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  1. dnhc

    Must read

    unfortunately for us (from what i've read this week) our first two choices for gray's successor weren't as 'available' as we'd either hoped, or were led to believe, thus we ended up with old 'one idea' himself. there are more bad 'british' managers about than good ones. there are less bad european/continental/south american managers about than good ones, unfortunately we didn't roll a 'double six' with ours, i hope, and like to think we haven't repeated the 'mistake' again.
  2. it's about a lot of things, tactics and having the 'right players' are just two of them.
  3. but he needs a 'quality finisher' with him, and ours is injured at present, and for around 50% of the time. he also needs strong attacking support from the m/f in order for him to be his most 'effective'. REALLY hope he doesn't get injured.
  4. dnhc

    Final finish

    on our present form, we'll be struggling to avoid the drop. we will have to improve. losing can become a habit, a losing run is poisonous. at best i'm thinking lower mid (like below 16th.) but hopefully missing the bottom 3. jos has to get us performing better, and achieving better results, let's hope the the Christmas window 'outgoings' don't disrupt the side more than the 'experienced' players returning from serious injuries benefit it, or we're in for a pisspoor new year.
  5. dnhc

    If we were relegated...

    we should get above a quarter, but it might not be more than half.
  6. dnhc

    If we were relegated...

    forget united, they are just another football club, concentrate on wednesday.
  7. dnhc

    Must read

    whilst i would in the recent past agree with you 100%, one or two 'jonny foreigners' have gained promotion in the last half a dozen years.
  8. 1) they weren't the wrong tactics at t'lane, they were the 'proven' tactics for a broken, young, inexperienced side to take away to the 'high scoring' league leaders and STOP them in their tracks. 2) it wasn't a choice between a 'gamble' and relegation, gray had shown that the previous year, his side had finished by bloodying the noses of both championship contenders on their own turf. it could have been done in a more 'sensible' way, rather than the 'shotgun' way it was. 3) it's not £30+ a ticket, it's oft' £40+. 4) that's what they are doing, but (belatedly) they are doing it with 'professionals' in charge, and not as the 'knee jerk' amateurs in the crowd would wish, as the 'charge of the light brigade' method has been tried, and proved an expensive failure. 5) by playing the younger, far less experienced players now, they gain the experience and confidence to play in (hopefully) a promotion chasing wednesday side in 2 years time, when the players in our present 'best team' will be further over the hill, and or picking up yet more injuries as they draw towards the end of their careers. 6) did you, or any other fan at the club expect the bloke in charge of it all to come out at the start of the season and say 'we're f****d, and this is how much we are f****d'? it would be gross negligence, we'd have been fielding 'offers' for ff, bannan, reach, and co of a couple a million apiece as word of the fire sale got around.
  9. dnhc

    If we were relegated...

    i actually think you might be in for a shock. from the financial situation at the club, jos is doing well, he's bringing in and on young players, this in comparison to carlos is the complete opposite, and in the coming years will save the club a fortune. this alone cannot be displeasing dc. it's likely we'll see 'star' players leave in the next 2 windows, but this will allow jos to start to 'rebuild', but not along the previous lines of failure. gone must be the times of buying ageing ex premier rejects for good money and dream wages, we must bring in younger 'hungry' players with a future and their best days in front of them. of buying just about everybody with a pair o' football boots n' not playing half of them.
  10. dnhc

    Must read

    wasn't he out of work? wage v no wage? not like it was us or ajax.
  11. dnhc

    Must read

    re-assured by some of what i heard from him there.
  12. i don't think for one minute i can be 'mistaken' for a fan of ole coco, but 'building a team to secure promotion', isn't a given even for people with bucket loads to spend, and thus whoever the manager/head coach was to be had his work cut out to achieve this aim. had he managed to achieve promotion to the 'promised land' then the 'gold' to be found there, and any 'parachute' money thereafter would have given us (financially) the bounce to fight further promotion campaigns whilst being within the 'cushy envelope' of being in competition with a number of sides handicapped for us by (none) FFP rules. whilst having 'released' gray, we appeared to be linked with 'a big name' appointment, only for them not to 'materialise' and... the rest is history.
  13. i'm not convinced this can be laid at the door of doyen. i would imagine it wouldn't be the brightest of moves for anyone to purchase players from a holding body, whilst allowing that body to arrange the payments, costs, and add on's etc. and thus i have to doubt that happened.