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  1. owls7

    No one coming in....

    Lookman would be chuffed with that I bet.
  2. This has me stumped.
  3. So il bite. Our chairman rings Steve Bruce up and says Steve I've sacked our manager I want you as manager of my club you must start straight away as we have some tricky games coming up. Bruce says my heads not in the right space at the moment with everything that's gone on in the past year but yes il take the job straight away. Then it all goes boobies up your be asking the question why the hell did we get Steve Bruce in when we Knew all the problems he's had this year. I've not had a lot of time for our chairman of late but what he's done for Bruce is top class and something you don't see a lot in football these days. I think Bruce will appreciate what the chairman has done for him and hope that comes through on the football pitch in the following years to come.
  4. Has to be one of the worst posts of the year.
  5. owls7

    Bullen interview - post Boro

    Not so sure I think he would make a good manager lower down the leagues. I think we need a clean slate when and if Bruce comes in.
  6. owls7


    lets face it the rubbish we've had to put up with of late it's a nice problem to have.
  7. owls7


    I just think he shouldn't walk straight back into the team. Those players played well the other day keep the same team until something goes wrong why should they be dropped. I know he adds some quality but I don't think it sends the right message play well get dropped.
  8. owls7


    Can't we just stick with a winning team.
  9. owls7

    Jordan Rhodes

    I'd rather sell him build from back try to sign Hector go from there.
  10. owls7

    We got to sign Hector!!!

    Try and sell Rhodes if someone would have him.
  11. owls7

    I’m worried

    I think we have to take a chance/gamble you look at Steve Bruce's record and hope he can do what he's done in the past I think it's worth the risk.
  12. owls7

    £2m for Bruce

    Spend two million on a player and nobody thinks anything of it it's a risk but I think a risk worth taking.
  13. owls7

    Rumour heard on Golf course.

    This club is Taylormade for someone out there.
  14. owls7

    Rumour heard on Golf course.

    Whoever buys us they need some wedge.
  15. This is going to be a long old season.