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  1. First off can Sheffield accommodate two football clubs? Yes it can, despite no real success since the war both clubs retain more than decent support and at the first sign of even moderate success good support. When we first got relegated to the third tier many Wednesday fans used to say would Man U get these crowds in the third division well we were never going to find out same as we will never find out if we would get the sort of attendance the Manchester clubs get if we were the best two teams in the country. Secondly would we be better off as a one city club, we would obviously have a bette
  2. He wasn’t our best ever player but certainly not the worst, he wouldn’t have had us challenging for promotion but would have undoubtedly earned us enough points to at least be likely to stay up. As has been said no problem with him going if you bring in better, we haven’t and it’s cost us
  3. One of the best and upsetting programs I’ve ever seen and showed what a wonderful football man and genuinely great human being jack was. On his relationship with his brother it’s always been clear to me that jack idolised bobby as a football player he always said he was the greatest player ever and you could tell he meant it shame is brother wasn’t half the man jack was
  4. Exactly, if hirst had shearers focus and self serving instincts he would have been a national star not merely a club legend . I’ve always said hirst could do everything shearer could do but shearer couldn’t do everything hirst could except shearer was very single minded and the only thing he cared about was Allan shearer. Given shearers attitude and less of a liking for the ale and fags hirsty would be sat talking nonsense on a Saturday night for big money instead of earning a few Bob telling the world he wanted to go to Man U
  5. No matter what happens between now and the end of the season he has to be given a chance to rebuild in the summer.we will obviously lose a lot of players, Westwood, rhodes,lees and reach will not be offered new deals, we can’t afford them in the championship . Iorfa, luongo , windass and bannan will go to raise funds and urhogide will probably do a shaw. That doesn’t leave much and most of those left aren’t good enough. We need someone already aware of what’s needed at the club and I’d be happy for moore to be that man
  6. It’s more important he implements his style than seek short term solutions in essentially a lost cause. If we win games and by some miracle stay up fantastic but either way getting the system and culture embedded into the club is more important. I’m very enthusiastic about moore as a manager and someone the fanbase will get behind
  7. Wilder is a grade a tail and youre archetypal pig , chip on shoulder, obsessed with Wednesday and obnoxious but he is a very good manager. The pigs will rue this decision like they did getting rid of warnock
  8. Both clubs are too busy worrying about the other club rather than looking at the big picture and the owners know being top dog in an underachieving city will keep the fans happy. It’s like arguing who’s the world’s tallest dwarf
  9. I never thought I’d see Wednesday win anything so 91 was special but Boxing Day and beating that lot at Wembley comes close
  10. Working on the assumption next year will be carried over yes but last season my daughter wasn’t entitled to a refund and I go as her carer. If the club said I’d have to pay for her again I would be mightily annoyed and probably wouldn’t even though she loves going but ironically doesn’t like football
  11. Why are we all surprised at our current demise.as a kid many moons ago I was always told we’d be back one day and indeed we were for an all too brief time but I was also told something that has proved far more prophetic ‘ Wednesday will always break your heart’ and they have and continue to do so
  12. It was a long time ago but seems like forever even though I remember it like yesterday. Even though 89/90 wasn’t great performance wise you could see a team taking shape. The first time I saw palmer I thought what a player, I never thought we would have a better right back than zico but Nilsson was a world class player and Sheridan showed me what a proper football player was. When we went down you knew we would go back up because of the players we had but most of all the manager who was so charismatic we would follow him to the end of the earth. The league cup was a bonus a fantastic one but a
  13. I can think of many things I would love to see sophy do than interview the chairman
  14. I’m not saying the Brentford/ Barnsley way isn’t the way chansiri should have gone neither am I advocating how he has done things. I just believe that if for instance he had sold forestieri, bannan and hooper after Wembley and replaced them with unknowns the meltdown would have been huge. Unfortunately we don’t have the patience or mindset for a long term plan, most fans were more than happy for him to spend big and go for it no matter the potential pitfalls
  15. They have a formula/system that works for them, it wouldn’t work for us. At the end of the season they will sell most of their best players and if that results in relegation it won’t be a disaster. If chansiri adopted the Barnsley way he’d be slaughtered
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