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  1. I’ve felt very calm this week even though it looks a racing certainty the giants of the game across the city are making a return to their rightful place in the game and we are staring down the barrel of another season in the championship I don’t know why but I’ve got a feeling we could still go into the QPR game with a chance. Look it was over after Villa according to some then it was over after Norwich’s equaliser according to most but here we are penultimate game of the season and it’s still mathematically possible so who knows?
  2. Bottom line for me at the moment it appears to be Villa, Derby and us who are in the firing line and it won't be long before others are in the firing line hence the vote result today? I can imagine Gibson will be as popular at championship clubs in the future as Theresa May is at a Conservative Party Conference?
  3. We’ll probably have to sell someone in the summer. I think Reach and Bannan will attract offers and Forrestieri’s goal and performance at Norwich will have reminded teams what he’s capable of. I actually could see Norwich coming in for him TBH. I also expect Fletcher to attract interest and after the season he’s had I wouldn’t be surprised.
  4. He’s probably been sh!tt!ng bricks now we’ve got Bruce and knows if they stop down then we’re a strong contender next season? Classic case for me of trying to weaken a rival which he’s arguably already done by charging us Top Whack for Reach and Rhodes with varying degrees of success?
  5. I got the goals for wrong under Jos. It’s actually 28 goals scored. So the GD was - 12 and Not -14. As @alanharper’s table shows we’ve also scored 28 since and have a GD of 11.
  6. This season under Jos :- P 22 - W 6 - D 6 - L 10 - GF 26 - GA 40 GD -14 - CS 2 - Pts 24 Since Jos Left :- P 22 - W 10 - D 9 - L 3 - GF 30 - GA 17 GD 13 - CS 12 - Pts 39 To say it’s quite a contrast is an understatement.
  7. Whatever players he has at is disposal next season, I still expect us to be competitive. He’s shown what he’s capable of already with the squad he’s inherited here, walking wounded and all.
  8. He’ll be a big player for us next season.
  9. Gibson will be going mental tonight. Villa and Derby in the play-off places and Wednesday beating Bristol City to boot?
  10. I think Swansea still have a genuine chance of sneaking in which says it all for me. Lukuhay has a lot to answer for plus the Chairman for appointing the useless chuff in the first place?
  11. Refereeing in the championship is utter utter dogsh!t.
  12. There's no point in having an Academy if you aren't going to use the players coming through particularly when they are of an high standard which this group of players seem to be? Over to you Steve
  13. I think he’ll be a great manager when he finally hangs up his boots. Every chance it could be here?
  14. I would like to see this happen. It would benefit DC and the club in the long term and given DC's obvious frustrations with the EFL's P&S rules, this is one of the ways we should go IMO?
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