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  1. Van aken

    To be right I don't think you would find any championship centre backs with his passing ability and not to many in the premier league especially English centre backs
  2. Van aken

    Shows patience is a virtue, spent all summer looking at centre backs were linked with plenty mainly championship level ones but nothing came of it and panic set in among the fans but eventually we end up with a player who offers something none of the other players do.we may well have a gem one who could be at the club for years and at the highest level or who could fetch us a fortune
  3. Van aken

    The best thing is he looks more suited to premier league football hopefully with us or if not a huge profit
  4. Colin's Comments

    Warnocks one of those blokes that will say anything to suit the people he is with or the environment he is in his anti Wednesday comments while at the pigs were just playing to the fans , the fact he says every club he's at has the best fans ever and is his last job sums him up he's an unlikeable man who wants to be liked good manager but a bit of a wannabe
  5. Joost van Aken

    We look to have a player on our hands his passing is better than we could have got had we gone English and he looked composed and comfortable when defending could be our best signing in years as he could be around for years or we could make a huge profit on him early days I know but the signs are very good and could be even better suited to premier league football
  6. After spending most of the summer telling pigs not to get carried away thinking they would do well and wilder is a genius we now seen to be doing the same the truth is if we play well we should win no matter what the pigs do or how much passion they show
  7. It does seem churlish to criticise the chairman after all the money he has pumped into the club mainly on the squad and despite what some have us believe it's a great squad for this league,yes we have failed to go up but we have come mighty close and not so long ago such things where a pipe dream but every thing else seems the same or in some cases worse. The commercial side especially the kits is a joke communication is almost nonexistent and the stadium is being left with huge swathes of empty seats as SAG implement needless safety measures not everything is the chairmans fault and I'm sure he is as disappointed as us all with some of the failures if so I hope he will learn lessons and act the one thing that is obvious is the majority of fans have backed DC thus far despite spiralling costs but to maintain that a bit of good PR wouldn't go amiss so if I was him o would sell the new shirt at 30 quid a go and get people back onside l still back him and appreciate him but the club needs to up its game
  8. The prices are wrong we all know that but I don't blame DC I blame the game as a whole and FFP on particular we all want promotion, we all want top players non of us want our top players sold to balance the books and unfortunately the most obvious way to achieve this is to hit fans in the pocket ofcourse pig fans will say we are being ripped off but would you rather have a chairman who charges high but spends big or one who charges little but sells off every decent player
  9. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Love to see it highly doubt it
  10. FORESTIERI - FF is staying at SWFC

    Time to get him back in starting eleven wide left,forget what's gone and get our best player back to his best could be our best business of the window
  11. Must say not overly excited, butterfield is similar to what we already have just leaves us with more highly paid players not involved.winnall while not a world beater is certainly better than nuhui and has more impact than Jaoa why have they been kept after being out of the starting line up for ages i still see a lack of balance in the squad and although I'm very happy with van aken we should have done better
  12. Joost Van Aken Signs - OFFICIAL

    So have I but I've never been made to feel like an outsider in a work environment even worse at a company that actively promotes it
  13. Joost Van Aken Signs - OFFICIAL

    You obviously don't have to work with them
  14. George Hirst Off!!

    Massive difference in the scenarios. David was an experienced player coming of the back of a few hugely successful seasons and making his international debut who was subject of a British record bid from the biggest club in the country and he would have been playing for the first team. George is a young lad who has next to no first team experience who is coming off fantastic achievements for club and country at youth level who is subject of bids where he will swap one youth set up for another the truth is this has nothing to do with hirst sr not going to man u and regretting it it's about the young lads future which may be better served signing here and going out on loan rather than getting lost in a premier league teams academy at the end of the day his name may be a hindrance but is also a huge plus at Wednesday it wouldn't be elsewhere
  15. Rhodes and FF or Carlos

    So would you have a player who doesn't want to train and is a lot older or one who is a veteran above Rhodes?