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  1. A crowd scene in ID there is a supporter in a Wednesday Top!! Loved this film and that was the cherry.
  2. He was really bad at Celtic - gave the ball away so much
  3. We choose to pay our money to watch a game of football, why people think its their money after that amuses me, once you have handed over your money its his money to re invest or pee up the wall as he sees fit. Not saying I agree with how its been spent but its definitely not my money cos I purchased a ticket and watched a game of football in return for my payment. You don't have a say in what Currys do with their money just because you bought a TV from there once.
  4. We wear what we want - We wear what we want - we are adults we wear what we want!!!
  5. I passed out in 97 and was there a bit in 98 small world
  6. Thanks - I have respect for anyone who’s done there bit no matter the cap badge , I’ve known good lads in all the services.
  7. Ex Royal Marine Commando here 17 years in still a reservist now - knew a few fellow wednesdayites in the Corps! UtO WAWAW!
  8. If we were gonna sign someone from Celtic I’d rather Scott Sinclair
  9. Celtic and Millwall a lot of my mates down south Support the Lions so I used to go see them a lot as a kid as it was closer than Sheffield. Just loved the way Celtic used to play as a kid had some amazing players
  10. Growing up down south I was always the only Wednesday supporter at school, I couldn't believe my first home game to see so many Wednesday fans - it felt like home and has ever since - Now live in Scotland and again the only Wednesday fan around, but flying the flag for the OWLS WAWAW!! OvO
  11. You will be okay as long as you have a fire safety certificate ....lol
  12. I take it the British guys don't get paid and just do it for the love of the game.... Fessi chased down every ball last year and showed amazing spirit, he hasn't replicated that this season but to say foreign players have no spirit is ridiculous!!
  13. The price of having a red car i'm afraid !!shame on you!! Only kidding I hope they catch the creatures that did this!!
  14. I think its to protect the players value - if a club buys him cheap they wont want it to affect the re sale value
  15. just show we intend to be an attacking team let hope we start scoring some goals now - Lets not forget last season we had a good spell of clean sheets! we have just had a shaky start we will settle and start handing out our fair share of lessons
  16. If he is the missing part that clicks the team back together he is worth double that - only time will tell!!
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