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  1. not sure we were second favourites at trafalgar, the french/spanish fleet had been hiding in harbour for weeks s**tting itself, and had no sea gunners (pitch and roll).
  2. once any ground is declared on a 'floodplane' it's a whole new world in selling it, and insuring it.
  3. in the 'do the bookmakers know something' thread, you posted within the last hour 'I wouldn't be betting on us for promotion'.
  4. it'll be pig fans causing a stir, AND they've managed to get one by the looks of this lot. it'll have caught on t'sty and the bookies will have frozen the odd's to take stock.
  5. no we're in the playoff places, the playoffs aren't decided until the season is played out, and we've been in the playoffs before, remember? we're short of goals, we're relying on one main striker (at present) whose having an unprecedented run of lack of injuries (for him) and number of goals scored (also for him). should he be injured, suspended, or both who will carry the frontline, dig dave, or rhodes?
  6. bookmakers 'adjust' odds according to the betting. let me explain in more detail, IF someone lumps a huge amount on a singular bet like us going down then it will shorten the odds. IF a significant number of people put a much smaller amount on the same, then this also will shorten the odds. the bookmaker does this to reduce his pay out should the bet 'come in'. a number of pig fans putting a £2 or £5 wishful bet on would have influenced those odds too, in the hope some wednesday fans would pick up on it and start to worry or panic over it.
  7. it may, but how do we change this aging (costly) side into a promotion winning one from where we are now, and possibly where we will be after the pas/ffp scenario plays out. the likelihood of premier league football in the next 4 years for us is about as realistic as L1 football within the same time frame. except your guesstimate is built on wild dreams, at present.
  8. i'd rather be in man.citehs or liverpoo's.
  9. with the current financial situation playing out at s6, the brentford/dingle way maybe the way 'we have' to go in the foreseeable future.
  10. and....of course playing some 'lovely stuff' guarantees **** all return.
  11. we certainly have. the football is that bad, men in the stands are comparing other men's arses. how low have we stooped?
  12. you only need 'once'. insurers have a bit more 'nous' than the ordinary bloke in the street.
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