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  1. Some good points raised by Leetheowl. Any set of players would struggle with the 6-2-2 system we play, 4 defenders and 2 holding central midfielders, it works away from home playing counter attacking football but not at home. No support from central areas means the strikers are always playing with their backs to goal instead of on the front foot waiting for the killer pass. Madine comes in for plenty of stick but he would score a hatful with some decent service, the only provider is Antonio out wide. I think most fans are with Dave Jones but would like us to play more possesion
  2. Defo not a wind-up thread from me. Look at the difficult matches to come. If most of you are happy watching this sub-standard football then its clear why our fan base are often seen as deluded. Seen us play really well twice this season , Birmingham at home and Hull away.
  3. What's it gonna be come the end of the season ? Looking at the general view after the Forest defeat, most fans seem to think we will be ok and just avoid the drop. For me its Relegation with the reasons being - We are possibly the worst footballing team in the league, unable to keep possesion for any length of time and reliant on one player (Antonio) to create any chances. No threat at all down the centre of the pitch with little supply and no help for the strikers. Poor set pieces. An ultra defensive system that keeps four defenders back at all times unless Reda is
  4. It's all about the service they are going to get that dictates how good the partnership will be. From the wings and away from home especially cracking service, at Hillsborough and from central areas very poor service. Defo the potential to be the best strike partnership since we were relegated from the Premier.
  5. Spot On Beast ! St Givens Day ! Where you at Watford ! Remember getting a good welcome from the Blades fans in Pond Street when we got home !
  6. Watford away in May 1981 lost 2-1 in the last minute, probably about 1500 Owls there , if you were there you will remember the crazy scenes at the end and on the fruit gum express coming home. But why ?
  7. All sung to 'this City is ours' tune - Its 87 years Its 87 yearsssssss You've Won F*** All In 87 years ! You are a blunt You are a blunttttt F*** Off back home And give us a Grunt We are the MASSIVE We are the MASSIVEEE Sheffield Wednesday We are the MASSIVE
  8. I was in the Leppings Lane end in the North West corner with me Dad. What stands out for me was how few Liverpool fans on the night there was possibly less then 1,500, segregated on the bottom tier of leppings lane towards the South stand side, pretty sure we had all the West stand too which makes around 48,000 Wednesdayites on the night ! Remember it was pretty chaotic trying to leave the ground at the end.
  9. What about ' Owls Of Change ' for the newish Regime. We followed in the dark. Down through Hillsborough Park Looking for the Owls of change. There's Wednesday all around Walking to the ground Looking for the Owls of change Chorus Take me To the magic of Hills- bo- rough On a Glory Night Where the Owls of tomorrow win again In the wind and rain
  10. All down to tactics,show me any of the Wednesday forwards who enjoy playing in this system. Look at Tudgay and Varney , both playing at a higher level and scoring goals , its no coincidence. Here they just played with their backs to goal with no support from central areas (negative), at their new clubs the managers gamble and push midfield players forward to help out the strikers. The strikers can then play on the shoulder of the last defender and receive quality balls in FRONT of them to finish off, we rarely score these type of goals.
  11. EH UP DEEJAYONE, We have tickets for the upper West and would like to know if flags will be allowed in there to add to the experience. If only 2,500 fans are allowed in then there must be some room on the wings of the stand to put banners/flags as you rarely see them draped over the front wall. Ours has a fire certificate yet I have e/mailed John Rutherford at Wednesday plus the enquiries e/mail some time ago and have yet to have a response ! Can you help please ?
  12. 1. Wednesday are the best side for the first 10 mins. 2.Huddersfield midfield pushes Wednesday back. 3.Wednesday defend with two lines of 4 , Weaver makes saves. 4. Every second ball is lost, our two strikers have no support. 5.Team booed off at half - time,Irvine brings on a wide man.
  13. Spot on Gurujuan, every team will struggle playing 8 behind the ball a 40 yard gap in midfield and 2 strikers with no support up front.
  14. We could play Gerrard, Lampard, or anybody in our centre midfield, the problem would always be the same - why do they play so deep ? Last night Coke was playing only yards in front of the centre halves with O'connor not much further forward, Mr irvine must have told them to operate like this ! We are the home side and should be attacking in numbers, instead balls are launched up to the strikers with no support at all from the centre midfield. Weaver throws balls out to the full backs who get about 20 yards forward then again no support inside from anybody. Giles Coke seems to have lost al
  15. Because we defend too deep due to Purse's lack of pace this causes the gaps. Most other sides play a more compact game giving them more options on the ball, their movement is better also. A lack of pace up front means the only passes available to the forwards are ones into feet rather than a defence splitting pass, teams like Carlisle played these a few times but luckily Weaver came out tops on the one on ones.
  16. We created nothing because we are too predictable up front only playing balls into feet with the strikers backs to goal, there is no pace up there at all. With some pace we would have the option of playing on the shoulder of the last defender and slotting the ball through into space for our strikers to run onto. Also today we went back to defending too deep just like last season making us less compact in the middle of the park and making it harder for our midfielders to support the attack. No need to panic though, lets see how the table looks after 10 games or so , we would have taken this s
  17. Me + 6 + Whiston Owls flag Woodhouse Owls flag + 15 ft Wednesday Forever flag
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