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  1. I vote Darren Moore, came back from illness and got the team back playing the style he clearly wants. What’s not to admire about playing at 3/4 pace and tapping it around at the back between players who aren’t comfortable on the ball until Bannan drops deep to pick it up. That same deep position where he has been so effective all season. The excellent creativity of Pelupessey to replace Patterson who clearly has been awful in midfield and in no way playing in a position that finally suited him. Give Rhodes 70 min with no service and then sub him rather than doing something about the service.
  2. Gary Monk “There were lots of things wrong at SWFC” Sheffielddart “No poo Sherlock”
  3. Congratulations to the players and to Darren Moore. Impressive, a complete change of tactics to a style of play that suited the team selected. Can’t imagine its how DM wants to play but credit to him for adapting to the circumstances so quickly. MoM Rhodes or Urhoghide for me, gave it to Rhodes who had a fine game.
  4. “Incredible you've never made it as a manager - given your insight appears to be better than Garry Monk, Tony Pulis, neil Thompson and now Darren Moore. You're wasted on here pal. Get in touch with Watford - its only a matter of time before theyre looking again “ So why can’t these “football people” see the bleedin’ obvious ? Or can they see it and there’s some other reason we don’t set up like that ? Pray enlighten us mere mortals.
  5. It does seem as fans that we’re flogging a dead horse though. However, for the coaching staff, couldn’t give a poop what you see in training, watch the matches back and surely you will see .... 1) We don’t have anyone who can play 1 up front: Patterson’s hold up play (ie first touch) isn’t good enough and Rhodes doesn’t have the physique - conclusion we have to play two up - doesn’t matter whether you like this formation or not its what you’ve got. 2). Patterson and Windass doesn’t work, Patterson and Kachuga is worse, Kachunga and Windass gives us the same player on
  6. It was a straight red, he could have tripped him for a yellow, but he chose to “do him” with an attack on his achilles. Completely cynical choice to injure the player, straight red.
  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone who is itk would explain that team selection to us. It would be a relief even if it was a pack of lies to hear that players “had a knock” or “needed to be taken out of the firing line”. The alternative, that the management set up genuinely thought that was the best team to win a vital match against such a poor team is too depressing for words.
  8. That was inevitable from the moment the team sheet was released. What were they thinking ? Patterson taking long-throws for knock downs and our only attacking option in the 6 yard box is Tom fricking Lees ? Uroghide man of the match on Tuesday not picked ? Lumping it up the middle for Windass and Patterson to run onto rather than attacking down the wings with the early crosses to Rhodes and Patterson which has been winning matches ? What were they thinking ?
  9. Rhodes because watching him go through a defender to win a header and score was such a beautiful sight but my head says Bannan who was everywhere.
  10. A good performance. Gives you hope that we could stay up, I think we should be giving the players more credit with all the s*ite that’s going on. P.S. (Would love to know what Patterson said to Rhodes when he came on. It looked like a really interesting exchange and whatever it was Rhodes played well for that end period).
  11. With his giant head and one massive thigh, whilst rapppid, Wednesday’s new signing Calum Huxley does have a problem running in straight lines. Caretaker manager Neil Thompson tells us “We’ll be looking for him to play on the right and expect him to cut inside a lot”.
  12. There has to be a level to which the club can lower itself so that it becomes an organisation with which you do not wish to claim any affiliation. Barton is way below that line for me and my family.
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