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  1. As an S6 resident, I for one welcome a new supermarket. Within walking distance we only have; Tesco at Upperthorpe Aldi and Iceland at old mecca bingo site Lidl at Malin Bridge Morrisons, Iceland, Heron foods, Fultons and Little Asda in Hillsborough Tesco express at Wisewood Sainsburys at Wadsley Bridge Jack's at Kilner Way Lidl on Halifax Road Asda and Farmfoods on cross It's a wonder how I've not starved. In all seriousness though, it's only the business of whoever puts the money in. Needed developing. Just a shame the club (presumably) never sought to buy.
  2. Might do when a return is gonna stretch you over £100
  3. Reassuring to know it's not just ours that are useless. Happy for those who can now go, but like as already mentioned, it's gonna be an effort and half for people to organise in 3 days.
  4. Weird one with Dawson. Seemingly can't have a sensible conversation about him. A good chunk of those who aren't a fan of him have turned it incredibly personal and won't here a good word said. Those who rate him dismiss anyone who has a legitimate word to say against his performances as they're clearly not proper fans by not supporting one of our own. Truth is, he was consistently woeful for us, couldn't catch, got caught out of position way too often, and his "good shot stopping" went out of the window. Blame negativity/ toxic atmosphere all you want, he put the majority of those performances came with no fans in the stands. Really glad he's doing well, sure he's a cracking bloke. If he gets a move and has a long and successful career, brilliant! If he comes back a different player and challenges for the #1 shirt, fantastic. But I genuinely struggle to see how playing well in a mid table League 2 team will translate to being a solid Championship (hopefully) or Top end League 1 keeper. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. I'd be missing it as I booked a weekend away way before the fixtures were announced. Thoroughly hope it's called off and rearranged for a freezing cold November night.
  6. When I heard this tannoy on Saturday I kind of understood it, local derby, half decent away following, few tasty points in the game. Last night it just made me giggle. Small number of supporters (who seemed a very young and friendly bunch), no rivalry whatsoever, and an incident free match. SAG will probably use the extra length of time it has taken people to exit the south stand vicinity the last 2 games as an excuse to half the capacity.
  7. Yes it absolutely should be a reward. In any situation of demand exceeding supply, those most loyal should be prioritised. There are plenty of fans from outside of the city who get to big away matches. Go to any game south of Watford and it's full of southern based supporters. They can probably be bothered to go to Hillsborough once in a blue moon though so...
  8. Sorry lads, I know you've hardly missed a match for 3 years but there's 15 blokes in Surrey who've booked a mini bus. Don't disagree that exiled Owls should be embraced more by the club, I live 10 minutes from the ground and feel they could do a lot more for us local ones too. But to suggest they should be prioritised for away matches because you don't enjoy going to Hillsborough is just silly.
  9. As many have already stated; Charlton didn't sell out Huddersfield at home didn't sell out Plymouth, Ipswich, Wigan very likely won't sell out non of the pizza trophy games will sell out (3 matches). Cambridge and Portsmouth (likely to go very far down the priority list given it being a Tuesday night). That's a potential 100 tpps before we're even at Christmas. Fully appreciate not being able to go, but your attitude in the latter part of that sentence appears to be your main issue.
  10. Loads of games don't sell out/ make it to general sale etc. We've had 2 this season already in Charlton and Huddersfield. Rotherham today sold out to season ticket holders with 540 points, that's 2 years season ticket plus 8 additional matches. After having a quick nosey of my own points I note; Preston (didn't sell out) Brighton (didn't sell out) Wigan (didn't sell out) Luton (made it to general sale) Derby (didn't sell out) Man City at home (half empty stadium) Can't possibly tell me the opportunity isn't there.
  11. There's no closed shop about it, you put the effort in for 2 seasons and you're at the top of the list. Simple equation really. And when I was bottom of the list, I wouldn't begrudge anyone further up, they've paid their money and deserve the reward. Absolutely the fairest way to do it.
  12. I would assume they're waiting on prices being signed off by the big man. Wouldn't make sense to lower ticket pricing in every area and still flog these at £50-100 On a similar note, is anyone waiting on an Owls Foundation card? My wife signed up a few months ago and received a welcome pack saying her ID number and card would be sent out in due course. Would be handy to have now tickets are on sale so I can add to friends and family.
  13. My mum has won 2 pairs of tickets in last 17 months. I can't begin to tell you how useful they've been.
  14. 2, and do you know what time it sets off, price etc.
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