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  1. If Bullen was going to get the job, he would surely have been appointed by now? That said their’s been little acknowledgment recently from either Bullen or the local media with regards to the job so who knows what the latest state of play is but there has to come a time when DC finally makes a decision because this uncertainty has to end at some stage.
  2. I fear the chairman has backed himself into a corner by allowing this situation to meander along and as a result doesn't have a clear idea of what to do?
  3. The balance in midfield is our Achilles heel both in what it gives us defensively and particularly offensively. This is the major problem going forward for me and perhaps another reason why Bullen shouldn’t get the managers job full-time as he’s witnessed this for the last four or five seasons and still doesn’t have a grasp on the problem?
  4. We've heard nothing from the chairman since Bruce walked. So as a result of Bullen being in caretaker in charge for as long as he has been, we're no nearer to knowing if the chairman is actually looking for a new manager or he genuinely sees Bullen as an option to replace Bruce full time. The problem for me with Bullen is whatever result we might get, there will always be that underlying feeling from the fan base as to whether he's the man for the job or not. Somewhere along the line, maybe not this season but certainly from next summer this squad needs re-shaping. It's a massive job for a manager with experience never mind a man in his first managerial job. As I've already said I think he'll get the rest of this month in charge and he'll more than likely get a decent result or two but keeping him in charge is just putting off the inevitable IMO and this time I don't think it's set in stone that he'll stay on the coaching staff this time. I think he has genuine aspirations to be a manager and after 6 years of coaching and 3 times being the caretaker boss, if he doesn't get the gig this time, it's more than likely he'll never get it here?
  5. He'll get the QPR game but it's a must win even now for me.
  6. Performances like this are what makes some of us doubt Bullen but I can't see how we're going to attract anyone given Chansiri's apparent lack of urgency. Why would an out of work manager want it now when it's pretty clear that the chairman doesn't rate anyone highly enough to get them in early?
  7. Daniel Johnson is the only player I'd take from them. Always seems to play well against us. We've got a problem now, we struggle to comeback from conceding that first goal. Bullen needs a result today IMO.
  8. I think the next two games will go a long way towards Bullen getting the job or not? If he gets more than the 1 point which we got in the corresponding fixtures last season then Bullen's in a strong position to make the job his.
  9. Got it in early before the chuff signed for United?
  10. If we concentrate on ourselves, we'll be fine. I would gamble and play both Harris and Murphy. The only way they will be able to stop them is to kick them which will more than likely play in to our hands. I genuinely think we'll get a good result on Saturday
  11. The writing's been on the wall a bit for him here since the summer in the sense Palmer (Not a natural left-back) and Fox have been ahead of him in the queue. I'd be surprised if we see him in a Wednesday shirt again TBH?
  12. Reach is Bullen’s blindspot. I think he feels because he runs a lot of km in a game, he has to be in the side. Yes, before the Reach lovers start, he can influence games but his influence is inconsistent at best and with no certain position in the side where you definitely play him, week in, week out, therein lies the problem for me. On his showings from the bench so far, I’d be looking to integrate Luongo in the starting 11 sooner rather than later.
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