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  1. Mav-erick

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Bullen had certainly made a difference. Might have been prudent to maintain Bullen in charge as it looks like a lot of chopping and changing has gone on with coaching , training and tactics that has unsettled the players. Could have been a fresh start for Bruce and his team when they came in.
  2. Mav-erick

    Brilliant .... Jordan Rhodes

    Brilliant header from Rhodes yesterday. Trademark sort of goal he used to score by the bagfull. He will always be on the end of things in the box if we get the crosses in and I’m hopeful we can turn him round and get him back to his best. Players thrive under different managers and this may be the difference. We we may have the striker we all wanted next season!
  3. Mav-erick

    Almain Abdi

    Can we not just sack him? if I didn’t turn up for work for long term sickness and not be able to undertake my role , I would be sacked after six months or go onto half pay. I think Jos just can’t be bothered to update us on his injury woes as it’s become a complete joke. I think Abdi has a prosthetic right leg and this is one of the reasons he’s struggling. The glass eye doesn’t help either.
  4. Mav-erick

    Hull City 0 - 1 #SWFC - OMDT

    Brilliant header from Rhodes. Top quality striker.
  5. Mav-erick

    Unbiased Press?

    Stopped reading the Guardian and Observer years ago when I realised the articles were biased and the journalism just reflected what the left wing bias wanted you to digest. There was no balanced debate , just one sided , sometimes untruths , that if the full facts / story had been presented , would have given an entirely different slant. It rejects middle class , white British people and almost makes you feel apologetic. It is wrong to judge and take the apparent , moral high ground , just because someone reads a right wing paper. They all report with their own agenda and give you what they want you to read. Im sick to death of the words “diversity” , “tolerance” and “racist”.
  6. Mav-erick


    Like someone said earlier - makes me wonder whether it is really George Boyd or an imposter?. He he looked a different player in the prem last season.
  7. I see us still as a big club but what was concerning last night was the lack of research and knowledge from the commentating team. Even at half time it was all about Swansea and we were just the “ championship team” We don’t seem to get the same respect as Villa , Leeds , Newcastle etc who are similar size teams re. Support , history , ground capacity etc.. why were those two chaps on the pitch at half time making observations about the game ? Neither had an affinity to either side.
  8. Mav-erick


    Rhodes hasn’t changed , its our lack of supply to a player that thrives on chances in the box. He has never been a player to do much outside the box. Perhaps that’s a luxury to have such a player however if you are creating chances through wingers or creative midfield players then he will be on the end of it. Someone like Joao offers a different style as he can run , take players on and create his own chances. Depends which style of play play the manager chooses. Rhodes has not become a bad player overnight.
  9. Mav-erick


    Rhodes did try last night and got booked for his frustrations. As as a striker , the Wednesday set up last night is going to mean you see little of the ball and are just chasing shadows and defending from the front and trying to hold the ball up or make runs down the channel. What was was clear last night is that Wednesday do not produce any crosses into the box and Rhodes’ game is all about converting crosses. Let’s look at the recent stats for getting crosses into the box - I bet we are the worst in the league. As a striker you would not want to play for Wednesday in the current style.
  10. Mav-erick

    Whats not to like about Jos

    He’s come in with very little time to prepare , quickly and methodically assessed the squad and situation , set the team up and crucially , every player appeared to know their role for the match. Very impressive , seemed cool , calm and collected and has a clear way of playing. Just what we needed.
  11. I view this with sadness , even though it was the correct decision. Carlos brought an exceptional brand of football to our club in his first season and was a very likeable man , however he was unable to build on this and made some questionable signings that didn’t improve the team. He was given a substantial budget to work with but did not strengthen the glaringly obvious areas that required investment. Im sure he will be a success elsewhere and will be snapped up by a fellow championship club however , I believe the the same circumstances will appear in his second / third seasons. I believe he genuinely liked our club and it’s passionate supporters and that’s one of the reasons he found it hard to walk away. Thanks Carlos for all you did.
  12. Mav-erick

    We need our Wilder

    Heckingbottom. doing a remarkable job at Barnsley. Buys young quick players , similar to Wilder in that they all know what they're doing and only gets players who fit into that style and fit into the "team mentality " .. a lot to to be said for that. I'm sure he would love a crack at us with the playing squad available.
  13. Yep , on paper we have the strongest squad in the division, a ten million striker on the bench , but as I said in another post , we don't gel as a team , and that must be down to the manager.