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  1. sorted , managed to get 2 from the ticket office , cheers MozzieOwl
  2. hi , its a long shot but does anybody have a spare ticket for the upper stand at villa , i have seen the post below but i need a second adult ticket for the upper stand , cheers spike
  3. Seem to remember our defence being pretty solid under Stuart Gray,
  4. Oh yes you aint far wrong about the 'n' letter missing ,we sometimes play the mulberry tavern in town fella ,theres talk of us playin the 02 academy for tramlines festival but nowt set in stone as yet .if you have spotify we have five albums on there mate ,weve just been signed to a german record label and are busy working on a new album, we intend to launch it in the autumn ,Heads up tho mate there's gonna be a big gig at magna in the autumn with some of the old 2tone bands , cant say who yet but we are on the bill tho . facebook or twitter are the best sources to find out where we are playin
  5. nah mate, my band was asked to support him but we were already booked to play in stoke .roddy has guested on a few gigs with us mate , if you are into your ska check out the rough kutz mate . i sing for em pal
  6. ey up pal did you go to the cutlers when neville staples played ?
  7. Foundation members can get there's today cos I bought one on my membership this morning fella
  8. the slavver bus ,used to get on it at Clifton pub . some characters on that bus. good times
  9. is he fully fit ? I read somewhere that cafu had just returned to full training
  10. Your gesture just goes to show how lucky we all are to be part of the Wednesday family. top bloke trev mucho respect
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