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  1. We seem to have genuine wing-back options further down the club. If we persevere with wing-backs and remain under an embargo there’s every chance that one or two of the younger options will be first choice before the end of the season?
  2. Great Big Galaa

    Team for Sunderland

    Not as much as you’d think given he’s in the last year of his contract.
  3. Great Big Galaa

    Team for Sunderland

    I think changes are inevitable as Jos last season was reluctant to play certain players 3 times in a week. I would play Fletcher for obvious reasons and I would stick with Forrestieri as he’s in form and he didn’t play much last season so he’ll probably want to continue? I suspect he’ll want to have a look at Hunt and Preston maybe even Matias but I wouldn’t be surprised to see both he and Joao shipped back to Portugal before the end of the month?
  4. Great Big Galaa

    Another pathetic manager

    Firstly he’s inherited a real mess. A squad that was generally unfit, lacking in physicality, pace and power (basic requirements to be successful in this league) and in general an ageing squad with players who are past their best. Secondly he is unable to recruit from outside the club so he’s having to find solutions from within which in itself is difficult with the knowledge that he could lose players at any time due to the P&S situation. He had a reputation in Germany as an individual who was no nonsense and didn’t stand for interference from the people above him. There’s one or two issues that have suggested that this has happened (Hirst/Westwood?) but despite this he’s stayed firm in his post. I believe this is probably down to a combination of being on a lucrative contract and being out of the game for the best part of two years prior to coming here? Is he the man for the job? If we were genuinely geared up for a promotion tilt and given his track record of promotions in Germany then maybe? The fact is the job is no longer the job it was at the outset of Chansiri’s time as chairman/owner. This period reminds me of Laws’ time in charge where he was trying to keep our heads above water with precious little support from above but eventually the waves engulfed him and he ended up drowning. Arguably Lukuhay’s got it tougher because he’s unable to enter the market though he does have a greater base of quality to work with than Laws had. I’m unsure if Lukuhay has the staying power to handle this current situation and he’s certainly not to blame for it but he doesn’t help himself at times with tactics and selections that don’t work and haven’t done for years and coming across to supporters in interviews as someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing or doesn’t know what’s happening at the club in general? The squad needs freshening up both in personnel and approach but for reasons stated above it’s a real struggle/impossibility to do this now. Perhaps his only option is to gamble with the kids as we don’t know for certain what his squad will look like on September 1st and the kids maybe all he is left with? In summary it it looks like a desperate situation where Championship survival would be probably deemed a success but I just can’t see Lukuhay lasting the season unless he gets assurances and help from those above him?
  5. Jos will be on his way sooner or later. He can’t get a tune out of this group of players apart from the odd one and he’s not allowed to change things because of off the field issues. I doubt it’s what he initially signed up for. It’s only going to end one way.
  6. I’ll be amazed if Jos is still manager come the 1st September. I’m half expecting Chansiri to be our next manager?
  7. The Westwood situation is going to hang over us like a black cloud because we’re only going to struggle with Dawson or Wildsmith in goal.
  8. Great Big Galaa

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Regardless of the outcome today or the next few weeks, given the current situation I just don’t see Lukuhay as a long term manager for us. I think it’s only a matter of time before he walks and then Bullen will step in and this is probably what the Chairman meant about us being in serious trouble?
  9. Great Big Galaa

    Sheffield Wednesday Under 18's

    One part of the club that seems to moving in the right direction. Just as well as these lads might be needed sooner rather than later.
  10. Great Big Galaa

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Didn’t know he was injured?
  11. Great Big Galaa

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Where’s Joao plus that bench looks weak and inexperienced.
  12. Great Big Galaa

    Our stockpile of strikers

    We should play with a 3 up front a lot. Still think Fletcher could end up abroad before the end of the month. Matias could be the real wildcard this season.
  13. Great Big Galaa

    Joost Van Aken

    I think he’ll be back in the Eredivisie before the end of this month. It’s just not working out for him here.
  14. Great Big Galaa


    Both Hooper and Lee have still to be selected when fit which isn’t a given with this club at the moment?