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  1. Anti-club might be the wrong description? I meant fans who disagree with club/Chansiri policy. After all they do exist whether it be rightly or wrongly. Doesn’t particularly bother me as I’ve said before everyone’s entitled to an opinion whatever that opinion might be? Mine is the Chairman has made mistakes but I think as far as the clubs concerned, his heart is in the right place. There will be fans that disagree with this opinion. Fair enough.
  2. The fan base feels as it always will. Some are pro-club, some are anti-club, others probably don’t care less? Probably the same at every club TBH? Things just get magnified when things aren’t going well on the pitch?
  3. Have I said that? OK you get on the front foot, tell him how the fan base feels then see how it pans out. Could end up like Dave Allen all over again and no one on here including yourself particularly wants to find themselves in that situation again, surely?
  4. I’ve said before it was pointless DC giving an interview because what’s was always likely to happen has happened. You either believe the answers he’s given or you don’t? There is some fans who want him out regardless of anything he has or hasn’t said in this interview. I don’t deny he could have done something’s better than he has done. He’ll probably be aware of this himself? That said he’s going to be our owner for the foreseeable future, so as I see it we either support him the best we can or we don’t? It’s our choice is it not?
  5. Decent interview in the main. Probably won’t satisfy his critics but I suspect whatever he says or does, he probably never will? As for his long term plans including improving the training ground and passing the club on to his son, only time will tell but I wish him the best of luck but at the moment we all have more pressing issues to deal with.
  6. I don’t think the season will resume until June at the earliest?
  7. Definitely. In a time when you only knew the name of the referee because they were notoriously [email protected] Nowadays the referees to a certain extent look to be as much of a star on the pitch as the players and most are known these days. I’ve always said arguably the most important person on the pitch is the ref because if they wake up one morning and decide to shaft a team then they can and no one can stop them from doing so? We’ve been shafted many times?
  8. Only time will tell but to initially charge individuals as well as the club then withdraw the charges on the individuals suggests that the EFL’s case isn’t as strong as they thought it was? If they proceeded to then withdraw the case against the club then it would be extremely embarrassing for them even though there has to be a strong chance they’ll lose this case?
  9. I’ve always felt that the situation wasn’t as cut and dried as the OT High Council thought it was. I’m not defending Chansiri over the issues that have got us in this mess in the first place and of course money could’ve been spent better but we are where we are and hopefully when this is resolved, the Chairman can use this experience to use his money more wisely in the future? As for the ongoing case, once Derby were charged with similar offences and were saying the same sort of things we were when charged, I felt that we had a decent chance of beating the charges and Chansiri’s vigorous defence of the charges and last night’s statement give me a bit confidence that we’ll be fine? As for Gibson et al, I don’t have any sympathy or respect for them. With regards to Gibson as I’ve said before he had no concerns about us at the time when he sold us Reach and Rhodes? The big issue at our level is the parachute payments. Until rules are brought in that level the playing field then the current P&S rules aren’t fit for purpose but you’re not going to get the likes of Middlesbrough and Hull complaining about them because both have benefited from them in the recent past. Yes, as I pointed out earlier Chansiri has been a little reckless with our finances but arguably Middlesbrough and Hull haven’t been far behind with arguably a greater hand than we initially had when Chansiri first arrived at S6?
  10. If the P&S rules aren’t looked at it won’t be long before most of the championship find themselves being strangled by the rules and if this includes Middlesbrough then it’ll be interesting to see how Mr Gibson reacts? I could see DC going to town on them if we get done and Middlesbrough find themselves with similar problems in the future?
  11. No we haven’t but perhaps this shows the EFL’s case is not as strong as a lot thought it was? A step in the right direction IMO?
  12. Yes, totally agree. We could have serious problems in the future and the Chairman has to bear at least some of the responsibility for this? That said I think his heart is in the right place and the mistakes he’s made have been genuine. The ticket prices are a stick to beat him with but did he once say he had to do this because of P&S? Granted it’s not made much difference but I think what it shows is it can be really difficult to compete for what we all want and for someone who admitted that he knew nothing about football in advance of him coming here, arguably harder?
  13. Take your point but we are a basket case of a club and the fans are a big part of that. I said Dawson’s sh!t the other week but I got taken to task by the experts and clever [email protected] on here. I even got accused of trying to get fans to agree with me. Did I F**k. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I’ve always respected that. I hardly neg anyone, if at all. My record on my profile confirms that. If a goalkeeper that concedes at least 2 goals a game is a good goalkeeper then I’m sold I know F all about football but it’ll be 5 seconds before some funny f***r replies to this post and confirms what I already know. And this is to them on advance 🖕 Do I think DC is running the club successfully? No but he’s running the club and no matter who kicks off, he’ll continue to run the club his way perhaps until the match day income dries up? As I’ve said before no fans group, committee, whatever you want to call it will ever work here because you have a fan base that will never sing from the same song sheet because there are two many views that are arguably bi-polar? Most will disagree with my view but I expect them to because agreeing as a fan base is something we rarely do if ever?
  14. I feel a bit for Chansiri. The fans have wanted him to do an interview and he’s done one. In truth there was no point in doing one because whatever answers he gave, he was always going to attract criticism. He must regret the day he bought Sheffield Wednesday?
  15. As if DC would give Giddings an interview? 🤣
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