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  1. I agree I think Bullen spoke to highly of them. Let them worry about us as we now have the players with pace I just think we played a little into their hands although on another day we could of won.
  2. All pubs seem OK at the moment not really had any hassle sat with a load of Man Utd and Chelsea fans yesterday watching the match with the Wednesday top on just seems good banter most people are ok except for two Mansfield fans who gave me a bit hassle I just asked what league they were in.
  3. On holiday down in Weymouth at the moment already seen four Wednesday tops. Love it when you see another Wednesday fans.
  4. Great player on his day but that's the problem he didn't have many days.
  5. I thought we were signing both for a second.
  6. What's John McEnroe doing at the football.
  7. Main one is sorting the manager out. I just hope we get somebody in that won't rock the boat to much. What Bruce did in his short time with us has shown us the way forward don't want someone to come in and rip it all apart as the players seem to be loving it. Everything else will in time come out in the wash.
  8. Micheal Carrick with Stuart Gray could work if your looking for a risk.
  9. What about Micheal Carrick with Stuart Gray as his assistant.
  10. Hold Dejphon hold on I didn't mean it.
  11. Just make sure you get the vaneeeee bit right and not franko.
  12. Gio gio vaneeeee gio vaneeeee we want gio vaneeeee.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48987049
  14. Didn't say he'd be my first choice just got a feeling he'd do ok.
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