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  1. dorian gray

    The modern game

    and scared old men, not wanting to rock the boat.
  2. dorian gray

    The modern game

    BANG ON!
  3. dorian gray


    what really fast? or just fast in comparison to the rest of our players?
  4. dorian gray

    We've not replaced Wallace

    what was the length of nuhiu's contract renewal?
  5. dorian gray

    We've not replaced Wallace

    there's more than not replacing Wallace being the problem with this out of balance heap of shyte.
  6. those in the first part of your name would be all over the f*cker.
  7. dorian gray

    Big shake up

    luhkay was a sticking plaster, and not a good one at that. this lot is carlos' fault, but not totally, at some point the bloke in charge has to agree the 'one idea' route, or cuts carlos free to do as he wishes, either way the blame is not all coco's.
  8. dorian gray

    Rotherham Owls

    I remember more than a decade ago dodworth lads where i worked saying 'IT HAD ALL KICKED OFF BIG STYLE IN'T TOP HOUSE ON THE BANK HOLIDAY, COPPERS HAD TO BE SENT FOR, YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT'. meanwhile in a village of the same size further east, police resources from 7 different stations had to be called in with riot gear used to it's full potential including tear gas to bring to an end the evening's entertainment. it's all about perspective.
  9. dorian gray

    Forestieri Red Card

    UTTER BOLL*X, appeal it.
  10. dorian gray

    Rotherham Owls

    moss side it ain't.
  11. dorian gray

    Dawson for loan to Fulham?

    dawson wants some catching practice, he needs to learn to command his 6 yard box and beyond. being an excellent shot stopper, and reflex keeper will be of little use to a premier or championship side if it's widely known he can't catch, the clock is ticking for him, and others too.
  12. dorian gray

    Rotherham Owls

    wednesday are hated by the smaller local sides in the area because they are all 'tinpot', and being small minded and bitter, they'd rather see wednesday do badly than 'their' version of tinpot do well. let's be fair here, coming from buxton I very much doubt it's the epicentre of 'street culture' or whatever we call it now, I imagine you don't get a stabbing or two on the w/e.
  13. dorian gray

    Over paid and under performing

    I was involved in a conversation last night with a fellow wednesdayite, discussing our chances for Saturday, when we got onto our chances for next term. I/we figured, that given some good appointments (through loans, or even signings if we're lucky), carrying on with a solid defence, next term we should be in with a realistic chance of challenging for the play offs, and that any real threat from us was more likely to come the season after. on that point we ventured into IF we're not going to be anymore than 'thereabouts' for the season and a bit, why wouldn't we look at moving on such players as ff, bannan, reach, and co NOW whilst they have a value to us, and NOT having them on the books 2 years on and 2 years older, when we're looking to hit home a more realistic promotion push? we've seen how quickly other members of our squad have disappeared 'over the hill' in the last 12 months.
  14. was it cloughie who once said 'football is played on grass, not paper'?
  15. dorian gray

    Rotherham Owls

    I got 'somewhat conned/invited' into a night out in rovrum a month ago, i'll have to say this in it's support, it's amazing what your girlfriends will do for two half's of lager and a bag o' chips, if you can drag 'em away from the ahem! 'local' taxi driver.
  16. dorian gray

    Rotherham Owls

    had to alter that from 'like' to 'thanks', or i'll be having joe root after me.
  17. dorian gray

    Over paid and under performing

    it maybe 'perfect' for some, 'past their sell by date' for the majority.
  18. dorian gray


    ooooo no! NO!
  19. dorian gray


    when's his contract due for renewal?
  20. dorian gray


    lightweight, small heart. battlers needed to get up, in every position.
  21. dorian gray

    Credit to Steve Bruce

    looks like he's 'slipped on a slate' and fell off the roof.
  22. dorian gray

    Credit to Steve Bruce

    bruce hasn't been watching us play all season, how can he be expected to know what other managers have seen during their stints in charge? as for the rest of your post, I agree. it worries me how many of our players (including the stars) are proving not fit for purpose in any coming promotion challenge, and thus maybe marking their card for an end of season exit. i too think winnall should be given a crack, that nuhiu has no worth to us whatsoever anymore, as for matias and jones, well the less said the better, time for a clear out.
  23. dorian gray

    Underlying Problems for SB to sort out.

    we've not conceded in the last two games, so our fullbacks can't be doing that badly. IF were waiting for the fullbacks to make our 'best' scoring opportunities, then we'll be having a real pisspoor season, but on the plus side we can sell the m/f as it sounds like they've got ef all to do.
  24. dorian gray

    Underlying Problems for SB to sort out.

    as effective as fletcher is outside the penalty area in build up play, your c/f has to carry more of a goal threat than he does at present. I guess WHEN his contract is up it'll not be renewed. we need his battling spirit, but with more, and quicker movement that will get him into goal scoring positions more often, sadly he's never going to achieve that, and thus...
  25. dorian gray

    Hooper / Sharp

    paid to play, and play effectively, that would be my offer (at best), and I figure he'd be off at that.