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  1. Not for Jos - that ship should have sailed a long time ago! We're only taking orders for our signed Terry Curran 'We'll never be mastered' prints until the end of today. Terry will be signing them all tomorrow evening and then they will be posted out. A4 £20 with £12 to Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity and A3 £30 with £18 to charity. The prints have been on sale about a week and we are at over £500 raised so far. Hoping to get a few more orders and get over the £600 mark. Cheers.
  2. Shameless bump. We've got to about £300 for Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity I think from orders placed so far. The prints are on sale until Sunday this week and then we'll be catching up with Terry Curran to get each order signed next week before sending out. A4 are £20 [£12 to charity] and A3 are £30 [£18 to charity]. Perfect Christmas gift and a great cause. Ta.
  3. Me again, sorry! For the next week or so we'll be taking orders for a limited edition version of our 'We'll never be Mastered' print. These will then be signed by Terry Curran and sent out to everyone before Christmas. The prints will obviously be a bit more expensive than the non-signed versions but we'll be making a significant donation to the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity for each one sold. We will be getting the exact number that are ordered signed so this won't be a product that we then continue to sell. The details: - A4 print will be £20 with £12 going to SCHC [standard A4 print is £10] - A3 print will be £30 with £18 going to SCHC [standard A3 print is £15] - We'll be taking orders until the end of Sunday 9th December I'm hoping we can make a good donation to this great charity and would encourage people to try and share the promotion with people who may be interested to maximise what we can do. This will make an awesome Christmas present! We'll obviously share a couple of photos from the signing so that everyone can be assured we're not just scribbling on the prints ourselves. I'd also like to say a massive thanks to Terry Curran for supporting us on this too. Any questions let me know, the prints are on sale now here: Charity Terry Curran Print
  4. Not all Wednesday related - only a couple so far I think. Just a general illustration/doodle challenge. You should be able to find his account on Instagram - actuallysamuel
  5. I can't take credit - Cromwell Club is me and a mate and he does the design work. He's currently doing a 100 day challenge where he is drawing a different doodle every day and I suggested he did one of Jos following yet another passionless display on Saturday. It's something we might try and do more of post Christmas and make them a bit of a regular feature - if they are popular enough then we could look at stuff like prints or calendars but we're a way off that yet.
  6. I will be creating nothing with Jos on it. There are a few other mugs on the site too if you fancy one.
  7. Yeah, timing not the greatest with recent performance. At least we have this guy....
  8. Hello all, Shameless plug - Neil, I hope this is OK! We've got 35% off all Cromwell Club products until Midnight tonight, meaning everything is now under a tenner with promo code 35OFF. A range of Christmas Cards, Mugs, T-Shirts and Prints - all SWFC inspired and great Christmas gifts. The cards and a selection of prints are now in the Owls Megastore too. A couple of examples below, you can see the full range at www.cromwellclub.co.uk. Thanks.
  9. No worries - will post out early next week. Hopefully you like it :)
  10. Thanks to all who entered. Crap result but at least one of you has won something! Attendance was 25,204 which means @Donny El was only 51 off. Let me know if you want an A4 or A3 print and DM me your address and I will post out. If you prefer a different print to We'll never be Mastered then let me know. You can see them all here. Everyone else, remember you can get 35% off all products on the site until the end of Monday - just enter 35OFF in the promo code box. As an added bonus, if you enter OWLSTALK in the notes box at the end of checkout then I'll throw an original old programme in with your order - likely to be 70s or 80s. Thanks all.
  11. Hope not :) If they want to shift what they ordered then they'd be sensible putting them out on display!
  12. I delivered a bunch yesterday so should be out on sale today. Chris
  13. Hello all, It's been a while since I posted on here about Cromwell Club so wanted to share a few updates and do a quick Owlstalk competition. 1) We're now stocked in the Owls Megastore with Christmas Cards and a range of prints available from today. I know that a few people were previously a bit concerned we were going against the club with what we were doing 2) We have a bunch of new designs on the site since I was last here 3) You can get 35% off everything on site until the end of Monday by entering promo code 35OFF. These will be the best deals before Christmas 4) I'll run a guess the attendance competition for the game today. Add guesses to this thread before kick off and I'll send whoever is closest a 'We'll never be Mastered' print.
  14. Chris C

    Joey p

    Sounds like a good programme - only if Les Dennis hosts it though. Maybe they would. I can see how the posts on here today would have been had he nailed him on the halfway line and then we conceded from the free-kick. "Why did he give a stupid foul away? We had 3 defenders back and they only had one guy forward - stupid decision" Yeah, we'd have probably got away with defending the free-kick, but we should have got away with defending the 3v1 too. All in all, absolutely bobbins defending full stop.
  15. Chris C

    Joey p

    The joy of hindsight. For the second goal, it wasn't like Barnes was past JP and then had a clean run in on goal. He was 50 yards out and Pudil, Lees and Hector were all back. Clearly, based on the fact that Barnes went on to score it's easy to say he should have clattered him and taken a yellow but I don't think it's as clear cut as that. 9 times out of 10 one of the three defenders manages to not make a complete fizz up of the situation and we don't concede. Would we rather give the opposition the chance to send everyone forward in the last minute for a free-kick lumped into our box or take our chances on a 50 yard run with 3 vs. 1 in our favour. I don't think many would pick the former without the benefit of hindsight. Clearly, the 3 defenders and Dawson proceeded to somehow allow Barnes to actually score a goal from that position which was criminal but the blame should lie with them rather than JP in my opinion.