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  1. Great Big Galaa

    Steve Bruce

    If Bruce had been given more time at Villa I suspect they'd have been in and around the Top 6 again. Villa's squad is still a good squad and let's not forget he turned around an utter car crash in a relatively short space of time there and had them one game away from a return to the premier league. I expect him to do a similar job here whether he has money or not. He's the man for the job.
  2. Great Big Galaa

    Out of Contracts

    Fair enough. Whether we're a good side or not the decision to pick Dawson ahead of a fit and available Westwood has well and truly screwed up our season and going forward anytime soon with either Dawson or Wildsmith in goal will probably hold us back from making any sort of serious progression. As harsh as it may sound the last two seasons where the two of them have played half a season each unfortunately tells us this.
  3. Great Big Galaa

    Out of Contracts

    Upset me? No but I think you’ve just contradicted yourself saying Dawson wasn’t the reason we were hemoraging goals when you also admit Westwood organises his defence well. In a nutshell there was the reason, Dawson didn’t organise his defence well and subsequently gave them no confidence whatsoever particularly when he flapped at crosses. He may be a decent shot stopper but he’ll never be in Westwood’s class IMO of course
  4. Great Big Galaa

    Out of Contracts

    Westwood no better than Dawson? If he hadn't been restored as No 1, there was only one we were going but you probably still think we're going down?
  5. Great Big Galaa

    We've not replaced Wallace

    Wallace proved to be a very important player for us while he was here. He was arguably our most creative player
  6. Great Big Galaa

    Not good enough

    I would keep Westwood as you need an experienced keeper at this level. Despite recent improvements I still feel we need two new full-backs. Iorfa maybe the new right-back but it remains to be seen who the long-term left-back is. I wouldn't be adverse to moving Lees on but I suspect he'll still be here next season. Thorniley has a chance of nailing down one of the two centre-half spots. The midfield is where we need the complete overhaul. We need physicality, power and pace. None of our current options give us this apart from Hutchinson but how many games will he play. Forward wise, we have a lot of options but how many are Top Quality? All are capable on their day but sadly that day is few and far between. Because of the contract situation (only Hooper's contract runs out at the end of the season) this may take a while to sort out. Despite some having reservations already I have total confidence in Steve Bruce to sort it out.
  7. Great Big Galaa

    Big Hec

    Still the favourite to win player of the season IMO.
  8. Great Big Galaa

    Not good enough

    Bruce has a very good track record at this level. He knows the attributes that a side needs to be successful at this level. This current side/squad has very few of these attributes so you've got to give him time. Anyhow one of his signings that does have the power, pace and physical presence required has got us an unlikely point so have a little faith in the boss eh.?
  9. Great Big Galaa

    Forestieri Red Card

    Surely he misses the Swansea game? Does his earlier 3 match ban for the Mansfield sending off means he might miss Brentford as well?
  10. One defeat in the last 10 since the moustachioed managerial mastermind left. I don’t think many of us saw that coming? Three home games on the spin now including one against Barcelona
  11. One consolation is that Bruce knows if he didn’t already that he has to shake it up at some stage. We’re going nowhere fast with a lot of these players.
  12. I think if we’re ever going to move forward in the right direction again perhaps we have to totally rip up the blueprint in midfield and start again?
  13. It’s obviously not as simple as having a big clear out.
  14. Great Big Galaa

    U23s v L**ds (h)

    Seems to be yet another example of a talented forward player that looks the part in our academy but for some reason doesn't make the grade here? Goalkeepers and defenders seem to do but it seems to be a totally different story when the it comes to creative/attacking players? Hopefully this will change under Bruce?
  15. Great Big Galaa

    Summer Sort Out

    I have every confidence in Bruce to make the right decisions going forward. It's not going to be an easy job but he definitely has the ability to do the job that's required.