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  1. and us wearing 'illegal' socks. FIFA for yer.
  2. don't football referees already have the power to 'move a free kick on'? i'd hadly say var 'worked fine', but then with fifa handling it, i'm surprised it worked at all, let's hope it improves, but as said if fifa are involved they wouldn't want the truth 'out there' would they.
  3. had you had mcpig himself write it with brian the blade, and the other mr. bean helping it couldn't have more glowing about the sty.
  4. dnhc

    Has Sam Smart...........

    did graham pugh.
  5. no i didn't, i said 'IF you're not fit'.
  6. dnhc

    Forest Away

    looking back with hindsight, IF they'd knocked the other 3 stands down it would have made a right cricket ground, and dem piggies could have ground shared with third lanark, third lanark and sheffield united, it has a certain ring to it yes?
  7. i didn't say YOU said it, I said it. it should be far easier to bring to bring people to a certain required point on fitness, then ever it would be on ability. the requirement for a wingback would be able to get forward in support, and also to get back for the exact same reason at better than leisurely pace.
  8. if he ain't fit for professional footy, he ought to have been a dart or snooker player.
  9. yeah! BUT, when people at the lincoln game report back that he didn't track back enough, we've all seen liam caught upfield and get back like he's on a sunday afternoon stroll, blaming carlos' fitness (or lack of it) regime can't be hidden behind anymore, if you fit put a shift in, if yer not f*** off to saltergate.
  10. they normally do, when we do well ours is usually deducted from the fines we've incurred during the tournament for doing next to fack all, but those ironclads at the fa roll over for their belly tickling and pay up.
  11. dnhc

    Atomic Kitten

    WOW!, who are you describing here? a bit of kettle calling the pot 'black'. 'ORGANISE THEMSELVES TO DO IT' it's not that long ago on HERE that people WANTED PERMISSION FOR A 'SINGING SECTION' on the kop with FLAGS and BANNERS allowed (and entry allowed without a note from your mum). 'BOUGHT A DRUM'? you really don't need me to go any further with that one i know, or i'll be mentioning the philharmonic orchestra. if they shifted the away end around to disrupt visiting fans, good for them, we should have done it years ago. remind me again, the songs that are truly ours, and not just the general song with a few words altered, i actually read someone saying on here that 'HARK NOW HEAR' was originally a wednesday song hahahaha!
  12. it MAY be that the top clubs have hit a ceiling, and the lesser clubs are now catching them up.
  13. 'the english game' as you refer to it is very conservative, the fa want to be jolly decent chaps, and fear rocking the boat for the clubs kicking them out of office as they did the football league when the premier was thought up. all our fa coaches will go through the same treadmill, hence all the same end of line ability, hence all headhunted by top english clu...ooops! NO! they're not, johnny foreigner IS, not because the fans insist it's so, BUT that multi million pound businesses are in need of competent management to run them, and cannot risk a near certain failure off the fa production line. it's wrong to say people are only interested in england's performances and results for two weeks every two or four years, if they muck up in the qualifiers they are hammered for it. but the 'real problem' with english football is british kids sat on their arses playing computer games, less recreation areas, academies wanting BIG players rather than skillful ones (so if and when they reach top level) the english guys are 'water carriers' rather than defence destroying ball players, who in turn are then bought in by the clubs. why did tripier look a breath of fresh air?, because he started by taking people on and crossing the ball, whilst alli was flicking the ball here and there, and sterling ran down blind alleys.
  14. exactly, the only time i won on the footy pools was when i picked 7 from form, and the other 3 from 'stick a pin in' method (don't get excited there were 13 draws). i imagine nobody saw the germany thing coming, spain have been playing with fire for some time, their 'tiptap' has had a hiding or two, and passing it around the m/f for 15 minutes at a time isn't progressing, if i'd been costa i'd have sat down on my arse on the edge of the box to make the point. argentina lost their keeper, and had what appeared a numpty for a manager. portugal a one man outfit, and brazil were brazil on european soil.