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  1. Got 3 to use Monday at 2 o’clock if you’re interested.
  2. SYP went all guns blazing and drafted police in from around the country a few years back for the final game of the season against Fulham... Fulham! I trust their judgment on nothing.
  3. Where’s best place for a drink beforehand? Wigan any good or would Manchester be a better bet?
  4. Looking forward to grounds I’ve not been to like WBA and Wigan. A shame Fulham is gone. Handful of half decent away days but there’s only so many times I can do Derby away and be surprised with us not coming back with a win in a flat pack. Forest need to go back to the days of big away allocations, always a great day out.
  5. As per title, any independent coaches or busses going, preferably one that’ll stop off/ get there early enough for a drink or 2.
  6. £16, for 2 people stranded hundreds of miles away in this weather. Chuff me I’d bung anyone more than that in petrol money if they could get me and kid back home safely.
  7. That Contender theme was morbidly depressing when it was played before matches. Game of Thrones is quality, and there’s a lot of opinions flying about on it to say most are claiming to have never watched it. I can’t remember the initial point of this thread.
  8. If you know anyone on EE there’s a 3 months free offer on at the minute. Not sure if that’s to watch it online only though.
  9. Chris Sedgwick. Alan Irvine's first summer signing, knew as soon as it was announced we were going to be spending at least 2 seasons in league 1.
  10. 220 for me, I'll happily take it off of your hands mate
  11. Easily get one going in person at that time, better chance than trying to get through online! If your grandson has his own client ID that shouldn't be a problem, sure it'd be ok you going in anyway as they could just sort this out there and then.
  12. 1 currently on on West lower on official site
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