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  1. Great Big Galaa

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    Keep posting what you know mate. I quite like reading speculation on here whether it proves to be right or wrong?
  2. Great Big Galaa

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    I think they're steering group meetings?
  3. Great Big Galaa

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    I'm not ITK and would never claim to be but I get the feeling there will be a major announcement at this forum. I don't see the point of calling it otherwise?
  4. Great Big Galaa

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    I think there is going to be some sort of announcement as when it’s very quiet behind the scenes as it has been recently that suggests something’s going on? Also why would the Chairman call another fans forum if all what is going to happen is another verbal bloodbath where nothing gets sorted and the division between club and fans just gets even wider? There’s just no point, there really isn’t?
  5. Great Big Galaa

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    Bottom line is not making a change just doesn’t affect things on the pitch, it affects things off the pitch too. The Chairman is going to lose a fair proportion of the fanbase coming through the turnstiles if he preserveres with our current managerial mastermind?
  6. Great Big Galaa

    Ben Wilkinson

    He’d get a massive Christmas bonus if he started selling them on here at the moment?
  7. Great Big Galaa

    Westwood starts u23

    He’d have started Wallis or McCulloch as they’ve been playing much of the season for the under 23’s. Westwood starting is a shock though and Boyd too.
  8. Great Big Galaa

    Club response required

    Looking like we’ll be getting another managerial masterclass at Swansea on Saturday then?
  9. Great Big Galaa

    Alan Nixon

    Over 800 games in management that’s not a bad strike rate.
  10. Great Big Galaa


    Are you sure you're Not John Newsome?
  11. Great Big Galaa


    I think Bruce would feel he has a point to prove after his Villa experience which in truth wasn't the disaster some would have you believe?
  12. Great Big Galaa

    Alan Nixon

    Bizarrely I would expect Bruce to get the best out of Rhodes but of course he's not currently part of our squad
  13. Great Big Galaa

    Alan Nixon

    Question is how long before the decision to make the change is made? The longer we take the more we’re likely to end up further down the creek without a paddle?
  14. Great Big Galaa

    Alan Nixon

    I suspect if there’s any form of change at the top then it may be investment coming in alongside Chansiri. Not too dissimilar to what’s happened at Villa. Maybe why we can look at atttacting a manager like Bruce?
  15. Great Big Galaa

    Alan Nixon

    Well I think the last 2 months suggests that Lukuhay turning our form around is very unlikely indeed plus he’s finished in the fans eyes and when the relationship between manager and fans breaks down there’s only one outcome?