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  1. Don’t be sad. 5 1/2 hours left until our 50% sale ends. What better way to get over a 2-2 poo -fest with Hull. You’ll all love Wednesday again tomorrow and be sad all the prices have doubled ;)
  2. Definitely - new stuff coming after Christmas (caveat - need to stay off the Christmas booze and make some new things!)
  3. You found out yesterday lunchtime - Special early access :)
  4. Me again. Sorry to keep coming back! Today marks 12 months since we started this little project so we're celebrating our birthday with 50% off everything on site until 11.59pm tonight. All you need to do is enter promo code 'birthday' during check-out. Christmas Cards, Mugs, T-Shirts and prints all 50% off so grab a bargain or get some Christmas presents sorted early! www.cromwellclub.co.uk
  5. Great stuff. Glad you like it and thanks again for entering! Remember: 25% off all products at www.cromwellclub.co.uk with promo code 'kimolsen' until the end of November.
  6. Glad you like it all. If you don’t manage to salvage it let me know and I’ll get another one out to you. Chris
  7. My pleasure :) I’ve seen your note re: wanting a print. Let me know which one - there are a few different ones on the site. Thanks Chris
  8. The Kop & North print that was ordered with a T-Shirt? Drop me a message to confirm and I’ll send another one out. Chris
  9. Thanks to all who entered - a total of 92 entries. The attendance was 25,916. All 25,916 were bored out of their minds. Closest guess was @lt109 with 25,942 - only 26 away BUT it looks like the guess was after 1pm [which I'd said in the original post was the deadline]. 2nd closest was @ffs owl who was 39 off with a guess of 25,877. Because it's nearly Christmas then you can both have a prize and share the title of Champion of the World. Send me a message with you address details and what you'd like - any Mug, Print or a pack of Christmas Cards from www.cromwellclub.co.uk Everyone else - you can still get 25% off everything on the site by sticking code 'kimolsen' in during check out. Up the Owls!
  10. You've got a guess in already - 25,777 :)
  11. Thanks all - 74 entries so far. Remember, you can take your pick of any mug, print or a set of Christmas Cards if you win.
  12. Unfortunately @tarn owl beat you to it. Another guess?
  13. You sure can. Although I don’t have any Bristol flavoured prizes!
  14. Evening all, So, we're running a Cromwell Club Owlstalk competition to guess the attendance at the game against Bristol this weekend. The rules are simple - add your guess to the thread between now and 1pm on Saturday and whoever is closest will be Champion of the World. Only one guess each! The winner can choose any print or mug from www.cromwellclub.co.uk or a pack of Christmas Cards and we'll send out ASAP. If anything takes your fancy on the site then you can currently get 25% off everything by using promo code 'kimolsen'. The Christmas Cards are shifting pretty quickly like they did last year. Hopefully a good bit of fun and someone gets an early Christmas present out of it! I'll start us off with 25,789. Chris
  15. Posting in here as no-one looks at the Transfer List forum and we've previously had a fair bit of interest from Owlstalkers! So, the football is crap, but we've got some good news. Our Wednesday inspired Christmas Cards are back! They went down a storm last year and we've got an early bird special offer now live. Enter code 'kimolsen' and get 25% of any of our products before the end of November - T-shirts, mugs, prints and cards. All Wednesday inspired and very high quality. Take a look here. You can check out some customer reviews on our Facebook page too.