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  1. owls7

    Man of the match

    I voted Hector very solid.
  2. If we can get any money for Rhodes we must try to sign him superb tonight.
  3. He's got pace we don't do pace.
  4. owls7

    Villa want Bannan

    Or they offer money + a player.
  5. owls7

    Jos gone?

    Was a begger asking him for some change and he said wait for next game.
  6. owls7

    If Jos was to go

    Add Moyes to that pile of rubbish.
  7. owls7

    If Jos was to go

    I know poo list just couldn't see his name has to be on it our options aren't great.
  8. owls7

    If Jos was to go

  9. owls7

    What are we drinking tonight

    Just started this.
  10. owls7

    Luhukay out.

    Oh Christ Steve Bruce is Aviliable start growing your cabbages now.
  11. Well Rhodes has scored two tonight if he keeps it up we might be able to sell him and sign Hector build from the back.
  12. owls7


    I just wish if a team wins or plays well the game before other than an someone who's injured leave it the same. Yes by all means tweak the system a bit to play against different styles. I just think we at home we show teams to much respect. Football is all about confidence what's it saying to a player thanks you've played well but I'm dropping you for this game. I still say let them worry about us not the other way around.
  13. owls7


    He may of been but we needed fresh legs and a bit of energy and needed to get the ball forward quickly when we went 2-0 down Onomah gives you that.
  14. owls7


    Shows just how weak our bench is.
  15. owls7


    Strange if it's that bad don't put him on the bench still I've calmed down after shouting at the TV to bring him on for thirty minutes.