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  1. fair play for coming on here and posting, as an owl living in Barnsley with one of yours as a brother in law I might give a little chuckle, but would rather Yeovil, Charlton and Millwall went, local derbies are cheaper and so so much more fun, stick one to the piggies for us next season Whitey, as other have said, be funny to see Danny boy deny them again a different way!
  2. that double save was top drawer, worth the 3 points as much as the goal..
  3. nice to have two of our young players go out on loan (Palmer and Lavery) and come back and do well for us for once, rather than us get other peoples players in form! (all be it only 1 game for Lavery, good start though), Palmer has been a very pleasent surprise at right back..
  4. fair play sir, fair play, hard to be humble after a game like that :)
  5. I say credit to Jon for holding his hands up for saying he would never be a CM and saying well done, shame more on here can't show that humility every now and then..
  6. all but agree, apart from I think you are doing Palmer a disservice, at least a 7, if not 7.5/8 to me, had a lot to cope with pace wise and stuck to the job well, and maybe 7 for Nuhiu just for the fact he ran himself totally ragged..
  7. Stuart Gray's odds have come in a long way after that result, if that's how he can get the players playing, with Uncle Lee as his number 2, then maybe it can work......
  8. yeah, that save to the left, top drawer!! and that double save, couldn't help but think Kirkland wouldn't have done that, AND before anyone has a go at me, I am one of Kirky's biggest fans!!!
  9. this, but I could also add Liam Palmer, Roger Johnson, and Joe Mattock to that list, 100% effort to a man, and that is what we ask as fans, even if you lose, and put THAT effort in, we shall back you........
  10. Oh My God star player 2 years ago, going this, I suppose this is the Modern Way we love a player one minute. then the next Everyday I Love you Lesss and Less. Still, as long as him leaving doesn't mean we turn into The Angry Mob then all is well, he had Good days, Bad days, and afterall Everything is Average Nowadays. Now I really will get mi coat.....
  11. I Predict a Riot!!! I'll get mi coat......
  12. to be honest, Roger has a very decent record of being right from what I have seen
  13. gonna take me longer to get to work later I bet, a lot longer if people are parking on the road near the dog track, ah well, I will just be late and blame Wednesday, :)
  14. just sync'd it after reading this, many thanks matey :)
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