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  1. He wasn’t fantastic, granted but he did ok. He didn’t really play much in the second half of the season as Berahino came more to the fore. Had he done he might’ve hit double figures but I can’t be ar$ed to argue about it as I know the OT jury has already given their verdict on him
  2. I think Moore has done particularly well when it comes to recruiting forward players. Gregory and Berahino did well last season and Kamberi and Sow contributed. If we had recruited as well the season before last we might not have been relegated from the championship?
  3. Gregory 17 Smith 15 Windass 10 Wilks 14
  4. Obviously first team squad issues will take centre stage understandably but I think this coming season will give us a better idea if Moore does as I’ve thought all along has a plan for youth development at our football club. It might not have shown clearly last season but trying to get our young pros out on Loan was a sea change from recent seasons and I expect this to continue next season.
  5. A lad who scored goals either from down the middle or out wide. Watch his YouTube highlights, he hardly hugs the touchline like an orthodox winger. Trust the manager. He knows what he’s doing.
  6. It’s pretty obvious he’s Berahino’s replacement. Moore has done well with his striking options IMO but the juries out on that with a lot on here.
  7. Good man management from Moore nice again. Showing his captain his efforts are very much appreciated therefore more than likely boosting the players morale and confidence ahead of another long hard season where he will be pivotal to our chances of promotion once again.
  8. As much as I’d like to see a more sustainable plan moving forward with an emphasis on young players either coming through our own Academy or being picked up from elsewhere, I doubt whether this will ever happen due to the hyper critical nature of our fan base? Managers here seem to trust experienced players knowing that they’re more suited to handling the pressures of playing in front of a demanding crowd. I’m expecting the usual responses but let’s be honest whether we like it, agree with it or not, it is a factor as the constant stick Moore gets quite clearly shows.
  9. I think you have to look at who the players coming in are replacing. Stockdale’s experience gives him the edge over Peacock-Farrell. Heneghan is a more out and out defender than Hutchinson. Not as good in possession but will arguably play more games. Ihiekwe is probably better than Dunkley and has a better fitness record. I think it’s marginal either way with regards to Vaulks/Luongo but Vaulks may be available for selection more which probably edges it in his favour. Smith is a definite upgrade on Kamberi. So I think the incomings give us a stronger squad. We still need a replacement for Berahino which may prove to be tricky. We need arguably more wide options to replace Mendez-Laing/Shodipo which will probably come from the Loan market. Work still to do but a decent start to a window that is probably going to define Moore’s reign here?
  10. I think you have to factor in the possibility of departures. Here are the players I think could still leave before the end of August. Dawson Paterson Sow Brown I would expect a Loan move for Brennan, if he’s not going to feature and Alex Hunt could easily leave if he doesn’t hit the ground running in pre-season. I still think Grimsby will come back in for him. Also don’t rule out a late championship club bid for Bannan.
  11. Wednesday Ipswich Peterborough Bolton MK Dons Wycombe
  12. It’ll be a weekly subject for some
  13. Never ever tire of seeing this, Winnie getting the better of Mrs Brown
  14. He won’t want to be stuck on the bench often though. That happens and he’ll be pushing for a move come Christmas. I can see him going back home to Scotland TBH.
  15. I both like and rate Moore as a manager. If some claimed that he underachieved last season with the ‘best squad in the league’ then he’s going to find himself even more under the microscope this coming season. A fast start is essential to keep the twa.., I mean critics at bay.
  16. I do wonder if Paterson and Sow may become surplus to requirements? Both have one year left on their current contracts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either or both leave before the end of the window.
  17. Question for you. If this transfer approach is designed to perhaps give DM the time to improve the Academy/Scouting, do you think he’ll get it because as much as I’d like to see him get the time, sadly I don’t think he will?
  18. Scout and buy young players or invest heavily in our Youth Academy and then develop them into good first team players who can benefit either us as a club in the team or bringing in revenue to avoid the P&S pitfalls that we have fallen into. Other clubs have done it including near neighbours like United and Barnsley but as I said in an earlier post our fans won’t accept it as your posts in particular clearly show. Tell me I’m wrong. Forget that you already have
  19. Alrighty then. Haven’t we been here before? Signed players to get us out of League one then struggled to transition back to the championship then we’re back to square(league) one. Isn’t it time we tried to break this cycle after 22 f**king years and counting in the footballing wilderness?
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