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  1. What is clear is to move the club forward to become an established premier League club the stadium cannot stay as it is. A major refurbishment of hillsborough or a new stadium are a necessity what I can never understand is those who advocate a 35000 capacity. Take a look at the average attendances the year before the first premier League season we were fourth highest with 29500 , only three clubs averaged over 30000 last season twelve clubs averaged over 30000. That tells you how crowds at the top level have grown o believe we would easily average 33/34 thousand in the premier League more if capacity was higher. We should for me be looking at a 45000 World Cup ready stadium at least otherwise the undoubted potential the club has is wasted. Much as it pains me to say it I can only see that potential being fulfilled away from our current home
  2. The only one I would definitely keep if he can prove his fitness is Kieran lee . He’s one of the best players in the league in a position were we are short
  3. jamiejohn

    I think Jos is doing a good job

    Carlos was a decent manager who left a mess jos is a decent manager who when he goes will leave his successor with a good situation. I hope he’s given time to build, he could be a big jack or a Wilkinson
  4. Dawson 6 despite some dodgy moments and poor distribution some good saves that earned a point baker 5 not quite ready but doesn’t lack effort, still think he’ll make a decent player penney 6 decent against tough opponents seemed to move into midfield and almost scored thorniley 6 stuck to his defensive duties well natural defender for me lees 6 defended well awful distribution hector 7 best of our defensive unit did well bannan 6 didn’t get on ball enough but great effort pellupessy 5 forgot he was playing at times reach 7 fantastic goal close to getting another but not involved enough fletcher 6 isolated thus no impact forestieri 7 the only player who seemed to worry them harshly treated by ref nuhui 5 played to deep should have been on last man jaoa 5 not involved overall poor couldn’t keep hold of the ball seemed scared to play but battled well
  5. jamiejohn

    Holte End

    From Rotterdam to Rotherham
  6. jamiejohn


    Needs offering a deal now and a good one, him and Thorniley are our future defence wise all we need is a leader in the mould of Lyons or loovens unfortunately lees good a player as he is isn’t a great organiser . I also think baker has a future he just needs time. Different players develop at different speeds
  7. jamiejohn

    Lucas Joao

    Just shy of 3 years ago he was clearly our most valuable asset and the one player we had who could have gone to a real top club . For various reasons he went backwards dramatically but in the last 9 months he’s looked that player again, the reason? Jos showing belief in him has worked wonders
  8. jamiejohn


    He will be back in the starting line up when jos believes he’s got whatever message he’s trying to get across. It’s called man management something we’ve needed for a long time
  9. jamiejohn

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    No speaking hypothetically
  10. jamiejohn

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    That’s the reason I hate Leeds , the massive bias shown by look north , calendar and the regional highlight shows when I was a kid gave me a lifelong hatred of them .
  11. jamiejohn

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    Tell Leeds bids start at 15 million encourage a bidding war and if our terms aren’t met keep him. He’s our best player and our talisman, unless selling him solves our FFP problems and allows us to replace him even if it’s with a gamble we would be better served keeping him plus I don’t want him to go to that scum club
  12. jamiejohn


    Fletcher is a good player but finishing is not his strong point never has been in all honesty
  13. jamiejohn

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Obviously we want rid, expect him out on loan soon , shame but must be seen as expendable were as in recent times we’ve bent over backwards to keep him
  14. jamiejohn

    Morgan Fox

    The most static wing back I’ve ever seen, plays like an injured player in the days before subs, stick him on the wing out of the way. Thorniley is twice the player out of position
  15. jamiejohn

    Player Ratings (non OPTA)

    Dawson 7 did well almost kept out the goal Baker 8 very good game has the makings of an excellent right back and a good wing back Fox 4 started poorly and got worse only good thing he did was injure himself Lees 7 decent needs a settled defence around him Hutchinson 7 best defender at the club must stay at centre half Pudil 6 steady pellupessy 5 far to lax in possession good attitude doesn’t hide a lot of flaws Bannan 7 tried to be the creative hub but was too deep too often because joey offers no protection Reach 7 superb energy some great crosses but needs a more defined role FF 7 need to get him on ball more because when he did get it he was excellent, superb bit of skill almost brought winner Fletcher 7 very good all round game except the most important part should have won us game Thorniley 7 improved back line as soon as he came on must start next game Mattais 6 some nice touches and plenty of endeavour just not what was required at the time but that’s not his fault overall to slow a start but should have won midfield needs sorting ASAP to give bazza more freedom, we need to persist with the young players and we need more fit strikers for better options