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  1. I think you can split this league down the middle, the top half being competent teams, and the bottom half being Dog & Duck standard. I'd say our opening 5 games all fall into the competent teams' category. I'd be surprised if we don't lose at least 1. If we get past Peterborough and Bolton unscathed we might be talking. That being said, it would be the most Wednesday thing ever to get 6 points from the next 2 games then get battered by Forest Green Rovers.
  2. Unless it's for mobility issues, you're the most boring person in the world if you want to pick the exact same seat you have for 23 other games of the season for the small handful of cup games we get. Switch stands, go behind the dug out, go near the directors box, find a restricted view seat just to see how restricted it is, if you're usually high then go low, if you're central then go out to the wings. Mix things up a bit FFS. Try seasoning your food, don't pay your mortgage, join a biker gang, live a little!
  3. Ahhhhh That was the day some tvvat van driver wrote my car off on Halifax Road then drive off. I was somewhat occupied that day to remember the match. For anyone interested, got his reg and 2 witness statements, SYP "misfiled" it so no charges could be brought. I did get my no claims and excess back though, came through Christmas 2021, just the 4 years of paying higher premiums later. I'm glad Hutch had a good day
  4. For a few years the club brought out match DVD's, poor quality but ideal for weirdos like me. Though they brought just about every match out, even the losses. Someone out there has got multiple copies of Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 2 Bradford City.
  5. There's been some bad takes in this thread but this has to be the worst. Genuinely one of the worst films I've ever had the misfortune of (what felt like 7 hours) watching.
  6. Got mine 2 days ago. The kids tickets followed today... Along with an extra one for me in the same seat. To say the club struggled to get these all out last season, you've got to admire the efficiency of sending out two over a week before the start of the season
  7. The whole retail side of the club is bloody woeful. This predates Chansiri. It's the 1 place where you've got a huge number of people, fans and friends and family of fans for Birthdays ect. not only willing but actively wanting to spend money, and we give them nothing. I walked past the Blades shop in meadowhall today, just miles better, retro shirts all over in lieu of a new kit, few decent hoodies, scarfs etc. Premium ranges down to pocket money tat, everything you could need in a club shop. And before anyone goes on about resources, I had a nosey in AFC Wimbledon's shop last season and that trounced all over ours too. I don't know anything on the background workings at Hillsborough, but whoever is in charge of this side of things must be incredibly good at deflecting attention. The whole operation could be turned around overnight.
  8. As much as I'm the first to say the club should be improving the entire infrastructure at Hillsborough, I maintain that the first time we do a proxy light show I will get up and walk home. What I'm trying to say is I'm impossible to please
  9. I just remember our lot singing "what the f*#kin' hell is that". Good night that but it was probably the least intimidating atmosphere I've ever witnessed.
  10. Always had a lot of time for Wildsmith. IMO he did a good job the majority of time he was called upon, it was when he got a run of games his concentration seemed to slip and mistakes were made. I thought he was the better of the 2 (Dawson) when CD was thrown in over the past 2/3 seasons and should have probably moved on a bit sooner. Wish him all the best at Derby, he'll have plenty of experience from his time with us playing alongside past it players after one last big pay day.
  11. South only There may be a limited amount open on the north for disabled supporters and carers
  12. £50! £50 and you get a ticket, this is a limited offer, buy it by Monday or it's gonna forever. ... Ok last chance, £50 and a ticket, we'll extend it a week. But buy it now! ... Alright we'll knock the price down to £36 but that's the FINAL offer... What do you mean "why?", Because we paid too much for our stock and refuse to take a small loss, that's why! Now buy it, or we'll delay selling the new kit until Christmas. FFS, this club. Could've done this offer a week before the Portsmouth match in April and they'd have all gone. Going down the queue at the ticket office with a card reader and flogged em out of a cardboard box.
  13. Who gives a flying flip about what Derby are doing?!? Majority were relatively happy with our transfer business until Derby signed our 3rd choice goalkeeper, our hit and miss lazy winger and a few other has beens. Chill
  14. Whilst I'll be the very first to say major works need to be done across the stadium to bring it up to scratch, this post is rhubarb. We literally completely rebuilt and extended the South Stand in 1995.
  15. I'm as tight as they come. I don't make a tonne of money. £15/£5 to watch us play a LaLiga side is reasonable. There's loads you can knock the club for over past 6 years. This isn't one of those instances. Just be honest and say "don't fancy it" rather than using the very reasonable price as an excuse to bash the club.
  16. Booked for me and 7 mates to this one, looking forward to it. Surprised how slow they're shifting given how cheap it is. You'd pay £10 just for the pie and peas.
  17. Wish we had NML and Hourihane without his legs. Gutted
  18. Megson subbing 3 players within 10 minutes (including the keeper) to get around the x amount first team players rule Watched that in Rawson, a mind numbingly bad 0-0
  19. Literally just laid out the bare minimum every football club offers when selling season tickets.
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