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  1. Fletcher and Adams up front would be a handful to say the least.
  2. We are going to by the looks of it get a big points deduction which we have no choice but to take that on the chin and move on. The fine we may get, well I see we have one big asset at the moment and that's iorfa if we can get a decent fee for him it could get us out of a bit of financial mess. I don't know what we still owe for Rhodes but I think come January we have no choice but to sell. Only problem is when clubs know your in trouble they try and get players on the cheap and I'm not sure our chairman has much choice this time but to sell. I just hope it all gets sorted soon as it's the players and the fans I feel sorry for.
  3. I think I was taking the p#ss as so many on here are asking us to spend in January.
  4. Oh so we can sell iorfa for 15 million pay the fine buy some players with the money left rebuild and take the points deduction.
  5. At the moment the biggest issue for me is giving away goals in the last ten minutes of games when in good positions to close out a match but as is the Wednesday way we don't. Yes some of our play has been very good of late but the biggest problem is for me is after spending a lot of money I don't see real progress since the Stuart Gray days. He had us playing a different style of football ok some would say boring but we were organised and hard to beat and you could see that it would of only taken two or three signings to make tus compete at the top of the division but oh no I think our chairmans first mistake was to rip that apart as look what happened when we got Conner Whickham in on loan. Yes we've had some good times since and Carlos nearly did it for us but do I see real progress after all these years no I don't. To be honest some of the play against WBA was superb in the second half and yes you can see it's almost getting there but again it's almost if only we could stop giving stupid goals away. I'm also now getting frustrated by Monks team selections FF must start for me but Monk doesn't seem to rate him. So I think after all that unless this points deduction happens we must be content with mid table picking up the odd shock result along the way other teams won't like playing us but now know our record for conceding late goals which we need to address moan over.
  6. I thought the first half was some of the best football we've played this season and we should of been more than 1-0 up. Second half yes we sat back I was slagging Reach off until I noticed he did two cracking tackles back in our half kept an eye on him after that he did a lot of running and pressing. Murphy oh god don't get me started one of the worst displays I've seen in a Wednesday shirt. FF must start in front of him now. Luongo to me looked unfit not saying he had a bad game to be fair he did ok just needs more match time. Still think the free kick was a joke goal and let's face it var would of ruled that out. Overall a lot of positives and some negatives Bb coming off I couldn't get my head around anyway onwards and upwards.
  7. One good thing we would get value for money with all that fergie time added on at the end.
  8. I agree I think Bullen spoke to highly of them. Let them worry about us as we now have the players with pace I just think we played a little into their hands although on another day we could of won.
  9. All pubs seem OK at the moment not really had any hassle sat with a load of Man Utd and Chelsea fans yesterday watching the match with the Wednesday top on just seems good banter most people are ok except for two Mansfield fans who gave me a bit hassle I just asked what league they were in.
  10. On holiday down in Weymouth at the moment already seen four Wednesday tops. Love it when you see another Wednesday fans.
  11. Great player on his day but that's the problem he didn't have many days.
  12. I thought we were signing both for a second.
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