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  1. The Pig Pulveriser

  2. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    They've both had a decent start but the real test comes when automatic promotion is expected from their fans rather than just promotion via the play-offs?
  3. 3 games, 2 derbies, 1 week

    All weeks are tough in the championship and this week may be as tough as it gets with the added pressure two derbies bring. The fact that they are at home makes me more confident of a decent return as our home form is a big reason for the Top 6 finishes the last 2 seasons. Birmingham will be tough for obvious reasons but we've got to go there positively but it could be a bit of after the Lord Mayors show depending on how Sunday goes. Lee Carsley as a few have already said could have an honeymoon period but Birmingham have struggled badly for the best part of 12 months so they're a side we need to take points off. Anything above 5 points would be a good week IMO?
  4. CC v Wilder

    Anyone doubting Carlos' abilities to handle a Sheffield Derby should look to his experience on the touchline in Istanbul Derbies that in all honesty make the Sheffield one look like a Teddy Bears Picnic. There's a massive difference when real pennies are flying around your ears compared to pennies that have been spent in the toilet?
  5. One defeat in 17

    No point trying to be upbeat and positive on here, you get pulled down more pegs than on your average washing line

    For some reason I expect us to score 3 and that they'll more than likely be scored by Wallace, Fletcher and Hooper. I don't want to predict how many they'll score with the world class talents they have at their disposal
  7. Academy Products

    We obviously don't have a director of football at the moment but it's been suggested on here several times that our footballing philosophy from the top goes right through to the bottom which suggests this will be taken into account when we at some stage in the future replace Carlos as Head Coach or surely it's pointless having the practices we currently have in place?
  8. U23s v QPR

    Nuhiu saw the game out well on Saturday, didn't he?
  9. U23s v QPR

    I get all this but yet Carlos is quite happy to chuck Wildsmith and Dawson into big championship games but not promising outfield players produced by the Academy. For what Nuhiu offers these days, young Hirsty should be getting a look in from the bench. As is it always is with Wednesday, we have decent kids coming through for the first time in ages and their chances of getting a look in at first team level is next to no chance because of the strong first team squad we now have. It's never straightforward, is it?
  10. Extended Highlights: Cardiff v Wednesday

    It looked like a bit of a dive to me but with the officials we get I wouldn't have been surprised to see it given. I just think general officiating is pretty poor these days. The refs come across as wanting to be as famous as the players and in some cases they are. You know a ref and his reputation more now than ever before.
  11. Extended Highlights: Cardiff v Wednesday

    Oh the good old still. In real time it looked 50/50. Then again the stills show that Cardiff's equaliser was probably offside which just goes to prove my point, we don't get many decisions particularly 50/50's in our favour.
  12. Extended Highlights: Cardiff v Wednesday

    Never a Free Kick in the first place, Butterfield was fouled as much as their lad. Our Problems with the 3 stooges sadly persist and I can't see it changing?
  13. David jones

    Type of player that gets you promoted as his track record shows.
  14. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    We'd have been flagged up for it deffo
  15. Forty six wins in ninety nine matches

    100 Championship Games in Charge 46 Wins 30 Draws 24 Losses 136 Goals Scored 97 Goals Conceded Goal Difference +39 Points 168 Not a bad record so far for Carlos