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  1. Yes but the way I'm looking at it is this season is just a warm up for next. All of a sudden we've put a very tidy run together giving us a chance of a play off spot if we don't make it I fully expect us to be up in and around the play offs next season the big sticking point is money if we can get something sorted then we have the right manager in charge to wheel and deal his way out of the mess. The foundations are being laid by him to do this so if we don't go up this season next is going to be one hell of a ride I hope.
  2. Yes I know what you mean but I just think the position we are in now will only help us next season if I was a player looking to go out on loan I'd look at Wednesday and look at the set up and finish to the season we've had can only be good.
  3. Even if we don't make the play offs this year this run we are having must be good for next season. If we are looking to bring in players on loan they must now look at our current form and manager and think yes I'd like to play for them next season as it looks like we have everything in place for a promotion push. Ok money might be an issue but if Bruce can use his contacts and is clever in the transfer market it bodes well for next season.
  4. Sky bet 40/1 to finish I top six.
  5. 40/1 to make the top six with sky bet, bookies rarely get it wrong but I'm tempted.
  6. Yeah not sure why they said Wednesday fans want the manager in now. We understand what Bruce has gone through and I think the chairman has shown a great side to him allowing Bruce to do what he's done and I for one think he will be worth the wait.
  7. I'm not sure if we did manage to get up then I bet half that team tonight wouldn't be playing as we would spend a bit of money on players. Yes we still wouldn't be able to compete with the likes of Man City etc we would just be in the league at the bottom trying to stay up. If you do it right like Bournemouth etc it can be done but unless you get a massive injection of money then you don't have much chance these days as sadly it's all about the money as said we used to beat the likes of Man City, Chelsea etc until they got money then they became different clubs I'd like to think if we spent five hundred odd million we would be up there.
  8. I hate the semi finals being at Wembley you should earn the right to play in the final. All about money though.
  9. What shop windows that American Golf.
  10. Lookman would be chuffed with that I bet.
  11. So il bite. Our chairman rings Steve Bruce up and says Steve I've sacked our manager I want you as manager of my club you must start straight away as we have some tricky games coming up. Bruce says my heads not in the right space at the moment with everything that's gone on in the past year but yes il take the job straight away. Then it all goes boobies up your be asking the question why the hell did we get Steve Bruce in when we Knew all the problems he's had this year. I've not had a lot of time for our chairman of late but what he's done for Bruce is top class and something you don't see a lot in football these days. I think Bruce will appreciate what the chairman has done for him and hope that comes through on the football pitch in the following years to come.
  12. Has to be one of the worst posts of the year.
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