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  1. Report post Posted Saturday at 15:25 Dawson - 4. Kicking rubbish. Cant remember him doing anything. Fox - 6. Was decent. Some good cross into box. Hector -7. Solid. Lees - 7. Solid. Palmer - 5. Had space in front of him in first half that he was afraid to go into. Hutchinson - n/a. Bannan - 4. Wasteful, nothing he did worked. Was trying too hard to go for the killer pass. Gave it away a lot. Reach - 4. Tried, did nothing. Boyd - 5. Worked hard. He's a bit slow. Matias - 2. Did he even play? Non existent. Fletcher - 7. Tried hard. Held it up in places. Did the best he could from very limited service. Pelupessy - 5. Got stuck in. Offers nothing going forward. Bannan has to play deeper when he plays. Winnall - 3. Understandably off the space.
  2. jack hunt is our worst defender. he got ripped up last night. going forward he's fine but we need an all round right back like Palmer to start games. also palmer has 2 assists this season, hunt has ZERO so palmer is technically better attacking as well
  3. is it £20 on the gate per adult tonight?
  4. westy palmer lees turner pudil sougou lees lopez helan FF Noo Noo
  5. YES! I agree he was fantastic today and that was his best game as a left back for the club. Note how their right mid got subbed off after 30 or so minutes. Probably due to how well Helan was playing. UTO
  6. i agree he was good today, but i thought he was better at bolton and for me, buxton was the best player on the park today
  7. yeah that was because he was playing against poorer defenders. He just lacks a bit of class which is needed for the championship
  8. yeah buxton was class today, i think he was the only player to not concede possession.
  9. and that performance was against probably the worst full back in the league
  10. will i be able to pay on the gate on sat?
  11. its our 2nd season in the championship. Leeds are a team that will be pushing for promotion, they've just beat brighton and leicester. Im very happy with a point
  12. what planet are you on? that was a solid performance against an inform team
  13. either will do. We desperately need a finisher or we will find goals hard to come by this season
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