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  1. The FA Cup Draw and the 'Selected Numbers' just show all the teams numbers. The offside rule , just put the offside flag up straight away and don't wait to see what happens later. Managers like Warnock who before the game say , today we are playing the World Champions , if they win they say we have just beat the World Champions but if they lose they say we should have won that they were crap !
  2. Went on the inter city Owl train. Not a great Police escort to the ground , their fans all had the green pilot jackets on which we hadn't seen before. Me and mate went in the wrong turnstiles and finished up on the chicken run terrace. We could see the Wednesday fans on the terrace behind the goal to the right as you look, around 2,500. Luckily with a coppers help we were pushed through a dividing fence inside the ground to the away part , I think quite a few fans had made the same error as us. Was trouble in the ground near the front but not outside although we were held in for ages afterward
  3. One answer bang on the money , ye of little faith , in Pulis we trust.
  4. Play well and earn a point in a low scoring draw. Fans say they never this coming after expecting a thrashing.
  5. Was at Watford that day watching the mighty Owls. How we celebrated in the ground when the results came through and on the train coming home 'Pigs are down , pigs are down pigs are down '.
  6. That's exactly how I remember it Bradowl from the early seventies. Around the grounds on about 15 mins then 30 mins then at half time ,same in second half to full time on both Radio Sheffield and Hallam. Later, think it moved onto actual commentary of a Wednesday or United away match in the second half only.
  7. MIck Lyons famously said after his move from Everton , ' They even sing in the seats here '. !
  8. My Favourite ever Wednesday player , fantastic work rate and attitude. Great tackler and scored a few. Those were the times when boozing in town you would see a group of players , he was always the first to come across to talk to the fans.
  9. Went to Chesterfield away in September 1975 ,a night match in our first season in the 3rd Division , think it was the first time we had played them for many a year. We had just beaten Grimsby 4 -0 the previous Saturday and out of a crowd of 13,000 there must have been around 8,000 Wednesdayites. We were watching from a side terrace and just before kick off the packed away end full of Owls surged forward and hundreds steamed straight across the pitch and onto their kop, the Chesterfield fans legged it to the sides. Their were various pitch invasions throughout the game which of course we lost 1
  10. I remember the second leg at their place , we were going on the Bramall Lane end and a big mob of Wednesday fans walked past and down John Street towards their Kop. In the ground our lot looked a lot lower down behind the goal on the Shoreham compared to the league match in April. Remember Curran scoring an equaliser going round the keeper at the Bramall lane end.
  11. Average first half , very good in the second half.
  12. You are my Brucie my only Brucie You make me happy when skies are grey Wasted at Villa , legend of Hillsborough Please don't take my Brucie away.
  13. I remember from the old 3rd Division days in the seventies, Millwall came on the kop before kick off in 1975 and were escorted off by the police to the lepp after loads of trouble. Portsmouth came on in 1976 and finished up right in the top corner about 30 of them, police just surrounded them for protection but there wasn't much trouble. Probably most bizarre was when Cambridge came on in their 1978 promotion season, around 50 of them in the Tango triangle corner, think it was easier for the police to put them there for protection rather than the lepp where there was always trouble with our fa
  14. United fan's first sentence on football heaven - Let me talk about Wednesday first !
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