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  1. There will always be criticism flying around because that's how we roll but kudos to Monk for 14 points from 21 and the controversial decision to go for him ahead of Cowley is looking a sound one at the moment in the sense Monk's experience of managing at this level and at big clubs with great expectations means he has every chance of keeping us competitive over the course of the season?
  2. 23 points and third in the table and we're all moaning about how sh!t we are. I wonder what it would be like if we were in Stoke's position. Wednesday Fans, the hardest fans in the world to please
  3. Westwood is usually worth an extra 10-15 points a season which in his absence for most of the last two seasons has probably cost us a Top 6 finish hence the view that playing Dawson/Wildsmith for most of the season will result in a mid-table finish?
  4. And in some ways your last sentence fuels my argument as to why we concede so many goals when Dawson plays. He gives the defence little confidence so he finds himself with more to do hence the reason the greater probability we concede with him playing?
  5. You’ve got a very good memory if you remember every goal he conceded last season. And for that I won’t dodge the question and admit I am so very wrong and you’re so very right and with a memory like yours I doubt you are ever wrong?
  6. 42 goals conceded in 24 championship games last season. And some on here say he’s a decent keeper and he doesn’t concede a goal a game? And getting these facts from my ar$e was so f***ing painful it was untrue
  7. Arguably lost us two with by giving Tomlin three quarters of the goal to aim at?
  8. I've said for years they should do away with it as no chuffing bugger knows it anyway. It would change and stretch the game but maybe change if for the better?
  9. I think the likes of Luongo, Iorfa, Harris and Borner are the start of the re-build here and will be a part of the next era of players under Chansiri's ownership?
  10. At one point the camera caught Stroud smirking after he gave Cardiff yet another decision. You really have to question his performance last night so one-eyed he looked more like cyclops than cyclops?
  11. Totally agree with all of this. We unfortunately won't challenge if Dawson plays a lot of games as he's just not good enough to be the first choice keeper for a side with promotion aspirations for the reasons you state in your post. Doesn't command his area, his positioning when facing free-kicks is shocking. You might as well give the opposition a penalty as give them a free-kick on the edge of the area. The only thing he's got going for him is, he's a decent shot stopper but there's more to being a good goalkeeper than that. Taking Bannan off was bizarre unless he's injured. Murphy just doesn't look with it. That said for the first hour we looked a good side. This week wil tell us a lot about our credentials. Borner and Iorfa look really good at centre defence but the full-back problems remain. Harris looks a really good signing. Unfortunately Reach looks really off it at the moment and if there was a genuine option to replace him, his place would arguably under threat. I suspect what will cost us in the end is our lack of a goal threat. Fletcher has been outstanding but he's not a 20 goal a season man. Forrestieri might pull something out of the bag and Nuhiu will have his moments but Winnall and Rhodes have been shocking signings and we're lumbered with them at the moment with little prospect of offloading them anytime soon and our goal threat from midfield just isn't a consistent one.
  12. Some people just take posts too seriously. The clue is in the laughing emoji
  13. He's not been at his best this season granted but I think we'd have seen this one out comfortably if Westwood had been in goal?
  14. Well done Mr Stroud. You’ve made it all about you. That said Dawson is F***ing Shocking at Free-Kicks.
  15. Fox has played well in all fairness but Dawson is so dodgy it’s unbelievable. Doesn’t have a clue on how to command his area.
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