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  1. I have to agree with this. What worries me is how Chansiri deals with a points deduction.
  2. Good question. I can’t remember Monk utter his name once in any interview, nor any journo mention him since his injury. Another player who came with promise, but showed us absolutely nowt.
  3. Play-offs unrealistic? I’m sure Forest fans was saying the same 6 weeks back. No need for this negativity now or anytime for that matter, especially from someone who should be inspiring the already depleted fanbase. I bet the Star couldn’t wait to print that [email protected]
  4. Fathomed by another DC incentive! Doesn’t anyone working at Hillsborough have the gonads to say to DC this will end in tears? Deary effing me
  5. Bit risky imo! How many apps he made in the last 2 seasons?
  6. Yes, after the Bruce fiasco I wasn’t to keen on Monk coming in tbh, but his approach to everything so far shows his knowledge of the game. We have a decent 11 in this league, but Monk hasn’t as yet had the opportunity to source his own additions to the squad and many say, managers are judged on signings. He’s definitely doing better than I expected. UTO
  7. Bannan is a top player in this league, that’s evident! In previous seasons Bannan was our main threat going forward, teams nullified his play, we looked lost of ideas when Bannan was double marked in several games. Difference this term is we now have other threats in the side, so Harris gets most of the focus and in return Bannan has more space to deliver. Merry Christmas to all
  8. Alan Nixon is the biggest fraud in football journalism! He just clutches at straws, fabricates utter testicles. The bloke is a complete c(!)t!
  9. Anyone remember the Mark Bright + Paul Williams partnership? One of the best I have seen at Hillsborough
  10. Arabic United announce plans to install a sandpit! Fans have been givien the opportunity to purchase a personal grain of Saudi sand for a nominal fee of £300 plus £100 shipping if purchased in a set of 5. Additional cost for orders under 5 grains will be quoted at checkout. This one off option to purchase has to be completed by, July 2020. Up The McCabe’s
  11. In conjunction with York Outlet. Jeez Is next week’s attire from, Parker Franks?
  12. Apparently McCabe was the longest standing owner in the football league Whatever happened is no concern of mine, but i always thought McCabe was all about the money. At least the grunts will now think twice about taking swipes at our fans regarding Chansiri. UTO
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