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  1. Paul cook for me long term and short term. He’s worked his way up the football ladder and would have kept a poor Wigan side up last year bar off the field problems. He plays good football and seems to have the personality to deal with expectations and the chairman. I thought we missed a trick last time not giving him the job as I thought he would have another job by now, we won’t be that lucky again
  2. Every now and then even the very best players find a different level, waddle that day found it and it was a joy to behold. How has it come to this?
  3. We have definitely improved but we desperately need that first win and soon. The overall play was good again but good sides see it out or at least don’t lose. I feel pulis is the right man for the job but it’s long term and if we did go down he as to have the chance to see the job through Its a similar situation to big ron
  4. I think there will always be interested people because we have one thing and will always have it, potential. It’s why wolves got their investment why forest , derby and Leeds had rich owners willing to take on clubs in deep trouble. I believe if anyone takes over they will be seriously loaded but if they have football acumen we would have to see. Is the pulis appointment a sign DC is ready to sell ? I don’t think it necessarily does he could simply want us to stay up because he wants us to stay up
  5. Please go get Paul cook. A manager on a upward curve, plays good football, knows the division and is available. An absolute no brainer
  6. I’m convinced if Pearson had have stayed as ceo early on in the chairman’s tenure things would have been different. He was an experienced football man and had he stayed at least a season or two it would have shown DC that was what we needed. As it turned out he left quick sharp and we went on to reach the play off final in retrospect that was the worst thing that could happen has DC thought he had the Midas touch from then on its been downhill. For gods sake get a proper ceo in and let him run the club and get cook in ASAP. I can take relegation as long as we finally start to learn lessons
  7. I could see big mick or Pearson coming in and making us better organised and showing more fight things we could certainly do with but after that? Cook for me is someone on the up who could build a team and a philosophy long term. I’d be happy with any of the three but cook would be my preference
  8. As a short term solution big mick or Pearson would be ideal and would have the best chance of keeping us up but I would rather look long term, give cook a long term deal and don’t waver even if we get relegated give him time and eventually( when all the ffp stuff clears ) the money to really change the culture of the club, the playing style and our the fans perceptions of where we are heading. For me he is the most obvious and exciting option
  9. Hodge was without doubt the best keeper I’ve seen at Wednesday in my near 50 years of watching us . The 85/86 season was his peak and for me was the best English keeper that season and should have gone to the World Cup it’s just a shame he’s always remembered for the ogrizovic goal a complete and utter fluke
  10. Satisfied with our transfer window, some good players at this level and a good mix of young players and experience. We are obviously not shopping at the top level anymore but the chairman has certainly backed his manager
  11. This comes as no surprise to me as I believe that the long held aim of the really big clubs as been to have all games on PPV . That they have used a pandemic to bring it in and they have undoubtedly sold it to the smaller clubs as a short term solution to cover losses is shameful. Long term they will want games exclusively on their own channels to sell worldwide, just imagine how much man u can generate per game potentially tens of millions compared to the likes of Leicester and the pigs hundreds of thousands it will finally kill off any semblance of competition and send transfer fees and wage
  12. Wonderful season that will stay with me forever. From the first game at Swansea there was a feeling we would finally go up the Newcastle games city away Swansea at home in the snow you don’t forget those games. The only let down was not winning the league, there was nothing between us and chelsea ( can’t say that now) and it could have gone either way but it was still a fantastic season full of great memories for a 16 year old
  13. Ian Wright couldn’t abide the man david batty talentless crapbag morgan bully and a coward bradshaw hated us that much he was at the club years- hypocrite wise horrible little man
  14. I was worried stood at the back of the kop that colin west would knock my head off with his penalty against luton. Fortunately it sailed over me
  15. Hope we can get it reduced on appeal, but as it stands we have to take it on the chin and use as a chance for a long term rebuild. Next season will be about survival and nothing else there will be no expectation and hopefully a sense of togetherness will come out of it . I’ll be there when allowed and will support my club as always and hope this is the beginning rather than the end wawaw uto wtid
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