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  1. jamiejohn

    WORLD CUP 2018 Matchday Thread

    For me Southgate has done the first part of his job he’s made watching England enjoyable and given us hope . Going forward we need to cut out the sloppiness we’re great going forward but we create problems for ourselves, I’d bring rose in for young and Rashford for sterling but I suspect he won’t the only change I can see for the second round is alli coming back but I’m still hopeful we can get to the quarterfinals and have a chance of going further due to our attacking threat
  2. One thing I will say no matter who George plays for no matter what he achieves he will never be as welcomed be backed and willed to do well and be greeted with a roar as he would have done running out at hillsborough the lads missed his best chance ever to kick start his career
  3. He’s a great player at this level on form as good as anyone in the division makes us so much better, lifts the team and fans desperately hope we keep him and bazza
  4. Wether the rumours are true or not jaoa needs offering a new deal even if we believe he won’t sign it . I’ve said for a long time he is our only player we have who potentially could have a flourishing career at the highest level and therefore potentially our most valuable asset
  5. jamiejohn

    Best free kick

    Yes and boy does it annoy me that it’s known as le tissiers when shez has done it two times already
  6. jamiejohn

    The future of Joao

    Needs signing up to a new deal could be a big player for us and also increases his transfer value
  7. jamiejohn

    25 years ago tonight !

    The thing I remember little or nothing of the game other than the key moments I never have unfortunately I can remember the big moments as if they were yesterday particularly brights Miss, bright was a very good player who would normally have buried such a chance but the enormity of it obviously got to him he didn't know wether to blast it or place it I've always wished it had been bright who layed it off to hirsty I'm fairly certain of what he would have done and sure it would have led to a goal and victory
  8. jamiejohn

    25 years ago tonight !

    Broke my heart still flashes through my mind to this day not woods error but brights Miss. still think if we'd have had one centre back available and been able to play palmer midfield we would have won and maybe changed the course of our history
  9. Liam brady probably the best player in English football at the time owen unbelievable how good he was at that age would have broken England goalscoring record by a mile but for injuries gazza the best player I've ever seen live a genius who played the game like a school kid if he had a brain could have been the best player ever
  10. jamiejohn

    We Are Going Up.

    We can certainly get promotion that isn't to say we will but I have faith in jos and dc to give it a go
  11. jamiejohn

    Who’s next to sign for #SWFC ?

    Jaoa and bannan need tying down to new contracts jaoa especially if he takes his form into next season he will be a key player and also worth a lot of money but only if he signs
  12. Jos has got him to get in the right areas to score, under Carlos it was always deemed to be the service it isn't get in the right place and goals will come especially when you're atdhes size
  13. jamiejohn

    Ash Baker

    Looks a natural defender which given we want to play different systems will stand him in good stead in regards to being involved especially as palmer is likely to leave and hunt is injury prone. Like all the other young lads given a chance lately I can't see him being a regular starter as yet I think jos is looking to cover some of the inevitable departures from within rather than wasting money better used elsewhere
  14. jamiejohn

    Glenn Loovens "My Time Has Come"

    We were an absolute shambles at the back when he signed and I like many saw it as a panic buy, but almost immediately with a thrown together defence we looked organised and solid that was mainly down to loovens. The next three seasons with a regular partner and a better team we set clean sheet records and were very good defensively, loovens despite not being the best player in the back line was the lynchpin as the only leader and organiser. he has been great for Wednesday and if we could find a 25 year old loovens mark 2 he would be the ideal summer recruitment
  15. jamiejohn

    Van Aken

    Hope he as enough of a pre season to hit the ground running. Despite what some say the lad has loads of natural talent yes he needs to work on the nuts and bolts of defending but that tends to come in time what he can do already can't be taught or learned you can pass and play or you can't and this lad certainly can give him a chance