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  1. 6th and 4th. Our best two finishes at this level since relegation from the Prem in 2000. The third season was a step too far as seems to be the case with a few Portuguese managers. I’ll always respect him TBH.
  2. Totally shocked and surprised but at the same time pleased for the lad. Still think he could end up back at Norwich in January but today has given Monk some food for thought. At the same time it’s still a mystery to me seeing how Rhodes has thrived in the past alongside a traditional target man and how he performed in pre-season alongside Fletcher that Bullen went away from this at the beginning of the season. Have we missed the boat with this way of playing? Hopefully not?
  3. The Cowley’s may well in time prove to be the real deal but for the situation and the expectation levels here Monk was the right call by the Chairman. As I’ve said before he’s got extensive experience of managing at this level for a young manager plus experience of managing at big clubs. Only time will tell if course but he’s doing all that can be expected of him at the moment and perhaps a bit more besides?
  4. I suppose if we have claimed the charges we face are unlawful, the EFL first and foremost have to prove that they are before any sort of hearing takes place? That said it’s disgusting that the EFL can bring charges against one of their members and sort of fiddle around while Rome burns for as long as they like while said club has a black cloud hanging over them all through the season rather than sorting it out within 2 weeks-month since the charges were brought? Personally I think the speed of how the EFL deal with things sort of works in our favour as we arguably try to discredit the EFL over how they are dealing with our P&S issues? I wouldn’t be surprised if this drags on into the summer?
  5. Big call on Rhodes. I think we’ll look back at Tonight’s game come the end of the season as a pivotal one TBH?
  6. He'll always divide opinion but he always tries his best and he's always available for selection more often than not. Very good value free transfer. Anyone who thinks otherwise is out of their tree?
  7. I think Rhodes is at his best when partnered by a traditional target man. He seemed to be doing well in pre-season when partnered up front with Fletch then found himself out of favour when the season kicked off? Strange decision by Bullen but in all fairness to the Scottish caretaker managerial mastermind he hasn't really been fancied by Monk so far? Still think he'll end up back at Norwich in January?
  8. I've been a critic of his but he does seem to be a more confident keeper than he was this time last year. Maybe down to playing the right players in front of him as much as anything? Hutchinson for example?
  9. Gives us an genuine out and out attacking outlet for the first time since the days of JJ.
  10. Doesn’t seem to know who his best option is between Rhodes and Winnall. Probably no surprise TBH?
  11. It seems to me the EFL are going for us and we’re going for them? The EFL’s P&S rules are designed to stop clubs getting into financial trouble? I think Bury fans will be more than fulsome in their praise of how these rules work?
  12. I always thought this particular case had as much chance of biting the EFL on the ar$e as much as us and perhaps now more so? Also our championship rivals who are currently baying for our blood may be careful what they wish for as these restrictive rules are also potentially going to affect them the longer they stay in the division and they won’t be so high and mighty then, will they? Unfortunately for the EFL a certain club in the North East are staring relegation in the face and if this club were to drop they would never hear the end of it and this for me is where the crux of our current problems arguably lies as the EFL will obviously want to avoid that particular scenario?
  13. Totally expected this type of response from our Chairman. You can go on until the cows come home about how we’ve got ourselves into this mess but no one can deny that the club over the last couple of seasons have tried to work with the EFL over this and they’ve arguably turned around and said we’ll have you anyway? To which we’ve decided to rightly fight back. I think this will end up in showing up the EFL to be the joke outfit most of us believe they are?
  14. If truth be told we've been showing play-off form throughout 2019. Fletcher in particular has had a fantastic year with a month still to go.
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