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  1. Joao

    One of the very few plus points to come out of this season and perhaps he may yet be an integral and important part of our future?
  2. Sean Clare

    I’ve been a massive critic of Reach but he seems to be becoming more influential under the new manager. Clare obviously looks a talent and I just wonder if a front four next season of Reach, Clare, Forrestieri and Joao is a possibility next season as part of a 4-2-3-1 formation. I’ve advocated going next season with the squad we’ve got as if we can keep them fit we may have a chance of getting up the table again. That said it all depends on us still be a championship club as if we’re not the decision will be automatically made which direction to go but the option is there to go with younger players as well, even more so if we have to?
  3. Ref

    He doesn't look like this guy does he?
  4. Today’s team

    Makes you wonder who he'll play on Tuesday?
  5. We are gonna win

    Nuhiu’s Day Today.
  6. In the balance.

    Personally I think there's a lot about Sheffield Wednesday's Future, short, medium and long term that's in the balance at the moment not least as to whether we're still going to be a championship club next season. How things have been allowed to get to this stage after the progression over the last 5 or 6 years has been unbelievable. I think even now there's question marks over Jos Lukuhay's future. Not because he's not up to the job, far from it. He maybe another left-field foreign appointment but even in his short time here, you can tell he know's what he's doing. His track record in Germany backs this theory up. I don't think many managers could've handled the situation he's inherited and even though things have been solid and unspectacular, his history suggest he gets the job done and if he's given time and support from the Top and the Fans I think he will get the job done here both in staying up this season and getting us promoted back to the Top Flight sometime in the future. The uncertainty over his future IMO stems from the rumours going around of him seemingly having to fight to have certain players who are currently under contract at the club available to him? This is a manager who has no problems walking away from clubs in the past if he feels he hasn't got total control over football matters. If he has total control of football matters I would back him to be succesful here. As a football manager that is the least you should expect surely? Another thing that might force him to think sod this for a game of soldiers is having to week in, week out answer to the world renowned footballing experts at RS who claim they're only doing their job? Yes, they maybe doing just that but Jos has been in the Wednesday job two minutes and the way they have gone for him recently has been way way over the top IMO? Anyway I hope things do work out for Jos and the club and I hope they work out for them together but unless things are allowed to change in general for the better whoever it is who's job is responsible for making the key decisions at our football club then I fear that we'll continue to hit the same brick wall we've been hitting constantly for the last 20 years or so?
  7. Typical Wednesday. Get a decent young striking prospect for the first time in years and it looks like they’re going to lose him. Whatever your view on who’s to blame I can’t see why the lad hasn’t been allowed to play this season. Contract disputes are what they are but surely while under contract players should be allowed to play as we’re still paying their wages.
  8. I don’t think the transfer window is going to make much difference to us TBH.
  9. I’m not sure how anyone can criticise Jos on how he’s handling the fitness situation at the moment. He sees the players day in, day out, we don’t. He’s obviously picked up on the fact that a portion of his squad can’t play 3 games in a week. If he plays them, chances are they get injured and we have less options to choose from. By all means judge Jos from the Summer but you can’t really judge him now. That said I think he’s doing as well as can be expected with the situation he’s inherited.
  10. He’ll get a proper chance at it here with this Manager IMO. The chances already given to his contemporaries may have altered the Hirst Camps stance a little?
  11. Jos post-match interview

    When was using asterisks swearing? What’s the point in answering when I don’t know the answer. You obviously have a greater knowledge on fitness than me? Point I was trying to make and the Cult of Megson may back this up is that a proper pre-season of running and hard work like we did in the Megson era supposedly gives you a good base of fitness that lasts through the campaign. It’s hard to pick that sort of fitness up during one.
  12. Forget about the Premier League.

    I know last night’s team selection was controversial but I don’t really think Pep Guardiola could’ve done much more with the circumstances Jos has inherited. This season now is all about staying up and we’re still on course to do this. Providing we do if indeed Jos is here for the long term then he has two choices next season for me. 1) He goes with the squad he’s got and hopefully key players will be available to play at least 2/3rds of the season. or 2) It’s time to rip it all up and start again which may take a while and indeed some patience which is when all said and done we don’t have. Personally I think we’ll go option 1 as I suspect this will be Chansiri’s preference?
  13. Honeymoon over Jos

    Honeymoon Period? Whenever do you get one of those from our fanbase?
  14. Jos post-match interview

    I know f**k all. You’re most likely right like all the experts on here. You can’t have an opinion according to some because it gets ripped to shreds. I honestly don’t know why I f*****g bother. I really don’t.
  15. OK let it begin

    Starting the game without a recognised striker was strange but perhaps Nuhiu and Joao are carrying injuries? Anyway the situation he’s inherited both on and off the pitch would test the very best managers and he’s done ok so far but unless you’re winning games convincingly week in, week out you’ll always get criticised regardless of the circumstances in this region which is just reflects the way life rolls in this part of the world.