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  1. Monk has a proven record of getting strikers firing, wood at Leeds Jutkiewicz at brum and others. Seems to be working his magic on fletcher and now against all odds Rhodes, a sign of a good manager
  2. Westwood obviously hunt first choice in our best team of recent times pudil super first season iorfa looks our best cb for years borner part of our best cb partnership of the post premiership years harsh to leave lees out but that’s my reasoning antonio our best player of the decade and to think some were glad to see the back of him lee at his best a terrific player hutchinson for balance but still a great player forestieri on the left his best position only behind Antonio in the talent stakes hooper the best striker we’ve owned in years wickham the only loan player I’ve included due to his excellence notable mentions for bannan Kirkland Semedo reda and fletcher
  3. But they were on the verge of insolvency with an owner most of the fans hated who suddenly they prefer to their new owner. They got lucky with wilder without him they would be in a bigger mess than we are
  4. We knew it was coming but boy it still stings and we’ll have probably months of speculation, worry and accusations. For me I still think the chairman has tried his best and undoubtedly has his heart in the right place unfortunately he probably came in 5 years to late, had he come in after promotion and before the advent of FFP we would probably have been promoted a few years ago. So are we guilty,probably,are others, don’t know we can only hope our legal people can get us out of it. Could it have been avoided,obviously but I’d put money on people accusing the chairman of a lack of ambition so what do we the fans do? Simple we support our club, whatever happens our club will survive and eventually we will prosper remember WAWAW
  5. We’ve had one penalty all season how many have Preston had ? Is it our style of play or do we have a black mark against us ? Probably a bit of both but it has to be said we haven’t had many penalties over a good few years
  6. I hope we sign a permanent striker in January even if it’s a gamble as we have a lot out of contract in the summer. We need to start building now although I’d still get one on loan to help this season
  7. Westwood 5 couple of top drawer saves but terrible distribution and at fault for both goals although I’d bet my mortgage if nuhui had been in a similar incident with a keeper like first goal it would have been given as a foul all day long palmer 6 steady fox 8 good game good goal is this the same Morgan fox we had last season lees 7 decent but poor distribution iorfa 8 few sloppy passes but generally very good harris 5 struggling of late but keeps trying needs to try something different murphy 7 decent game but should have scored bannan 6 some good moments but allowed their midfield too much space lee 6 ditto but did well for FFs goal nuhui 7 did well should have scored fletcher 7 usual performance unlucky not to score FF 6 showed some intent scored reach 7 more like it Rhodes 5 weak strange game could have been out of sight in first half hour fell behind and should have levelled early in second then didn’t look like scoring but took lead only to throw it away. We need to work on game management it’s costing us dear a bit of nouse and we are top two
  8. Although we definitely need signings in January to aide a promotion push I hope we have one eye on next season. Chances are we’ll still be a championship club one who are going to need a new strike force next year. I’d look to loan one striker and bring one in permanent maybe a bit of a gamble who can have time to settle.obviously if we snuck up everything would change but if we don’t at least we’d have made a start in the rebuilding process
  9. Bruce said it would take 3 or 4 windows to build a promotion capable squad and I think he was spot on . We’ve made a reasonable start to rebuilding, Börner , Luongo, Harris and iorfa are good additions and i believe Moses will eventually prove his worth. The next step will be vital but probably more difficult I may be wrong but all our forwards are out of contract this summer and given performance, wages , age and injury records that one at least applies to each of them I wouldn’t be surprised if none were offered a new deal or in Forestieri or fletchers case turned down any offer made. We should ideally start replacing them in January but this will prove difficult but until we do we should probably expect more of what we’ve seen this season, we may get lucky and make the play offs as it’s a poor league but I for one would be surprised but frustrated because if we can stay in touch 2 or 3 of the right players in January could see us go up
  10. Our best performances have come with two up front. Unlike the last few years we have a defence that is usually solid and doesn’t need excessive cover from midfield so we can afford to stick FF or nuhui up front with fletcher id also be tempted to try FF or Moses wide right instead of reach who’s getting progressively worse
  11. Think you’re right on Armstrong one of many deals that fell through because we paid low wages.
  12. Yes I agree they have a chance but it would take a good few years of on field superiority. City for instance are still not as big as Man U despite being far better for a good few years. Getting promoted ASAP would nip it in the bud, wilder jumping ship would also help as at the minute he’s the one reason they have the upper hand
  13. Im not a fan of rugby just doesn’t interest me but I hope England win as I’m English but if they don’t i won’t be upset on the other hand if Wednesday lose I’ll be well peed off till the next game
  14. The prices certainly help , United have a higher percentage of fans who go to games but that is from a smaller pool. There’s more people who are Wednesday fans than United and I would love DC make a promise to drop prices if we go up. But you have to remember we got bigger gates a few years back with restrictions on capacity and away followings when finishing fourth than they did last season. Reverse the prices and league placing and the gap in attendance would be huge
  15. Anyone who believes we wouldn’t average 30,000 in the premier league ( sag permitting) is living in cloud cuckoo land . The list of clubs who have done so since we got relegated is long and would be longer had clubs like stoke had bigger stadiums. Apart from a few most of those clubs will never have been among the top six supported clubs in the land for a number of seasons. We are no different to other clubs if we go up we will see a huge surge in attendance the trick will be to maintain and gradually grow to the point we have to redevelop or move has others from a lower starting point have on the back of little or no real success merely being in the premier league
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