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  1. Great Big Galaa

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Set himself up for a potential fall with that article TBH as most opinionated pieces do?
  2. I’ve said it several times but I think we’ll go with what we’ve already got. It’s our best chance of challenging next season. If we have an overhaul starting now it’ll take us a season or two to get back at the level we are at now and I think Chansiri is desperate to get promotion a.s.a.p.?
  3. We keep the squad together, we have a shot at the play-offs. We dont, then it's mid-table or worse IMO.
  4. Great Big Galaa


    I think Rhodes will be off but only on loan initially. Winnall won’t be moving on anytime soon due to injury. Hooper and Fletcher probably have to prove their fitness before any other clubs will show an interest but Hooper would be easier to move on than Fletcher IMO. I can see Nuhiu and Joao being Jos’ first choice pairing to begin with due to their exploits last season and understandably so. However I think there will be interest from elsewhere in Joao before the window closes.
  5. Great Big Galaa

    Our fire sale

    Whether it's realistic or not, I suspect our target next season will be the Top 6. We've a better chance of achieving this if we keep this squad together.
  6. Still think regardless of the FFP constraints we’ll look to keep this squad together for one last crack at promotion before the inevitable break-up of the squad.
  7. Great Big Galaa

    Mark Bright Goals

    I think so?
  8. Great Big Galaa

    Mark Bright Goals

    Fans used to focus on the chances he missed rather than the goals that he scored. I think he was the last player to score 20 goals or more in a season for us before MacLean did in 2004/05 and only Mellor has scored 20 goals or more for us since then. Says it all for me what a underrated and undervalued player he was for us.
  9. Great Big Galaa

    Rhodes to Rangers

    I always thought that one of Lukuhay's main tasks when he first took over from Carlos was getting more out of Jordan Rhodes but it was Nuhiu and Joao who benifitted more from Lukuhay's arrival, so much so they could quite easily be the first choice front two next season. The Rhodes signing should've been the signing that took us over the line as far as getting promoted to the premier league was concerned but unfortunately it's turned more into a financial millstone around our neck, which is a real shame. I've not been as critical as some with regards to our recruitment but in truth neither Rhodes or Winnall were needed and we're stuck with two players who I suspect will never cut it here?
  10. Great Big Galaa

    Clare rejected us??

    I think next season will be the deciding factor as to whether our recruitment strategy has been a failure or not? I can see both sides of the argument but I don’t believe our recruitment has been as bad as some fans would have you believe.
  11. Great Big Galaa

    Next season

    Everyone always expect the relegated teams from the premier league to be up there for obvious reasons but it doesn’t always work out that way as the past season shows. Moore had nothing to lose at WBA in the run-in but he won’t have that luxury next season. Rowett never has an instant impact at clubs and Swansea are more likely to do a Sunderland and struggle whoever they appoint as I don’t believe they have a squad cut out for the championship with the exception of one or two players. Villa and Middlesborough will be up there in no small part due to their respective managers. As for the rest there is too much inconsistencies to really judge who will be there or thereabouts. There’s always one or two surprise packages both in terms of being up there and down the bottom. I could see Preston being up there again if they keep their best players and Brentford too if they start better which they very rarely do. As for the Sheffield Clubs I think Wilder has put himself under enormous pressure with his boardroom blast at the end of the season. The syrups were probably in relegation form in the second half of the season and if they don’t spend I think they’ll struggle more than they think they will. We’ll benefit from the reduction in expectation levels. If we keep key players fit notably Forrestieri I think we’ll be in and around the Top 6 regardless of what I expect to be another quiet summer recruitment wise?
  12. Great Big Galaa

    Matias wants to stay..

    Jos obviously rates him. If he could stay fit then he'd probably be a very effective player for us. Personally I just don't think physically he can stand up to the rigours of the championship. Interestingly with so many players playing for their futures next season we could be a side to watch. You only have to see what effect playing for a new contract had on Nuhiu
  13. Great Big Galaa

    George Hirst to sign for Real Betis

    I love a Penguin thread
  14. Great Big Galaa

    Player signings

    We’ll only find that out if he takes us to the premier league? I think he might look to get out if we’re still a championship club next summer?
  15. Great Big Galaa

    Player signings

    I think DC is a richer version of Milan Mandaric. He has money and will spend it but he won’t spend money for the sake of it?