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  1. Not entirely sure if Weaver would be up to playing in all the games from January onwards so if Megson has doubts about O'Donnell then he has to try and negotiate some kind of return for Bywater. I thing re-signing Batth is as important as re-signing Marshall to be honest. He's had a massive impact on proceedings since he arrived back in March and we need to try and keep him, personally I think it's more likely to be an extended loan. As for Marshall we'll either buy him or lose him IMO. The nature of Llera's arrival (early return from Brentford loan) suggests that a deal may already be in place? I don't think they'll be many outgoings. Always the possibility that some fringe players will be moved on but I fully expect JJ and Morrison to stay to the end of the season. I think we'll see more activity in the emergency loan market than the January window. Megson's already showed he can work this market really well and I don't think Milan wants to shell out too much at this stage? Whatever happens in January I expect us to be strong enough to stay in contention for Promotion and that at the end of the day is all what counts.
  2. Gutted for the lad and I'm sure we will miss him. He's certainly proved me wrong and to be honest I hope he and every other player I've criticised this season (Chris Lines is another) proves me wrong because when all is said and done I know sod all about football
  3. It doesn't seem like a year ago. It was a terrible terrible time to be an owl. Remember refreshing the bbc's twitter feed fully expecting us to be placed in admin. We got lucky that day and a week or two later we got luckier still when Milan arrived. Thanks Milan
  4. Llera and Antonio fit the bill in terms of the type of players Megson seems to be signing and in truth the type of signings that have served him well so far. Players who know League 1 but are probably more than capable of coping with the Championship should we get there anytime soon? Unlike Irvine's policy last season of signing proven Championship players, Megson has seemed to have hit on a much more productive Transfer Strategy whether it be in the Loan Market or the Full Market?
  5. I think some of us think a bad result is just around the corner because of the sh!t we've endured over the last 10 years or so and that's understandable. Some fans don't actually want to believe the good times are here because once again understandably they don't want to get excited and for the umpteenth time get kicked in the goolies as has happened time and time again over the last decade. You think we are there then WHACK! Here we go again. I think we might have turned the corner this time and bizzarely this might have actually started to happen straight after our last meeting with Brentford?
  6. There were a lot of disappointing games/performances last season but this particular one sticks out like a sore thumb. A Tuesday night game against a side who most of us thought would have the JPT Final the following Sunday on their minds? How wrong we were? They were up for it, we weren't. In fact we were an absolute shambles and Megson was literally bursting bloodvessels in anger and frustration on the touchline. I left Hillsborough that night genuinely fearing relegation to the fourth tier of English football for the first time in our History. What's changed since then? Well I don't know how he's done it but Megson's got the side more solid, playing with more passion and the side has a genuine idea of how to win games when not quite at their best something that was severly lacking that night and in truth for the most part of that fateful second half of last season. Rob Jones and Danny Batth have been key components IMO in why we have seemingly turned the corner since that game. We've seen improvement in performances from the likes of Lewis Buxton and Gary Madine and of course this season we've seen key Summer/Early Season additions like Jose Semedo and Ben Marshall come to the fore. In 24 games since that Brentford Match we've picked up 46 Points. Won 14 Drawn 4 Lost 6. In 6 months or so Megson has turned us from a rabble outfit into one that looks more assured and confident. Whether this will last remains to be seen but if the next 6 months or so are as productive as the last then there is a good chance we'll be celebrating Promotion in May?
  7. A draw would've been better but we won't know for a couple of months or so how significant a result this is. Once January comes around we'll have a better idea of who is going to be there or thereabouts come the end of the season though even then there is the possibility a team could drop right off the pace like we did last season. As for United they've had a good week. I can't imagine any of us thought United would pick up 4 points off us and Preston but I felt that they needed to do this otherwise the pressure would've started to build on Wilson. You've got to give them credit for the win at Preston but I think it was the right time to play them (form starting to dip a little and No Mellor) and as for the derby I agree with Chris Lines we should've won that given how we had played on the day (Sorry Monty :wink: ). I'm looking forward to the next couple of months. It should be interesting. I can see Charlton starting to lose a bit of momentum, how they react to that first league loss will be interesting. Huddersfield will probably continue to power on? It'll be interesting to see if Notts County are the real deal, doing very well under Martin Allen (a boss I've got a lot of time for) I'm sure other teams will show up well and then probably dip a little but I'm encouraged with what's happening at S6 and long may it continue :smile:
  8. I thought it was the best we'd played all season to be honest and the best we'd played against the Blades possibly since the F.A. Cup Semi Final in 93. How we were behind at H-T was a mystery to me but I was confident of getting a result up until the last 10 mins when we look liked we'd gone down a dead end and it just looked like it wasn't going to be our day. We got a goal back out of the blue and then the momentum was back with us and the rest as they say is history. Pleased with a point but slightly disappointed because I thought we deserved all 3. I came away from the beamback thinking for the first time this season that we are genuine promotion contenders and the best thing is I think we can get better and better and the option in January could well be there to strengthen even further? Special mentions for Marshall (MoM for me), Rob Jones, Batth, O'Grady and Madine. The front two in particular worked extremely hard and got a goal a piece so fair play to them. As for United I thought Maguire and Collins played well for them. Quinn obviously stood out, took his goal well. Couldn't understand why The Star and RS were raving about Williamson, didn't really notice him to be honest and finally a mention for Simonsen. If we've had 10 shots on target he can't really have had a bad game surely or else we'd have stuffed them?
  9. Not nervous in the slightest and that's very unusual for me before we go into a derby game against the Galacticos of Sheffield particularly at the Laneabau. All the pressure is on them and I mean real pressure. They should be romping this League after all they are Sheffield United the stand out bearers of English Football who believe in nothing put decent fair play and general fairness in football. Bless em they even marched on Parliament to prove it. They are 0 and 2 against promotion rivals at home so far. If it becomes 0 and 3 against us they are 8 points behind Wednesday albeit with a game in hand but thats 48 hours later at Preston. It's boom or bust for them over the next week IMO and I'm looking forward to seeing them hopefully suffer instead of us for a change :smile:
  10. If he hadn't had past connections with Megson, he probably would've been released in the Summer? I just feel Megson wanted someone around who knows how he works. As a player wherever he plays he just gets bypassed. He's up there with Andy Booth IMO in the sense of players I've seen at Wednesday who just might as well be not on the pitch. Players who undoubtedly have commitment and put in the effort but have no positive effect on a game.
  11. This Saturday's game is a real test. I remember Last Season Top of the League after the 5-0 win at Hartlepool playing Brentford live on Sky with a real opportunity to put some distance between ourselves and our compettiors. We ballsed it up and in truth this was symptomatic of our season, opportunity after opportunity missed and it all ended up with an unceremonious fall down the table and a brush with relegation to the forth tier of English Football for the first time in our history. Strangely enough we're following another away win at Victoria Park with an opportunity to get clear of some teams below us while having a real chance to put some pressure on the teams above. Hopefully we'll learn the lessons of last season and become more ruthless when it comes to exploiting this and other opportunities we should get over the course of this season. I'm more nervous about Saturday than I am about the Blades Match to be honest but I have confidence in Megson. I can't see him making the same mistakes that Irvine made last time around.
  12. Disappointed it hasn't worked for Morrison here. I've often thought we haven't played to his strengths but the majority of the goals Gary Madine has scored recently have all been around the 6-yard box, the area where Clinton has been at his best over the years. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be for him at S6? As for Beevers I don't think he'll ever achieve anything at S6. He has had plenty of opportunties in the first team here but hasn't looked anything like the player he did in that debut season where he walked away with just about every player of the year award. I think if Megson thought he was worth perservering with he wouldn't be at MK now.
  13. I'm not 100% sure about Megson. There are methods in his style of management that you can see the logic in and other methods that you can't but despite this I can't see anyone else around capable who would take the job on. It probably be easy for Milan to sack Megson definitely harder to replace him with someone better? I think we've got to wait until the end of October to see where we are. If we are miles off the pace then questions will be asked but look at Lee Clark at Huddersfield, this is his 3rd season at League 1 and they still haven't got out of it. Probably will this season though? but that's been down to patient team building. This takes patience. We haven't got that and understandably so. We have had our noses rubbed in it for a long time. The club has been a laughing stock for a long time. This club has and continues to hurt and embarass it's fans time and again. Megson may be the man to end this torment, he may not be but for me he has to be given until the of the season at least?
  14. It's Wednesday! If you want to enjoy your football, go to Manchester. If you want to be miserable, kicked in the nether regions, shafted. Continue following Wednesday & that's the bottom line because some silly **** said so.
  15. I wouldn't say we look a good side as of yet because I think we are a work in progress and we should get better and stronger as the season goes on. What Megson has done in the short term has instilled a strong work ethic and a solid base from which to build. This is in stark contrast to last year when Irvines base was seemingly built on quicksand. We'll concede possession to the better sides in this league but I don't believe we'll get turned over time amd again like last season and Megson has to take credit for this.
  16. If Megson doesn't see this season out then it will be the 3rd successive season where we haven't finished a season with the man at the helm that started it. For us to have any chance of making process we have to at some stage stick with a manager for at least 3 years? Megson has got his critics. I think every manager has but I feel if he get's the time he may just may be the man who gets us moving in the right direction. It won't be pretty. He'll continue to make decisions that bewilder us. Not starting with either Lowe or Morrison was a strange one. I just get the feeling he's come here to do a job, get his hands dirty and prove everyone of his critics wrong whether it be here in Sheffield, Bolton, Nottingham, wherever else they may be at the club where I think he's always coveted the managers job. I think after 6 games last season we had around the same number of points. Not scored as many goals and conceded more but I think the side looks more like it can handle itself this season. We were relying heavily on Nicky Weaver to keep us in games this time last year. In the games I've seen so far this season I've not seen any side have us on the back foot for a prolonged period, so perhaps things are improving slowly but improving? I think we'll get stronger as the season goes on and there is a chance that we'll get stronger with loans and signings as the season goes on. I just feel if we sack Megson we'll struggle to attract anyone worth their salts who would want the job. Also I think if Megson gets hounded out somewhere along the line we'll live to regret it?
  17. Very impressed with Charlton tonight. Totally justified their tag as genuine promotion contenders. Parricularly impressed with the tall lad patrolling the middle, puffed and blowed a bit though but was very influential. The two lads patrolling the touchlines were also very good for Charlton, flagged at times. Strange that these players were wearing Green? Jones was a man mountain in the 2nd half. Reynolds who I've been critical of stood up and be counted tonight. Fair play to the lad. Clinton had the bit between his teeth and got his goal. Madine worked his socks off, got battered by their defenders and got F all from the referee. Good battling performance, good point but still a long way to go and a lot of improvement still to make.
  18. It's been a pretty one eyed performance from the officials. Oh joy O'Connors on.
  19. While ever players like Sedgwick are near the 1st team we are going to be miles away from where we want to be. The defence look nervous. The midfield is off the pace. Lines looks dogger. Marshall can't get in the game and the forwards are starved of decent possession. Despite this we are only one down so who knows what the 2nd half will bring?
  20. I thought at the start of the season we'd probably finish 8th-12th and I've not seen anything so far to change my mind. We've played well in parts and poorly in others and even though you can't play well all of the time I don't believe we'll achieve the kind of consistency required to be in the promotion frame. That said if Ryan Lowe can continue the kind of scoring form that convinced Megson to sign him and if we are within striking distance of the Top 6 come January then 1 or 2 decent bits of business in the Transfer Window may well see us where we want to be come the end of the season?
  21. O'Donnell outsanding. Seems to have gone up 1 or 2 levels since his run in the 1st team towards the end of the last season. Palmer is looking more and more an accomplished player. I would be surprised if he isn't kicking the 1st team door down come the end of this season if he isn't already. I thought Nyoni looked sound when he came on and Obileye did O.K. for most of the game. People (particularly on here) will pick up on his mistakes but he looked composed when in possession and looks like someone who could become a more than useful player for us, a couple of years or so down the line. Even though we kept possession pretty well throughout we did look pedestrian and ineffective and Morrison as the game wore on became more and more frustrated with the lack of service into him. What last night claerly showed us if we didn't know already is if we get seriously hit by injuries and suspensions the cover is just not there. The likes of Coke, Reynolds and Sedgwick just aren't good enough.
  22. A year ago I think most of us were in agreement that Irvines work in the transfer market looked impressive. I doubt whether most of us would share the same opinion now? The point I'm trying to make is Megsons work in the market so far gives us cause for optimism but we'll only know for certain if he's been successful or not come the end of the season & this will certainly apply to the signings of O'Grady and any other striker he splashes the cash on?
  23. For the most part today Madine did bugger all. He's scored the winner and obviously we are pleased with that but it was really the only time he attacked the penalty area and there was some decent delivery into the box today particularly from Marshall. I thought Morrison put in another shift today. It was a nice piece of improvisation for Bennett's equaliser but sadly it's not going for him in front of goal at the moment.
  24. You would have to say this is something we have done a lot of over the last 15 years because of the way the club has been run over the last 15 years? Players don't want to come to SWFC anymore in the way that they might've done before this period because our reputation has taken quite a battering both on and off the pitch. I think Megson, Mandaric and Aldridge probably have been shocked and stunned to see the current state of decline that they've inherited from the previous regime? It is obvious if you starve a business of funds and the basic resources so it can function properly then you are going to have the problems that we are currently witnessing. Mandaric, Megson and of course us the fans aren't known for our patience and after the last 15 years of being embarassed and shafted time and again, impatience is understandable on our part but whether we like it or not from the outside looking in it looks to me that this club has to be built back up from scratch both on and off the pitch and unfortunately their could be more frustration and embarassment before we finally start to move in the right direction?
  25. It was a hard game to watch, granted. Megson's decision to play the team he did IMO was correct given the tightness of the current schedule. Some players shone, some did o.k., some obviously struggled. What it showed to me though is that Irvine's 12 months in charge has left GM with an harder job than he might have had, had he arrived sooner.
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