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  1. I just hope, with Pulis, to see evidence of a plan of some sort. It would at least show some clear thinking on what we are trying to do and give the team an identity.
  2. As per title, over the last year I have been at a loss to see any pattern in our style of play that indicates what tactics we are actually using to try to create scoring chances. So are we a team that relies on: 1). Hitting it up front to a hold up man with people looking to run past him ? - who is the hold up man, Windass ? 2). Corners/throw ins to a big man to knock down in the box to a poacher ? - who supposed to be the big man feeding Rhodes if Patterson is taking the throws ? 3) Putting it over the top for someone to run in to ? - who has any pace in o
  3. Post not poster, the post is a look at me flounce of mega proportions. Isn’t Pulis’ style of football exactly the same as Megson’s ?
  4. I don’t understand the Rhodes thing either. Agreed he’s not pulled up any trees since he’s been here but his movement and positional play looked decent in those early games this season. There really is no way he should be 5th choice of the options we have, that would be as stupid as playing Reach and Harris on the wrong wings .........
  5. As an eternal optimist, I hope that Pulis has had a Mourinho like revelation (that football is supposed to be fun) and that the next few months are going to be a blast.
  6. He should be banging the friggin door down, demanding to play ! Jordan ffs grow a pair and tell the useless flipping tw*t to play you ! Being in the basement with Westwood is better than being humiliated by being 5th choice striker behind people who you’ve scored 10x more goals than in this division.
  7. Me and mine, can’t wait for this flipping pandemic to be under control so we can go to matches again.
  8. Any of the strikers we've had over the last few years would score if they got decent service. Someone else put in another thread, playing up front for SWFC must be a nightmare at the moment. Why the heck have we picked up Marriot ? He looks like a poor man's Rhodes and equally unlikely to do anything with balls in the air being lumped up to him.
  9. Shame that, battled hard. Injuries did for us there.
  10. Actually no one, is stupid enough to think that our players have become world class because they have had a few good games. However, what this team have done already, is show that they are all decent Championship level players. They have also shown that they will all put a shift in for the club when they are on the pitch. Van Aken had a decent game yesterday, he didn't do it as a personal affront to anyone, he did it because he's learnt/been taught how to play in this league. So, well done to him and well done to the coaching staff.
  11. He played well. Liked the way he was putting himself about a bit and “competing” with Murray. Didn’t notice that side to his game when he first came. Better coaching from someone with a bit more nous on what you need to be able to do to play CB in this league ?
  12. It was Christmas Day in at Hillsborough The one glad day of the year. The players were gay and merry, A fillin' their guts with beer. In came the club’s fine chairman and through those stately halls, He wished them a Merry Xmas And the player’s answered "Balls"! Up spake the loyal club manager "By the Gods you shan't have any pudding, You saucy lot of sods"! And all the players spoke In tongues as bold as brass, "You can keep your Christmas Pudding, Guvnor And shove it up your a***"!! is what I’ve heard anyway
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