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  1. Just watching him on wednesday world http://www.swfc.co.uk/articles/20100908/howard-wilkinson-video_2264101_2147827/0,,10304~2147827~1,00.html Must say, Im very happy hes our chairman. Top man is Howard
  2. he gets abuse cos he ain't very good. Took my friend, a neutral, to the match with today and he could not believe how sh it he was. No idea coming forward at all. No final ball.
  3. he certainly wasn't. Very disappointed with that crap today. Spurr is simply not good enough. Not seen jones play yet but surely a better option?
  4. We are shorter than 7/2. Were 3/1 on VC. I got 7/1 at start of season. ......Still not favs........somehow, saints have held that............
  5. Hang on, how the f*ck do I get a minus 1 for helping a dude with parking !?!?!? hahahha Re pub mate I aint sure but Griffin Park has one on every corner. Gonna find out off my mate who supposrts brentford if any of them are away team.
  6. R91, yep sod PP. I got 7/1 on wednesday at start of season. just thought those odds were too good. Dont see how on earth Southampton are such strong favs for the league. Agree they should be up there but these leagues are always full of surprises. I always use this site when i wanna find the best odds. http://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/league-one/winner
  7. Its Sunday mate. Pretty much all residential parts of London are free parking on Sundays so I would rock up close to the ground. ......and dont hate London, it aint that bad (im a London Owl)
  8. Get in!!! Keep the updtes coming guys. I'm in Paris for the weekend and the thrower in the pub had turned sky sports news off for some rugby poo
  9. Saying on the radio that Heffanan is a playing well/good player. Any comment on that?
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