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  1. And who do we bring in? Racing certainty it’ll be another Lukuhay/Monk/Pulis appointment. And then there will be a lot of happy people on here
  2. I have. You haven’t. Fair enough. I can’t be ar$ed to argue the to$$ anymore with his critics. I think we need stability and I think Moore can provide this. Also I like the fact the squad seems happy and contented which hasn’t been the case for the vast majority of DC’s time here but I suspect the fans will hound Moore out before Christmas if we start slowly again?
  3. I thought the recruitment last season was good hence the season we went on to have. You argue and nitpick until the cow’s come home but the manager managed the squad well IMO. Some will disagree with this point but I’m happy with the last 12 months. Interested to see what the recruitment is like for next season but I’m not going to panic like some are and even signings that might not get the blood pumping may well prove to be shrewd. I’ve every confidence in Moore and that opinion won’t change regardless of what some in here think.
  4. I think getting centre-backs in as quickly as we can is key as this is where we are the weakest in strength particularly if we stick with a back 3 which I’d be amazed if we don’t.
  5. I think both Urgohide and Shaw would’ve stayed had Moore had come in earlier and probably would’ve progressed this past season but it wasn’t to be.
  6. Best manager we’ve had during the Chansiri era. I think DC’s biggest regret here is letting him go?
  7. I’ve convinced myself that he did and I think NML was a decent signing. You disagree, fair enough. I also thought Lawtie’s left peg was just for standing on but you’ll disagree with that as well?
  8. It took a while for him to get something out of Berahino but he did eventually. NML was a good signing but you can nitpick over errors made from any player over the course of the season, biggest game or not.
  9. Early business? Doesn’t happen at S6.
  10. As soon as I posted the last reply, I knew you’d come back with this. Par for the course on here
  11. He states the bleeding obvious in terms of the club obviously not when it comes to transfer rumours. Point I was trying to make which I didn’t do a good job of is if he was a bit more like the lads from the Star, think outside the box, more inventive with how they cover Wednesday then he’d arguably be better all round but he’s not hence the negative nicknames and comments he gets from fans such as myself?
  12. I just don’t rate Dom as a journalist. Most of his articles just state the bleeding obvious hence why he’s got a seemingly poor transfer rumour rate?
  13. Looking at last years tracker, messrs Crann and Miller are the ones to listen to and not Dismal Dom
  14. Looks like we’re looking to follow the template that we always seem to do for that second season at this level and look to acquire players who have been successful in it before? Our history tells you that it invariably works but our history also tells you it spells trouble for the manager who invariably brings them in and a subsequent difficulty to transition back into the championship should we get promoted? Some difficult hurdles ahead for DM to jump successfully?
  15. Moore isn’t bad when it comes to getting a lot out of players who have lost their way a bit.
  16. I’m pretty sure whatever we do in the market, there will be a lot of HAPPY people on here
  17. I’ll hold my hand up and admit I didn’t see us moving forward until Bannan left. That’s not me saying he isn’t a good player, he’s arguably in the Top 2/3 players to play for us this century. No, it’s because I felt our football was too pedestrian and reliant on his influence. But Darren Moore has found a way of changing this and getting more out of Bannan as a result and I think everyone is happy for this including the player himself. Also the captaincy fits him a lot better than it did 12 months ago and once again Moore deserves credit for this as he’s obviously allowed him to find a captaincy style that suits the player, the team and arguably the entire club.
  18. Ipswich signed well last season but it still didn’t work out for them. Totally expecting them, Pompey and Bolton to be closer to the promotion race next season. We need to sign a goalscorer to take the pressure off Gregory. I still can’t believe we’ve let Berahino go.
  19. It was never going to be accepted. I’m not as down as some are with regards to the Chairman but I’ll believe the self sustainable mantra he’s been on about when I start to see signs of it?
  20. Our time will come again eventually. I’m sure of it.
  21. I would’ve accepted the offer. He won’t score more than 15 goals IMO as there is nothing in his past track record to suggest he will and then for him to get that amount he probably needs to play in at least 40 games which is questionable after this season? There is no hiding place with this call and opinions will be flowing one way or the other throughout next season.
  22. I just see that he’s got a certain something that some of his recent predecessors lacked and that we desperately need. I read on the comments below the YouTube video of this interview and someone said Jose Mourinho once tipped Moore to be a Top Manager. I’ll read more into those comments than yours
  23. Depends on what you mean by better? If he stays there are no guarantees that he’ll be the missing ingredient that we lacked this season? He might find himself on the treatment table regularly? I just think we might regret it if like many times before that we have held on to a player only to flounder and then lose that player for nothing. I think Moore would bring in a decent forward to replace him but as before there are no guarantees that he’ll produce? I wonder if we might see more of Sow next season. He was reasonably effective in the time he had on the pitch and could yet prove to be the answer?
  24. I take your points but how many times have we had a go at appointing the right type of manager over the last 22 years? Point I’m trying to make is we give someone the time to get the infrastructure in place then whoever may come in after Moore will be in a better place to push us forward. This period reminds me very much of Big Jack’s time here. It wasn’t plain sailing all the time but he eventually put the building blocks in place to give someone (Wilkinson) the chance to return us to the top flight.
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