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  1. At 12:30 on Saturday I will be on my way to Leeds to see the Gruffalo with the grandchildren. I think I can safely say that this is a planning mishap.
  2. We have a midfield of Byers, Luongo and Bannan that works, Johnson and Hunt playi as wing backs and that works. We have issues (because of injuries) at Centre Back and up-front (because of Berahino’s inconsistency). I don’t understand why you’d not play the parts of the team that actually work well in such an important match. That’s what causes the doubts.
  3. Vary fair review, surprised no mention of the state of the floodlights, seemed very gloomy the South Stand side of the Lepp to me that evening.
  4. It shouldn't have mattered because we should have been 3 up after 15mins (but he was too deep).
  5. Don’t think I’ve been so pleased to be wrong ever. Well done, Saido Berahino and well done SWFC coaching staff..
  6. Every opposition manager will have watched the Lincoln game. I envisage the team talks being along the lines of:
  7. Excellent, an honest appraisal of what he took over. Sounds like he has been working on his public speaking as well. If so, good for him as it is part of the external image that the club projects. Like many I’d lost confidence in him but he has sorted the defence and that midfield just works. So praise where praise is due. Well done Darren Moore !
  8. Baffling, how is it that our wingers playing centre back keep getting beaten in the air ? I don’t understand it and clearly our manager and coaching staff don’t either. There must be somebody on here, oh I don’t know, perhaps who has coached a Sunday team who can explain it ?
  9. Gosh that’s clever you know how to post a URL and change the link text that’s displayed well done.
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