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  1. I don't rate Penney defensively so his best chance of making it here IMO is as a winger.
  2. I’ve said this before but all our strikers are out of contract this time next year or her than Joao. If we want to challenge this season our chances would be improved with the acquisition of a 20 goal a season striker as you wouldn’t back one of our current forwards to do this. We either try to offload now and gain some wriggle room for improvement or stick with what we’ve got with the chance we’ll get more of the same. Given the choice I’m sure Bruce won’t let the grass grow under his feet.
  3. Right on cue the only view that really matters has been given. I think we can finally put the Hugill rumours to bed now
  4. I can't see Chelsea loaning Hector out again so it'll have to be a cash deal and I don't think currently that we're in a position to offer the money Chelsea would want. Gibson would only be a loan but I don't think he'd want to upset his Uncle, the bastion of Financial Fair Play by moving here so effectively we're not going to get this deal done either? Borner will probably become first choice centre half next season alongside Lees?
  5. Benfica should have plenty of spare cash once they’ve sold Joao Felix but I don’t think for one minute we’ll get £8m for Lucas. We might get as you say £3m plus add-ons?
  6. We’re probably not asking for a fortune for Winnall given we signed him for a cut-price fee?
  7. I’ve thought for sometime that with the Bruno Lage link that Joao is more likely to end up at Benfica than anywhere else? I’m not sure where Forrestieri will end up, if anywhere else this season? I still think Rhodes will end up at Norwich. They want him and it would seem he wants to go there?
  8. Palmer in all honesty hasn’t been the outright choice of right-back since the day’s Stuart Gray was manager when I think he won Player of The Season? He’s not kept up that same level of performance since perhaps the second half of last season never mind improved as a player. I don’t seem him being the outright right-back choice this season either. He’s re-signed as a squad player IMO and that’s where he will do a decent job but first choice? No?
  9. Personally I think a sale of the club is a distinct possibility in the near future as I think deep down the Chairman is frustrated with things in general particularly the P&S rules and he obviously expected promotion to the Premier League before now so I can see him engineering an exit before long?
  10. It’s an utter joke that our owner is committed enough to finance a football club and more than likely is wealthy enough to plough a lot more money into it but is restricted by rules that seem to benefit the teams coming down from the premier league with parachute payments but do precious little for everyone else?
  11. Might explain why it’s been so quiet this summer so far. I know Chansiri doesn’t say much publically but he’s been really quiet by even his standards. There’s been no close season interviews with Bruce either. Perhaps someone’s coming in alongside Chansiri or this is the first stage of a possible exit strategy for the Chairman which I’m expecting to happen if we don’t get promoted within the next 2 years?
  12. Whatever the make-up of the side/squad this coming season, one thing is for certain is that we’ll be competitive. I don’t think we’ll score a lot of goals but I think we’ll be strong defensively which will offset that weakness as it did the two seasons where we finished in the Top 6. We’ll draw a lot of games too unfortunately but over the course of the season we’ll consistently pick up points which should give us a chance of Top 6. I think our chances would improve further if Bruce can wheel and deal in the striker department but I’m doubtful about this given the likely fees the Chairman may still insist on?
  13. Could well be the most important acquisition of the summer?
  14. I think they could struggle this season hence Gibson’s mood of late?
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