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  1. 'we've failed, but it's ALL THEIR fault not mine'.
  2. yeah! it's like he wants to get their backs up, so his shithole lot can get knocked out by just about everyone else. but let's be fair, that was the likely scenario before he said owt.
  3. I very much doubt that anyone will take on fletcher's salary. as for hooper, yes very skilful indeed, BUT IF we are to rid ourselves of our 'dated tiptap' build up, and move the ball with more urgency then we need a support forward who can get from a to b quickly, and hooper cannot do that, and another season on may well have a no better injury record, for those two reasons, I figure he'll be going.
  4. at present that looks like the 'realistic' scenario.
  5. I can't see lee going anywhere, I mean where has he to go? I very much doubt sides will be lining up to sign a bloke whose hardly kicked a serious ball in nigh on 2 years. he could be kept at the club to monitor his rehabilitation, and if and when possible be considered for selection and if fit and capable be offered a new contract.
  6. how long has it been since rhodes was seriously considered as a 'big hammer' in this division? (apart from us buying him of course).
  7. I figure fletcher from his wage is unlikely to be going anywhere, his from (since bruce took over) makes him a must first choice when available. so any additional forward yet to be acquired (for me) must have speed, a shot on him, and be a good finisher. who ever would be back up to those two (if those two are to be selected) would only be a 'bit part player'. out of the 3 I would 'expect' winnall to be the most all round player. also any money gained from the sale of winnall would be low end, and could a better replacement be found for that equal amount of money, or are we to spend money on a 'third choice' striker when money is clearly needed in other more important areas of the team?
  8. true, and add to that IF we were to consider him as a 'first choice' striker, he'd (likely) only be available half the time, very skilful player though.
  9. he thought joey barton was in the opposition camp.
  10. if bruce was to keep one of winnall, nuhiu, or rhodes which one would you want to see retained?
  11. we all know differing levels. when I first went on the kop it was standing and you (generally) stood in the same place every week, by what were 'mates' or 'football mates'. then when seating was introduced you were 'allotted' a seat, so you had no choice over who surrounded you. I was staggered at the level of the utter 'drivel' some could come up with.
  12. I've read yours, but can see his below, but i'm posting this before reading it. I guess what you've put is true. I too have sporting injuries affecting my life, I too (although still think of it from time to time) wouldn't alter as it was done for great enjoyment. now on to read Quist's post.
  13. get them and we may be able to play in more than one manner.
  14. so the million dollar question IS, IF you were just starting out (but knew then what you know now) would you still play?, or think I'd rather have a pain free life when older?
  15. I used to work with a guy who had played at pro level, then amateur, at 27 he was suffering reoccurring injuries. his doctor asked him at 'what age he'd started' he told him he'd 'been playing since the age of 5', and he said the doctor as good as told him 'his body was ****ed'.
  16. out of that lot only bannan is presently a 'regular' with us waiting for ff to recover fitness and form.
  17. who with and for how long?, it's a game that taxes bodies.
  18. but i'd give winnall a run till the end of the season, he's had goals in him before.
  19. looking at it in a similar way, IF we get into div 2 (the old 4th' division) that would be better still.
  20. I think we need bigger more physical players (still with skills), we bought lightly built for a certain style of play, and thus we only had that style. there's an old adage in boxing, a good big un' will always beat a good lil' un.
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