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  1. That's fair - although no-one reads it :) Generally when I do post in here we get a few sales and I'd like to think we've therefore given some people some good products that they're happy with and it has been worthwhile. Appreciate we'll never keep everyone happy and understand some people will have zero interest in what we have to sell. We're obviously a tiny operation and are doing this on the side from busy full time jobs and family life so hardly spend a penny on advertising. Forums like this and social media are a great way for us to get a bit of awareness about what we are do
  2. The Steve Bruce flavoured sale is obviously very new - however we've been about for 2 1/2 years. We've sold hundreds of items in that time, are now stocked in the Owls Megastore, have raised over £700 for the Children's Hospital Charity and donated a load of pasta to the Archer Project. We didn't just start this week to celebrate Mr Bruce. No idea how I even managed the other login. This one is the one I've had for years!
  3. Not quite - it doesn't matter what order things go into the basket. So if you ordered a mug and a print it would be £4.50 - £3.50 for the mug and then an additional £1 for the print. 2 prints would be £3.50. I need to update that postage page anyway as we had to increase the mug postage from the original £3 and I'll see if I can make it a bit clearer.
  4. I'll take a look. I've tried to be fair and represent the actual cost to us - it costs £3.45 to send a small parcel first class and that's what the mugs come in. We can get 2 in that size but if someone orders 3 or 4 mugs we currently send as 2 packages at £6.70 cost Vs. £5.50 or £6.50 postage. There's a little bit in the prints and t shirts but when you consider packaging and all that jazz then don't think they are unreasonable. When we started out we built postage costs into the sale price and had free postage but this penalised people who bou
  5. Because we're shifting the last few bits of stock left. Then we'll have a think at end of season about what we want to do over the summer and next season and sort some new product out. We've been around for a couple of years and aren't generally making a loss but selling those t-shirts for £5 and the mugs for £3 there's nothing in it for us.
  6. We've got a few at Cromwell Club - currently on sale at stupid prices to be honest. We sell some in the Owls Megastore so not strictly unofficial. Chris
  7. Thanks for the input. If you don't like the stuff then feel free not to buy anything. Literally giving stuff away at less than cost price so I won't be going on holiday! And I somehow posted the original post on an old account!
  8. Hello all, Thanks to anyone who bought one of our signed Terry Curran prints - I've just got them all signed and they will be in the post over the next day or two. We've raised nearly £600 for the Sheffield Children's Hospital and hopefully people have got a decent Christmas present too! I've got an extra 3 of each size on sale on the site now as we got Terry to sign a handful extra to try and get us closer to £700. Thanks again.
  9. Not for Jos - that ship should have sailed a long time ago! We're only taking orders for our signed Terry Curran 'We'll never be mastered' prints until the end of today. Terry will be signing them all tomorrow evening and then they will be posted out. A4 £20 with £12 to Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity and A3 £30 with £18 to charity. The prints have been on sale about a week and we are at over £500 raised so far. Hoping to get a few more orders and get over the £600 mark. Cheers.
  10. Shameless bump. We've got to about £300 for Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity I think from orders placed so far. The prints are on sale until Sunday this week and then we'll be catching up with Terry Curran to get each order signed next week before sending out. A4 are £20 [£12 to charity] and A3 are £30 [£18 to charity]. Perfect Christmas gift and a great cause. Ta.
  11. Me again, sorry! For the next week or so we'll be taking orders for a limited edition version of our 'We'll never be Mastered' print. These will then be signed by Terry Curran and sent out to everyone before Christmas. The prints will obviously be a bit more expensive than the non-signed versions but we'll be making a significant donation to the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity for each one sold. We will be getting the exact number that are ordered signed so this won't be a product that we then continue to sell. The details: - A4 print will be £20
  12. Not all Wednesday related - only a couple so far I think. Just a general illustration/doodle challenge. You should be able to find his account on Instagram - actuallysamuel
  13. I can't take credit - Cromwell Club is me and a mate and he does the design work. He's currently doing a 100 day challenge where he is drawing a different doodle every day and I suggested he did one of Jos following yet another passionless display on Saturday. It's something we might try and do more of post Christmas and make them a bit of a regular feature - if they are popular enough then we could look at stuff like prints or calendars but we're a way off that yet.
  14. I will be creating nothing with Jos on it. There are a few other mugs on the site too if you fancy one.
  15. Yeah, timing not the greatest with recent performance. At least we have this guy....
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