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  1. Some good finishes there, hope there are plenty in blue and white this season for him after watchin them, UTO
  2. Wait and see if this true, i personally wouldn't have him but..... wait and see he might be what we are missing. UTO
  3. We all really hope you are right! Is it true that the team have had their team photo today?
  4. in the 1st half if JJ would have been bothered and Coke wasn't making stupid tackles on the edge of the 18 yard box he was fine, he has the pace to out run anyone and get a tackle in, and what any team can throw at him. When Coke made a tackle for no reason on the edge of the 18 yard box and gave a free kick away he went mad in the 1st half, and rightly so there was no need for him to stick a foot in, it cost us more pressure on the back 4 and keeper which wasn't needed just as we conceeded the penalty. For me the most consistent defender we have had as what i have seen at home (i dont get to go away games but someone im sure will put me straight) 10 x better than tommy spur, he is 5 minutes too slow, and it obviously shows he doesn't work with teale, when jones is on he gone by him before he knows, Tommy wait 30 seconds then he appears, nothing against tommy i like him a true wednesdayite, if any thing could change in the team like previously mentioned i would put jones on the left wing and have reynolds LB, or play 5 3 2 and have jones and buxton wing backs, with a solid centre 3 with Beevers in the middle THE RADIATOR & Morison either side, beevers as got to be most experience centre half we have this season, im sure he must have learnt something from purse about organisation etc, with the amount of times he had to cover for him.
  5. Barnsley away pre season away did it for me, just didnt look good enough and no pace,
  6. Hi Lads dont post alot on here, but why not just put irvines little soldier there Sedgwick, he has done it one of the games in the JPT i thought personally he did ok (Northampton was it), also dont forget before irvines time JJ once played there and did well for 89 minutes untill he tried something and it didnt work. i cant beleive he is still trying to put a left footer at RB, it just aint working. Also when spurr does get by the winger if he gets the ball, there is no 1st time cross because the lad just hasn't got a right foot. so then he has to cut back in on to his left then the momentum slows down giving chance for the opposition to get back, i know we are only talking seconds for this to happen but that is a long time in football. Darren fergusson was at the game yesterday watching for the game on tuesday, if he watched our right hand side, his main aim will be send everything down the left and put spurr under pressure, which then in turn will mean that either the right winger will have to come back and help or there is going to be a big gap between the two, god knows how many times yesterday spurr was playing them on side. Just because of how uncomfortable he was. In my opinion one of the right footed players in the team should stand up and say i will cover that position. This is my opinion, some might agree some might not. Yesterday was like pulling teeth. UTO WTID
  7. Well done to both of the lads today, buxton just seems to be getting better this season, had an assist in a goal today and also midweek. keep it up Lewis, JOC what can i say put in a very good performance, not scared of putting his foot in. One question, Purse nearly cost us another goal, why has his form slipped from last season, when he was probably our strongest player (sorry if posted)
  8. 21230 2 1 wednesday WEAVER BUXTON PURSE JONES POTTER JJ MILLER COKE* TEALE TUDGAY MELLOR *IF FIT this is how i would line up, use potter as the holding midfielder and drop in front of back three if needed whilst we go and attack. this is my opinion, you might think its a load of SH*TE
  9. Try megastore, i went and got away shirt there were loads of home shirts there.
  10. Sorry Lads ignore my post didnt see this one great post bet me too it!!!!
  11. All the abuse he got from the north stand was amazing and he took it in good form, all credit to him, some of the stuff he did towards us hahahahahahaha. And pulled one hell of a save off, for a FAT Ba$tard!! Any how, COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!!!! UPWARDS AND ONWARDS BARMY ARMY
  12. Teale 2 - 1 BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS 21333
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