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  1. nuhiu will be able to do certain things better than fletcher on certain days, and vice versa. neither are perfect, but who is? it's up to the manager to get the side performing to it's best by choosing the correct team, the correct tactics, and implementing effective substitutions.
  2. that was the jist of my question, it has a look of the mm and stuart gray scenario.
  3. from your postings you rate them both as equally difficult, so i'm offering you a 50/50 bet on it, what could be fairer? i'll have l**ds, you t'dingles. as a footnote, you're not a dingle are you by any chance?
  4. I (truelly) ask because I don't know, and you seem a bloke who maybe itk,
  5. playing t'dingles will be easier for us, than playing l**ds, both have the yorkshire derby element to them, to the dingles it's their world cup final, so they more so would be 'up for it' and I thought you'd returned with your money for our lil' bet.
  6. honest, naïve question here, is the club up for sale?
  7. we needed at least one of them when gray was in charge, but now the issue would be the money available.
  8. the term 'game, refers to a given game, on a given day. I even went to the length's of breaking it down to you in 'terms' I thought you could understand. not knowing you personally, but forming an opinion from the amount of emojis you scatter amongst your postings, i'll try again. I, and others whom, (magically to you) know more about football that you do, will know that l**ds will be a harder nut to crack that the dingles proved to be, should that be described as playing the dingles 'is easier' then so be it. however seeing as you seem think all games are of the same or similar difficulty level, would you care to wager on the outcome of the wednesday v. dingle games, against wednesday v. l**ds ones? we could each log £100 with neil with the winner getting the £100 back whilst the losers money is forwarded to the children's hospital?
  9. now you're altering the argument. I said 'I expect l**ds to be a harder game than t'dingles will be'. NOT 'beating barnsley is easy', those are your words for 'goodness sake' are we still playing home and away in this division?, so it will be 2 games v. l**ds won't it?
  10. I can assure you it's far from being 'miserable' being me, but then you couldn't possibly know that, yet still chose to enter into 'personal insults'. but to help explain things in a 'simpler' more understandable fashion for you, I expect l**ds to be a harder game than t'dingles will be.
  11. a 'great coach' would know what a great manager would know, and thus should be able to implement it. BUT where do we get this 'great coach' business from in the first place?
  12. I am without doubt an 'advocate' of looking to release the forward line at the earliest opportunity, as I believe that is an 'essential' part of the game that has been missing from our play. BUT we should have to have more than one string to 'our bow'. when fletcher was bought, he really didn't sit well with what were carlos' ideals, hooper and ff, yes, joao perhaps, but winnall, rhodes, and fletcher were different offerings. to go onto our present style of play, I thought against the dings we can't go on conceding nigh on 70% of the possession, yet we reversed that at millwall and lost to 10 men. whilst repeating that attacking the opposition quickly is the better way for us to attack WHEN POSSIBLE, there has to be alternatives, we have to be able to 'build play' also. two of the obvious reasons for 'building play' is with our squad age and depth (no cover for fletcher) is we cannot keep up the high pressure press we saw second half against luton, but I watched liverpoo' v arsenal yesterday and liverpoo' pressed arsenal very hard in the first 15, but failed to crack them, they then having spent their first wind set about trying to pull the arsenal defensive element about with a passing and ball skills based game, we have the players for such an approach. our midfield (hutch or other defensive element apart) HAS TO get off the backline's toes, they have to 'support' and 'build' us in our attacking play. I called carlos for having only the one idea, but now were doing the same again with what appears to be a different version of 'no plan B'. we still have the 'remnants' of cc's squad, built to play 'ground football' we must link this into our present game, we must be able to play keep ball to limit the time the opposition has the ball, and thus hopefully limit their possession and scoring opportunities. harris has to start out wide, but with his pace and IF fletcher is getting success a 'the target' then harris has to come in closer to 'run onto' fletchers knock on. IF fletcher was to pull wider right he will draw parts of the defensive cover, and this in turn could leave an opening for harris to run onto a ball played into channels. one idea football, be it 'tiptap' or 'long' is wrong, under carlos I put it down to limited thinking, bad management, what can we put this one down to?
  13. anger??? why would I be angry? IF you think 'anger' has entered into this 'debate' then you can only be speaking for yourself I am replying to your postings in a 'debate', (personally) I thought that 'debating' was one of the 'offerings' to owlstalk members. i'm not surprised you're quitting, as your counters are growing weaker, and failing to answer any of the counters I have put to you, such as 1) your 'not a bad way to stink' is a very poor return on capital spending by the owner? 2) people who want to see wednesday winning something should stay away? does this include dc btw? you go on to try and cover your 'withdrawal' by using the terms 'gibberish' and 'nonsense' and claim to be 'passive in the whole thing' yet it is YOU who has introduced the word 'ANGER'.
  14. it's 'really'. it's 5 now, and just about everybody who knows anything about football in our support knew we had some 'decent' fixtures up top. 'decent' btw means not that difficult, and thus in with a chance of a good start. as to having 'a clue' about 'IF' they're easy or not, speak for yourself, as the dingles are looking like barca aren't they?
  15. IF some are harder than others, and they are, then obviously some are less hard, or easier. were I paying the bills, I wouldn't appoint bullen now, but then with us in our present run of results I probably wouldn't appoint anyone.
  16. IF bully is 'the man', then he needs to prove himself, not someone take the 'exam' for him. promotion this year or next 'cannot' allow anyone to 'learn in the job', but at present going over him would appear cruel, and it's saving dc money at present. but speaking of 'the present' we are up there at this time, with an opening for a manager, can anyone see the 'similarities' between this and mm and stuart gray?
  17. but some are harder than others, and they can be like burton was for us, where their approach was geared to destroy 'our style of play'.
  18. 'football intelligence' easily does what 'hard grafting' tows it's borrax of to achieve. it's nice to have both.
  19. in all honesty you can 'surprisingly' find 'knowledgeable' people in all clubs football supporters, however it's far more fun taking the p*ss. I once met a dingle with only 5 digits on one hand, though it turned out he'd been involved in an industrial accident (well breaking into the scrapyard for Christmas presents).
  20. so it's not like you have dc over a 'barrel' releasing that info. is it?
  21. I remember going to Colchester during the steel strike in sheffield (was that the following year?)
  22. I (honestly) always thought blackhall and taylor scored that night, but I could only just see the top of the crossbar and about 18 inches below that for the packed crowd. me an' my mate arrived and close to 07-15 ish I turned to say 'i expected a better turn out than this' when a hoard from the 'football special' rounded the corner, it was packed jam solid. at the time i'd one of those blue jumpers on with the owl badge, I'd to take it off as it was sweltering in there. did garner score for then, and as usual that brotherston caused us problems all night. from memories now coming back to me, didn't we have to go in without big andy mac, and john lowie stood in for him? also worrying was one of their backline could match tc for pace.
  23. tbh, although (I imagine) it's meant to be light hearted, it's reassuring to know we don't have a monopoly on fools, and anyway it's a change from some of the stuff on here.
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