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  1. Agree , Blackburn away 2-1 win Ticker Taylor and Mellor. We were in the seats upper tier down the side of the pitch , whole ground appeared full of Wednesday. Glorious evening.
  2. Awesome day , and the fact we won in such an emotional manner. The way talbot ran through clear on goal seemed to take an age , 40000 Wednesdayites all stood up in anticipation , round the keeper , then unbridled joy and exiting of pent up nerves and emotion as we all jumped for joy. I was hugging and jumping up and down with some random bloke next to me like we were best mates!
  3. Outstanding defending , work rate and effort.
  4. “I know nothing about it , just looking forward to getting back and walking the dog” - “ it’s up to the clubs to decide” - Resigns........... c**t
  5. He’s fizzed that many clubs up by resigning and jumping ship. He’s a classless cheeky monkey who keeps mentioning the word “respect” but why? He’s clearly shown Chansiri and our club the least respect anyone could. He and his advisors have behaved appallingly.
  6. Bruce is a media darling. You could argue the lure of the opportunity of managing his home town club in the premiership was too great , however the loyalty and respect given to him at the outset from our chairman has been unceremoniously thrown back in his face by Bruce. Bruce and his advisors have handled this appallingly and shown zero respect to our club and fans. His is true personality and thought process has been badly exposed - he knew all along he’d poo all over us once the first contact was established. #snake
  7. Play till Norwich flipping score ... obvious this was goi g to happen..
  8. Ha ha , that’s the one. One of the funnier Viz characters.
  9. LOL , Aldridge Prior , the hopeless liar ... ( Viz ) .
  10. A right poser but he could get away with it as he was so good. Remember him turning up pre season with bleach blond hair and thinking how cool he looked so had my hair dyed the same colour. Could strike the ball with either feet which is sadly lacking in some of today’s top strikers who all seem one footed. Never understood that , if you are playing at the highest level you should be able to kick a ball with both feet , especially as a forward.
  11. Lost possession every time he got the ball , slow decision making , by the time he’d decided the ball had been knicked from him , running in mud , doesn’t look like a footballer at all , is this the same player who did so well with Burnley in the prem? What’s happened to him?
  12. Chris Waddle , Carlton Palmer , both available for punditry but instead we got a random bird ( she’s good but no affinity to either tram , and Danny Murphy ( also good bit no affinity) so a definite bias. Shame , it’s as if our history counts for nothing in the modern game. It was the Chelsea show , a,though understandable , who gives a poo about us nationally. Great at support though , that’s what the premiership lacks,
  13. Is Boyd still a footballer.? My god , he slipped , lost possession and looked like he was running in mud - he shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team. Totally out of his depth. Can understand and the set up but at least Joao and foresteiri gave us some possession and pace.
  14. Bullen had certainly made a difference. Might have been prudent to maintain Bullen in charge as it looks like a lot of chopping and changing has gone on with coaching , training and tactics that has unsettled the players. Could have been a fresh start for Bruce and his team when they came in.
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