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  1. imagine if it kicked off with these two outside haha. :reda: :madine:
  2. Every time i hear this tune, i think of the day we got relegated.
  3. Don't know what I'm more excited about. My birthday tomorrow, seeing Jay-Z & Kanye West, or this announcement. Probably the latter!!
  4. Forest & Leeds. Never been to Elland Road so looking forward to that. Forest was the best away atmosphere I've ever been in. Absolutely mental. The celebrations for the equaliser were second to none. A few of mates are forest and always talk about that game. One of them said they thought people were gonna get seriously hurt during the celebrations. Guess they're just not used to it ey?!
  5. I'm taking an umbrella ready for when Simmo's penno rains down upon us.
  6. They're a disgrace to my last name. B*stards
  7. Just in time for me lads jolly away, get in!!
  8. You might as well join in singing with us all game mate. Only chance you'll get yourselves heard this weekend haha.
  9. funkin jesus. name and shame this monster!! unless they're his tickets and he wouldnt be going, then thats pretty cheap!!
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