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  1. I remember him being mentioned a while back. Decent pedigree. If our next Head Coach is a Doyen Client then it probably says it all about how much influence they currently have?
  2. Is our season over already?

    The problem with Carlos is he’ll pick a core of 5 players week in, week out regardless of whether these players are in good, bad or indifferent form. These are usually Westwood, Loovens, Bannan, Reach and Hooper and the rest of the team is selected from a lucky bag. Last week Matias starts, the next week he’s totally out of the Matchday 18. He’s done this time and again with other players. There’s no general consistency in selection and I think this is starting to affect squad morale. I don’t think it helps that we’re buying players that have to adapt to his tune rather than him being flexible enough to adapt to the players strengths. The Rhodes situation is a good example of this. Knowing us, Carlos will get a 5 match touchline ban this week and we’ll end up winning all 5 and he gets a reprieve, turns up back on the touchline and we revert to type. The bottom line though is this squad won’t get us promoted playing the Carlos way because this squad of players is not tailored to his methods. We need a change and the sooner the better.
  3. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Lambert or Karanka wouldn’t do any better TBH. Lambert’s had more clubs than Tiger Woods and we’d still be playing boring football under Karanka. We need a fresh approach but I doubt we’ll get it?
  4. There’s no guarantees when it comes to managers/head coaches but I’d like to see us take a fresh approach and go for someone like Giggs. A gamble maybe but any appointment is a gamble at the moment. The biggest gamble of all would be sticking with Carlos.
  5. Norwich match summed up

    I thought that myself. Wearing that looked like a sign he knows he’s time here is nearly up
  6. Norwich match summed up

    I know he scored but starting Rhodes sent out the wrong message for me. Nuhiu has worked hard recently and deserved a start and the way Hooper played tonight showed that he was probably pi$$ed off at this decision. Wallace who’s been a shining light under CC has been really ineffective of late and even Bannan was off it tonight. As I’ve said in another thread it was the first time I saw what looked like genuine unrest amongst the players. If Chansiri doesn’t act soon we may have some problems if we haven’t already?
  7. Adam Reach

    I think Westwood’s body language said as much as anybody’s tonight that any faith and belief that the players had in Carlos has finally gone?
  8. Right, I've cracked

    I don’t know why but I think DC will try something different and give a recently retired decorated ex-player an opportunity. I think Giggs, Scholes or Lampard will get offered the job? A gamble for sure but it can’t be much worse than it is now and it does need something fresh to happen.
  9. Adam Reach

    If ever a signing sums up our decline, it’s this one and no matter how sh it he his he gets selected week after week and never gets substituted. Absolute Joke.
  10. Carlos YOU said

    Then again the official twitter page don’t want to run a red rag to a bull. Personally I think it’s only a matter of time now and I think the next Head Coach will be Giggsy
  11. Carlos YOU said

    Interesting atm that the official twitter page is not running quotes from CC’s post match interview. Reading between the lines it may tell us something or then again maybe not?
  12. Carlos Carvalhal : BACK HIM OR SACK HIM?

    I think the way we capitulated tonight said it all. The players have lost confidence in him and I can’t blame them. The way he just stubbornly perseveres with tactics that aren’t working just takes the pi$$ out of everyone that has a vested interest in Sheffield Wednesday.
  13. Adam Reach

    The Premier League will always be out of our reach while this useless chuff plays week in, week out.
  14. Norwich City 3 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Palmer’s performance in the second half summed up our performance, shocking. Reach has got a lot of admirers on here but he’s a poor man’s Chris Waddle and I’m being kind. As for Carlos I feared the worse when he started with Rhodes alongside Hooper as this doesn’t work but trying things that don’t work is his M.O. At Wembley he played FF and Hooper and I knew then we were f***ed as Hooper’s best work that season was alongside Nuhiu or Joao. Chansiri is backing an head coach that won’t take him to the Premier League. He buys players to play his system not players who are suited to play his system. We are stuck with a lot of these players and if Chansiri doesn’t bring in someone who will adapt a system to fit these players, this project has got failure written all over it.
  15. Norwich City 3 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    What on earth does he tell them at half time. Just leave and give someone else a chance because you’ve lost the plot Carlos. You keep persevering with players and tactics that just don’t work