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  1. After watching that tonight it's a yes from me.
  2. Ian Holloway can't do much worse.
  3. I tend to agree after watching that first 45 if we can't turn this around questions must be asked its Luton for Christ sakes.
  4. Spot on you should earn the right to play at Wembley I know it's great for a smaller club because it gives them more of a chance getting to play at Wembley but that's what killed it for me. Oh and get the kick off back to 3 o,clock on a Saturday.
  5. He can't possibly do any worse than what we've got up front at the moment.
  6. I remember watching Wednesday a few years ago at Reading away when Stuart Gray was in charge thinking we had a solid mid table team organised and hard to break down team, just a little lacking in quality up front all it needed was a couple of signings back then for us to really push on. I can't help but think that things haven't really moved on from those days. We in my mind sit in that same position ok after the weekend we are maybe not a team that's hard to break down but we are only a couple of players short of ,where we need to be it's sad that after all the changes in management and people running the club we are in that very same position if only we can sort a couple of signings out this transfer window we could push on I just hope we don't miss an opportunity again.
  7. I watch a lot of non league football and I love the fact you can just turn up pay on the gate. To be honest I'm more in love with non league football now than I ever was don't get me started on VAR. Yes Wednesday are my first love and always will be but those ticket prices for the standard of play are starting to grate on me.
  8. Maybe it's the standard of our team I need to worry about after the last few games.
  9. We were linked with Johnson Clarke Harris all over the papers of late down here says he's off to a championship club but who knows which one.
  10. I'm not saying it's an easy league I'm just saying I haven't been blown away by any team yes some are better than others but I don't really see one standout team. I know sky love Leeds and the manager but even when we played them I didn't think they were anything special I think teams get hyped up by Sky etc but to be honest I don't fear many this season.
  11. Agree that game was awful but I bet the neutrals watching would say the same about ours today.
  12. I just thought Bristol City would of caused us more problems but after that chance early on they didn't seem to have anything to offer.
  13. Not today we weren't kind of strange that I still think we aren't playing that well in some games but seem to get a result hmm sign of a good team.
  14. I must admit before the game today I was worried that we yet again wouldn't grab a chance to move higher up the table especially with Fletch missing. Whilst watching the match today I thought to myself is this all Bristol City have. Is it that this season we have no real standout teams in the championship or are we playing that well that we are making teams look ordinary yes we are more organised but we didn't play well today and got a result. I just don't see that many teams to fear this season.
  15. I'd love to know what he's thinking this evening now we are 3rd in the table.
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