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  1. Can't understand why years ago we would demonstrate under the south stand and now we just do nothing , the football is so negative ,so back foot with no pace. Why are we so middle class it's embarrassing ! The first time ever we have had some money but the manager plays defensive football, would rather watch the team from the seventies havi
  2. Cheers Parkfield, remember going on the train to Newcastle for that one, great day.
  3. Great side exciting to watch, my favourite player from that era was Gary Shelton, he was always involved not scared to put his foot in and chipped in was quite a few goals from midfield, just the sort of player we need today
  4. Was in the North Stand that day. The 2 main things that stand out for me were , 1, I was convinced after all the hype the game would finish 0-0 so couldn't believe it when spidermans shot hit the back of the net. 2, With about 5 minutes to go all the North Stand were singing 'Boxing Day Massacre Boxing Day Massacre ' !
  5. Was in the North Stand that day. The 2 main things that stand out for me were , 1, I was convinced after all the hype the game would finish 0-0 so couldn't believe it when spi
  6. Before the game he will say, Wednesday are in fine form and playing some great football. If we win he will say, all the goals were defensive mistakes and Cardiff deserved something from the match. If they win he will say, it was a cracking match !
  7. Barnsley will bring more. Rotherham only turn out if they are doing well, Barnsley always bring good numbers to Hillsborough .
  8. He's one of our own He's one of our o o own Dejphon Chansiri Made Wednesday his home
  9. To the Dean Martin Volare tune. Chansiri oh oh Chansiri oh oh oh oh The owner of John West Has gone and bought the best ! Repeat !
  10. The Inter City Owl cabin by the corner of the Kop and the South Stand to buy your away match travel tickets.
  11. Our approach seems to be keep it as tight as possible and hope for a goal out of nothing. The defence always seems to be 10 yards too deep for me giving our central midfielders too much ground to cover, would never fault Semedo defensively and we are never going to concede many with this system but we are never going to score many either. We either lump it long to the strikers or hope the wide men can beat 3 defenders. You very rarely see a defence splitting pass for a striker to run on to because the central midfield is too deep as well. I think Stevie May would score a hatful in a b
  12. I remember the cup run of 1973, Fulham in the 3rd round, Crystal Palace in the 4th round then losing to Chelsea in the 5th round. We were in the triangle on the kop where Tango now stands when just before kick off about 500 Chelsea fans surged down the Kop near to the triangle, don't remember much trouble but they made an early exit towards the end of the game. Remember Osgood scoring the winner with a diving header at the leppings lane end. For atmosphere the 1983 Burnley quarter final matches for me stand out, in the first game at Turf Moor there were hundreds of our fans on their end b
  13. With the cafe being near the Thames - Savoury Waters Food Cafe
  14. What does everybody else think, on paper we have a decent team but the negative system does us no favours at all. All we hear from fans is we need a new striker, but would it really make that much difference with the lack of chances we create. The problem is not so much away from home but at Hillsborough ,the lack of creativity from central midfield plus the defending deep tactics make our play less compact than most other sides. Its fine playing counter attacking football away from home but on your own patch its not working. There always seems to be that 40 yard gap between central midfie
  15. Change the style of play. Don't mind the counter attacking away from home but not at Hillsborough. Push the defence further forward,encourage the central midfield to get forward once in a while and play some decent attacking football. Van Persie would struggle to score with the current system.
  16. He relies on service like every striker but the team is set up not to concede rather than to score. He will have to create himself or rely on Antonio, service from central midfield is woeful. Madine would score a hatful playing for a side with a more attacking line up.
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