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  1. I saw the other day that forests upgrade will cost 100 million for a mere 8000 increase in capacity . That to me seems a bad investment much better to move and get the attendance boost new stadiums invariably bring . I’d sooner us go all in
  2. The very people who caused the disaster are determined to make the stadium unusable . There is no point fighting this whatever we do they will find a problem so upsticks and move to a new stadium progress our club and take business away from the council, syp and sag leave them with the pigs and the lane
  3. Said it for a long time if we need to sell reach is the one to go, probably fetch the most money and although he’s a good player he doesn’t fit into our preferred systems. I’d have preferred jaoa or FF in his role today. With prices the way they are he could bring 10 million plus in that we allow to bring in hector and maybe a couple more. Wether this happens I don’t know think we’re more likely to move rhodes and winnall but hopefully not jaoa
  4. Absolute no brainier. If the inevitable happens hughton has to be first choice, I was delighted when we got Bruce and see CH as a like for like replacement, similar ages, CVs, style of play and he would also have a larger budget due to the compensation. Hughton did an amazing job at Brighton who were awful when he took over but became the ideal championship side on little money under his watch he also strikes me as one of footballs nice guys.. so as I say a no brainier hope DC is already on it
  5. If you have the budget and players city have and you want success with panache peps your man. If you’re in the championship with lesser players and a fraction of the budget he isn’t Steve Bruce probably is. Pep would certainly make us better to watch wether he would get us up is another matter
  6. While I know nothing about accounting and finance I can only assume this is a way out of our FFP problems. Wether that would mean a return to big spending or a more sensible approach time will tell but either way I’m sure the chairman will at last be getting prudent advice from A proper football man in Bruce
  7. Challenging which I think with a manager like Bruce will be possible come what may, give him a reasonable budget and top 6 is the least we can expect. If we don’t go up this year I expect a bigger budget next summer and if we don’t go up the critics will be out in force but I think we have the right man given time he will get us up
  8. Treva was a good manager who played the best football I’ve seen at Wednesday and bought some fantastic players including a footballer of the year. He got us to two cup finals and Europe. We made a huge mistake sacking him because just as top European players came to England we got rid of someone who had great contacts abroad, we wouldn’t have got walker and petrescu without him and would have got some top talent with him. His dismissal was a case of be careful what you wish for
  9. Mellor was a strange player technically gifted but lacked get up and go a target of the boo boys and very much a subject of criticism but the scorer of two of our most iconic goals that gives him a lasting place in Wednesday folklore. My abiding memory of him is in one of our rare appearances on YTVs Sunday football highlights of someone clearly shouting ‘ get in him mellor ‘which sort of summed him up
  10. Gazza just before the World Cup simply brilliant by far the best player I’ve seen live and probably would be had we been in the top division ever since a genius
  11. I hate two clubs with a passion, the pigs obviously as our city rivals and Leeds for a whole host of reasons but mainly because they are Leeds. Everyone else I’m indifferent about and only want certain results if it affects us. I don’t mind city at all because despite the billions their fans where tremendously loyal through the bad times and sharing a city with the countrys biggest club and despite the success they don’t seem to have attracted the plastic fans as of yet, but then again I don’t mind Liverpool they are fantastic to watch
  12. Think it will be more than 5 or 6 . The defence needs at least 3 even if we get hector and keep van aken and fox we need a first choice left back and some depth at centre back, if hector leaves we need a top class CB . In midfield we only have bannan, reach, hutchinson and lee who are good enough with huge questions on hutchinson and lee fitness wise and joey not up to it we need a dcm a creative midfield player to cover BB and two wingers. Up front we have the numbers but all are either injury prone, inconsistent or way off form, this may be Bruce’s toughest job deciding who to keep who to sell and of course who to bring in. I can see the overall number of incomings being about 10 but have great faith that Bruce will get it right
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