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  1. owlthorpe

    Is the Pope dead?

    United fan's first sentence on football heaven - Let me talk about Wednesday first !
  2. owlthorpe

    Hillsborough in the 1960's

    He said the changing ends bit was via the north side before the North Stand was built , so that side must have been popular too with it being covered unlike the kop ! ?
  3. owlthorpe

    Hillsborough in the 1960's

    TorryOwl, Ive always wondered before the days of segregation, my Dad talked about changing ends at half time to hopefully see Wednesday score each half, but why was the kop or was the kop more popular ? I would have thought with the leppings lane end having a roof then that would have been better for the atmosphere and staying dry ? ! Cheers for any info.
  4. owlthorpe

    ghost F.A cup draw.

    Don't forget to do the 'selected' numbers part before the draw. Just show the numbers of Spurs Man Utd Chelsea and Man City, nobody else matters to the BBC , sickly to watch.
  5. owlthorpe

    The Fans are to blame.

    We have 2 types of fans, the ones who are just happy clappers and the ones who realise something is wrong , the chairman is not a football man although a good honest man, we urgently need a change of manager , money does not guarantee success , let's get back to being a working class club again, let's get our Wednesday back !
  6. owlthorpe

    The Fans are to blame.

    e have 2 types of fans
  7. owlthorpe

    The Fans are to blame.

    Jonny owl, spot on, we all love Carlos but enough is enough, we are going backwards now, no pace is costing us . A new manager and leaders on the pitch are needed .
  8. owlthorpe

    The Fans are to blame.

    Pompey owl, you are right ,years ago in the seventies we had no hope , we have now but nobody is leading the way. We are passionate but with no leadership, saw loads of old owls from the seventies in the new Wednesday tap tonight , just worried why we are so laid back.
  9. Can't understand why years ago we would demonstrate under the south stand and now we just do nothing , the football is so negative ,so back foot with no pace. Why are we so middle class it's embarrassing ! The first time ever we have had some money but the manager plays defensive football, would rather watch the team from the seventies havi
  10. owlthorpe

    How good was this team?

    Cheers Parkfield, remember going on the train to Newcastle for that one, great day.
  11. owlthorpe

    How good was this team?

    Great side exciting to watch, my favourite player from that era was Gary Shelton, he was always involved not scared to put his foot in and chipped in was quite a few goals from midfield, just the sort of player we need today