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  1. couldn't agree more. i know it's japanese, but the only chinese i know is 39 with chips n' gravy, and knock about mate my bus is due any minute.
  2. "standby, anything can happen in the next half hour, LAUNCH STINGRAY"
  3. from what i saw last term, some were already trialling the system.
  4. you mean when dc arrived? it was not sold to him, but a consortium? i can't understand why any consortium would stand back and watch last season's showing for the want of a loaned L/B and C/F.
  5. IF this is a recent piccy, i've some pisspoor news for those that insist on blue and white stripes. is the one stood perfectly still doing nothing reach? i thought he'd gone? and if the one in black is the keeper. looks like they've learnt when to come out a mile from westwood.
  6. IF these are the additions to our squad for this year, i have to say some don't look much better than the one's that have left.
  7. somebody will end up doing 'TIME' in the end.
  8. DIS-loyal owls fans are deserving of so much more than this.......
  9. can you 'enlighten' us on what lee said and WHEN? he may have changed his mind if it wasn't recent.
  10. the other day someone asked 'who you'd watch if wednesday went to the wall?' i replied on the lines of 'i'm not setting that lark on again'. i like to say at this point, i am open to reconsidering my hasty decision. will neil run an asscheekstalk?
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