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  1. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    A fit FF has us nearer the Top. Him being out for most of the season has cost us big time more than anything.
  2. #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    I think the outcome of today’s game will mainly hinge on how Reading approach it. They’ve been picking up points at home under Clement but not away so I suspect they’ll come for the draw. If we can get at them early then who knows but starting quickly is not our strong point. Fancy FF to score one or two today though.
  3. Seeing that investment in infrastructure doesn’t affect FFP then it may have to happen sooner rather than later as a return to the premier league still seems some way away unfortunately?
  4. Westwood in demand?

    It still would be a shock if Chansiri started selling the family silver as he's resisted this so far? I know we haven't been as close to FFP limits before but I just don't see this making Chansiri panic as he's always come across as single minded in the sense that he won't cowtow to others?
  5. Westwood in demand?

    Whether it's realistic or not I suspect the play-offs will be the target next season. We've got a better chance of a Top 6 finish with Westwood than without him.
  6. Barry Bannan

    I'm starting to realise that I must know sod all about football as no matter how hard I try I can't honestly see what the majority on here see with regards to certain players/issues at the club? I therefore bow down to the majorities greater knowledge
  7. Sean Clare future in doubt

    I think we'll do the opposite TBH. Charlton have a very good Academy and I could see the new CEO wanting to have the same here.
  8. Barry Bannan

    I’d probably pass out after half an hour on them TBH?
  9. Barry Bannan

  10. Barry Bannan

    Well that’s another description for how much I rate Reach
  11. Barry Bannan

  12. Barry Bannan

    Stats don’t lie, do they? That said you’re talking about a player who’s played arguably 20 times more than Bannan this season and more often than not his shooting and crossing leaves an awful lot to be desired.
  13. Barry Bannan

  14. Barry Bannan

    I seriously can’t be doing with this anymore. This threads about Bannan as you say but Bannan’s going to get robbed of the PoS award due to the fact he’s unfortunately not played enough and one who has and in all honesty produces more often than not the square root of f**k all but is always fit and runs around a lot is going to get it. I don’t rate him, never have, never will but there’s no shortage of posters on here that will always take the chance to try and shove my opinion straight back down my throat because I don’t agree with them. It’s just an opinion after all, it’s neither petty or vindictive but the know all’s are always around trying to claim otherwise. It’s been a f***ing grind on here this season, it really has.