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  1. Fathomed by another DC incentive! Doesn’t anyone working at Hillsborough have the gonads to say to DC this will end in tears? Deary effing me
  2. Bit risky imo! How many apps he made in the last 2 seasons?
  3. Yes, after the Bruce fiasco I wasn’t to keen on Monk coming in tbh, but his approach to everything so far shows his knowledge of the game. We have a decent 11 in this league, but Monk hasn’t as yet had the opportunity to source his own additions to the squad and many say, managers are judged on signings. He’s definitely doing better than I expected. UTO
  4. Bannan is a top player in this league, that’s evident! In previous seasons Bannan was our main threat going forward, teams nullified his play, we looked lost of ideas when Bannan was double marked in several games. Difference this term is we now have other threats in the side, so Harris gets most of the focus and in return Bannan has more space to deliver. Merry Christmas to all
  5. Alan Nixon is the biggest fraud in football journalism! He just clutches at straws, fabricates utter testicles. The bloke is a complete c(!)t!
  6. Anyone remember the Mark Bright + Paul Williams partnership? One of the best I have seen at Hillsborough
  7. To the “OHHHH Balotelli tune” Oh Kadeem Harris He’s our winger He’s a tekker when he drops his shoulder, he sits you on the grass he’ll beat Usain Bolt, he’s that f##king fast. repeat.
  8. Blatant, Rat post! 12 years registered, and that’s your first post? Pish off, with hi poo patter
  9. I was saying the same thing Saturday. Also, tonight he never looked, #####d! Chased down his work most of the game.
  10. ?? Brilliant?? I wouldn’t go that far Reach comes across as a confidence player, he needs a goal to kick start his season.
  11. I thought Fox probably had his best game in a Wednesday shirt tonight for me, his passing is somewhat cautious but that’s only expected due to his lack of games.
  12. Aye! and the Sat Nav states, point of interest = Top of the league.
  13. Reach, hasn’t really impressed in any games so far this season, but Bullen knows the opponents will set up to nullify his game! On his day, he’s a threat to anyone in this league. But still, If Bannan can sit on the bench, so can Reach.
  14. Football is a funny game (so they say) 4 games in, sitting top of the pile after the turmoil before we even, kicked a ball!!! AND WE STILL GET THREADS LIKE THIS? Some folk, will never be content. UTO
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