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  1. jamiejohn

    The shadow of The Blades

    Sheffield is a very unique footballing city built on undeserved loyalty of two sets of fans who get little or nothing in return. They managed two seasons in my time following Wednesday were they’ve competed at the top of the league but it was the third tier , hardly comparable to Manchester or Merseyside is it. The general feeling among fans of both clubs and the football world is that Wednesday are the bigger club I know many pigs who will admit it but don’t think any Wednesday fans who would say the opposite of course this doesn’t mean they haven’t been better than us at times, they certainly are now but Sheffield football goes in cycles and our time will come again. Do I feel in their shadow? Certainly not and never will. How can you be overawed by a club who haven’t done anything of note for almost a century. Let’s just get behind our team come March fourth and derail the promotion push
  2. jamiejohn

    Steve Bruce

    The job is huge seemingly impossible if you look at it realistically. We have a team who have gone from two play off seasons to being a mile off a is two years older and have lots of players out of contract in the summer. We have the prospect of an embargo looming and our saleable assets values have dropped considerably. Meanwhile our neighbours are looking a good bet for promotion despite spending peanuts and that’s effecting the morale of the club like it or not. I wonder why Bruce who can afford to bide is time waiting for the right job came here. Do he and the chairman know something we don’t ? Is he simply excited by the challenge of turning us around. One thing is certain it won’t be easy it may take a long time we have to be patient, Bruce is as good as we could get and has the skillset to do it. Just see this season as over let him learn what he needs to about the squad hope we beat the pigs and they don’t go up and look to next season and hope we start moving in the right direction
  3. jamiejohn


    Bruce is old school he will make us solid first then look to make us more effective up front. He’s already worked out bannan is wasted out wide reach is better wide the rest will be worked on between now and the end of the season. The big question is will Bruce get the chance to make a quick turnaround in personnel in the summer, it’s needed but like every aspect of team building is in the hands of FFP
  4. Mark chamberlain a seriously talented footballer who could have been the waddle of that era but Wilkinson was determined to coach the flair out of him same as he did with siggi. But in all my time following Wednesday it has to be hirsty who was the best striker I’ve seen at Wednesday by a mile but with the right approach and luck could have been the player of his generation. He blinded Shearer on ability of not in ambition
  5. Except at charlton away when he gave one of the best performances I’ve seen from a Wednesday player, early eighties won 3-0
  6. We don’t have a penalty box player at the moment except hooper who hasn’t played in over a year. Bruce needs to bring one in or get one of our current players to forget dropping off, going out wide and play on the shoulder and to use a old term goal hang. The likes of jaoa, fletcher and FF are far better footballers than fat billy but clearly he’s told to stay in and around the box and not do to much more and thus scores loads of tap ins. I’d like to see jaoa given the same instructions as I think he’s the one who could score prolifically
  7. jamiejohn

    Man of the match -Reading (H)

    Westwood 7 little to do but two good saves when needed palmer 7 good game very good of late fox 6 did nothing wrong defensively but poor going forward slowed us down thorniley 6 solid uncomplicated hector 7 good player hope we can sign him up permanently hutchinson 7 typicall hutch but should have scored bannan 6 decent but needs to be more positive boyd 4 awful offers nothing reach 8 great first half best he’s played this season faded second half along with rest of team forestieri 6 some moments of quality but needs game time hopefully firing on all cylinders come derby day fletcher 6 worked hard little reward aarons 6 looks lively and very quick hope he starts Tuesday jaoa 6 looked to make something happen should have been on earlier nuhui 5 not on long but looked sluggish overall should have had game won by half time but faded after break, inability to take chances is worrying but at least now we make some
  8. jamiejohn

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Id say Roland was as good if not better than tassotti
  9. jamiejohn

    Roland Nilsson memories

    The best player I’ve ever seen at Wednesday, best player in his position in the league and arguably the world . He would have walked into milans side the best in the world at the time. Absolutely first class player and professional
  10. jamiejohn

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Still a massive long shot. We have a number of winnable games coming up but we have to win them and if we do then we would have key games against the likes of Bristol and derby win those and we may have a sniff but that is all. Personally I’d be more than happy if we show improvement and show that we aren’t that far off which I’ve always believed, if it wasn’t for our jos induced bad run we wouldn’t be far off, if he’d gone after Norwich as he should have done we wouldn’t be need a miracle our form since he went is top two and if we’d got what we deserved at West Brom and brum it would be exceptional. Just happy to have a class manager let’s hope he can get a win against pigs to really get the ball rolling
  11. jamiejohn

    Why aren't we selling?

    I firmly believe DC is in dialogue with other owners with regards to P&S and believes there’s enough support to force a change in spending limits if not enough for them to be scrapped. Of course the level of support will be affected by who goes up and who goes down and who comes down and up but if no change comes around he will sell in the summer and hopefully some players will increase in value
  12. jamiejohn

    Reality check

    When you get a good manager in you need to give them time more so in our position. It has to be remembered big Ron took us down before he got the balance right. Give this bloke time and eventually money he will get us there , his record shows that, mind beating the pigs will give him a head start
  13. jamiejohn

    Team for Saturday

    Think this is more likely. Jaoa will definitely be a Bruce player
  14. jamiejohn

    lee Bullen

    Condolences and best wishes lee wawaw
  15. The more time passes the more I think DC is relying on a relaxation in FFP where permitted losses will be increased giving us a reprieve. I would expect many clubs would be happy to abolish it altogether but it is far more likely to be altered and I think that’s what we are hoping for. Wether this happens or not we should still look to move players on, out of contact and out of favour players first then some who carry value, we need to give Bruce room to build his own team