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  1. dnhc

    Rub It In, Jos!

    you have to keep it mind to insert it for them, give it a try next time, it works perfectly. 'i don't know anything about football but...'
  2. dnhc

    Holte End

    bring on coco.
  3. dnhc

    Holte End

    liverpoo or rome... you could be onto a song there.
  4. dnhc

    Rub It In, Jos!

    opinions. opinions, unless you're way out at the bottom, or running away at the top then each week they'll be different, next weeks result could not be favourable, or then we could go on a 8 match winning run. if you think someone's talking borrocks (i'm learning japanese) by all means counter them, look to spread the word, look to educate and enlighten.
  5. dnhc

    Rub It In, Jos!

    no t'internet then, if you heard someone talking borrocks you either had a chuckle, walked away, or told him to stop talking borrocks, and kept a circle of associates who 'knew' a bit, nowadays of allocated seating you can't move away that easily, or avoid it on here. if you think this is bad, go on some of the motoring sites, some poor ******* has his car broken down and wants advice, when in chips some 'plonker' who starts by saying 'i don't know anything about cars, but here's my sixpenneth'.
  6. as i say you can set up against anything.
  7. dnhc

    Why did we sign Hector?

    why would pudil find it 'easier' playing on the left side of a 3, than in a flat back 4? you're running yer n****** off to cover in a back 3.
  8. dnhc


    or we lose so many games that we need to put our first Xl out.
  9. i'm not pep by the way. of course any formation can be countered, i'm not picking on one, as i recall ONLY ONE was mentioned by you. all formations are available to all coaches and sides, falling into a 4-4-2 would be a counter the an opposition deploying 2 wide wingmen against a set up involving wingbacks. as your wanting a counter against 4-4-2, it would be to go with a 5 man m/f, with players looking for the space to play between the two banks of four, there are many others as 4-4-2 is an old formation and has been 'checked' many times by now. 4-5-1 (when it really matters) is generally the formation deployed by international or champions league sides to start a game solidly, whilst admittedly limiting its own opportunities. chelski did this well under mourinho with drogba being the 'one up' they found they couldn't replace, however their 4-5-1 often reverted to a 4-3-3 when playing in the premier league, especially at home. if you look at wolves last season, and their set up, they were able to play wingbacks because they had an outstanding side for the division, good, strong, combative players across the field of play. a lot of formations, other than defensively minded ones (as jos deployed at t'lane last season) require quick footed and thinking players to execute them, bannan, ff, hooper amongst others fit this bill in our side, but we badly lack pace in the entire team, and woefully so up front due to some poor recruitment.
  10. it needs taking to court, unfair competition.
  11. playing 6 down the middle, with keeper and 2 forwards, leaves one man per flank to stop wide counter attacks. a wide attacker on each flank pushes us into a back five, the opposition m/f 4/5 overrun our 3 and we never get out. unless we play a long ball to out stagnant forward line, where the ball will be mopped up and returned time and again. again ALL the play in our half of the field. football is like chess, there is nothing that cannot be countered, IF there were everybody would be doing it wouldn't they?
  12. wingbacks get pushed back into the backline by wide attackers (thus a back five) you can then either withdraw one of your front two into m/f (and go short up top) to try and compensate, or go with the overrun 3 that's left, either way the vast bulk of play will be in your half.
  13. NO, but if we were bottom 6 after say 20 games, i think his 'dry powder' might be running out. i wouldn't have appointed jos, or carvalhal before him, i'd have got colin in.
  14. opening shot, in what's to come?