a very good trade off, when in the area fletcher has to cope with his marker, the keeper, and the 2 men they have extra in there due to our one eyed stupidity.
  10. when you look here at what owlstalk posters are coming up with in relation to the 'faults' in our previous 'regimes' set up's and plays, it does make you wonder why those in the 'hot seat' at s6 didn't see it for themselves?
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