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  1. be keeping him then, unless you want rhodes in px?, and we want all our money back too on that deal, so slip us £7.5m and lazaar, an dc will pop rhodes in a D taxi.
  2. 'kin 'ell crosspool tavern has gone downhill a bit since I was last in.
  3. I fear with our improvement in results since bruce came in, that we may just 'tinker' with the squad at the edges, with the hope of a full season under bruce with loans and a couple of signings will do, and a better fit with p&s. the following season IF we fall short, sell the ground, or see what the league has to say, especially if we kick a fuss up over 'competing fairly' against sides stacked with parachute money, as when we took the fall from the PREMIER league we got sod all.
  4. boyd and matias both need to be moved on, the only thing in their favour is the club's financial position may not be able to afford replacements, thus they stay, hopefully not as better energy, more grit and determination is needed.
  5. well not on here they don't, I imagine dc will have a 'cunning plan', and will have let brucie in on it when he approached him for the job.
  6. if it's jos you're thinking of, I doubt it very much he is. two things we can't hang at his door are, he didn't get beaten by the pigs, let alone an absolute hiding, and he didn't spend the clubs best chance for decades, till the bank balance had the same in it as the trophy cabinet.
  7. if he's sat at home looking at the results and table, surely he's thinking 'i'll stick to gardening from now on'.
  8. **** 'em off, tell 'em we were in the prem for a year and got a bank full of 'distort the division' money. w*nkers.
  9. i'd be one on the money they're on, and generally when you get 'the peddler' someone else wants to offer you a 'cracking' contract that you'll likely not see the end of. never seen a 'poor' bookie, though I have seen one or two pisspoor managers.
  10. udders are coming down with their premier league failure payments, so were NOT ALLOWED TO COMPETE OVER WAGES, and the football league call this FAIR COMPETITION?
  11. not just bruce, dc too. p&s will dictate how much money we can throw at it?. money will dictate how many players we can buy or loan in?. how many we can add to, will dictate how many we can get shut of, just the 'deadwood' or 'deadwood' and those not good enough for a serious promotion challenge?.
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