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  1. There's been several occasions in the past 3 years where I've said enough is enough regarding how the club is run, yet still buy season ticket after season ticket and notched up 13 away days last season. I'm not going to begrudge anyone less daft than myself. Chansiri burnt just about every bridge going with many supporters, and it'll be a slow process in rebuilding that.
  2. Never got the chance to go unfortunately. Well, that's not entirely true, we played them in the cup early one season (2007ish, won comfortably, Wade Small cross shot if I remember correctly) but decided to be an armchair fan for the evening as it was on Sky. The little garages on the side streets around Millmore are my go to for parking though whenever I've visited the New York Stadium. Straight through Thorpe Hesley, back in my front room 20 minutes after full time.
  3. My old gaffer (2 or 3 years ago) was a Forest fan. He said they had some scheme on where if it were your first match you got a free shirt/ autograph book, chance to be a mascot etc. I'm not saying we should give everything away for free, but we do seem to do very little to encourage new fans (new generations) to come to Hillsborough, and haven't for some 20 years. I'll give the club their dues that U11 pricing is affordable enough (£23, £75), though I would roll out the £23 price (only available on the family stand currently) throughout the stadium. You'd make the £50 difference back in sales of Haribo after the first 3 matches.
  4. With this in mind, it is a bit daft that season tickets aren't currently on sale. For the Portsmouth match we had 3 kids in tow, for the Sunderland match we had 4 (nephews, cousins, lads mates ect.). Kids absolutely loved it with the big crowd, atmosphere, my little girl just enjoyed it because she caught an inflatable Dolphin. After both matches all were talking about the possibility of getting season tickets, how long before that enthusiasm wears off? Can't be that difficult, just have a price point for promotion/ relegation, get them on sale ASAP. And leave it at that price point until the first game of next season, the last thing we need is more phases and price categories!
  5. You can change the details online. I've done it myself this season. Just causes mild confusion if you do anything in the ticket office e.g. seat relocation. Asked the club before and they were happy for me to do this. Generally speaking the club don't send printed cards out until a week or so before, so by the time they come to print, it should have the new details on. Worst case if your in law is desperate to have his name on the plastic, just pop in after first home game.
  6. You can change the details online. I've done it myself this season. Just causes mild confusion if you do anything in the ticket office e.g. seat relocation. Asked the club before and they were happy for me to do this.
  7. This It appears the general sale date has also become available early (if you can view the event on home games tab) as I assigned some under ID's with no purchase history. Avoid the rush! So in 3 days I've personally bought 17 tickets under 3 separate transactions, plus 2 away leg tickets under 2 separate transactions. The things you do to help fellow Owls out. I'm gonna charge commission next time.
  8. lotteries@swfc.co.uk Ask em to link your foundation account to your client ID
  9. Fingers crossed this is just a case of the event not going live straight away. Had a fight earlier in the year in getting my wifes and mothers foundation membership under the same priority window as general memberships. Credit to the club, they sorted it in the end and works fine now after a lot of emails back and forth. I think there's a few bugs in the system the switchover to seat geek didn't quite work out.
  10. I had a similar issue to this earlier in the season with my wife's foundation membership. If I remember correctly, I emailed the foundation and they were able to link it to her client ID.
  11. Good news Unless we start doing those poxy light shows before kick off at night matches. That will be my time watching live football finished.
  12. I don't believe this is allowed when the game is being televised. Could be wrong. Nothing to stop the club opening up the lounges.
  13. In that case, it may have allowed me to book on friends and family memberships as the 'event' was open to me being a season ticket holder. Would only allow to assign to members, not gathering general sale folk in my f&f section. Quite annoyed I didn't realise sooner as I've now paid 2 lots of postage. No need to worry anyway. There will be plenty left for members.
  14. No bait System has just allowed me to purchase 3, 1 member, 2 foundation members
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