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  1. Said it before and will say it again any decent offer for reach snatch their hands off. A worldie every now and then isn’t enough
  2. Although the council are complicit in all these sanctions against the club I think darker forces namely the pigs are behind this. They are so desperate to claim the city and although they currently have the upper hand they know if we went up we would without restrictions get bigger crowds. It’s funny how key people making these decisions have links to United and they have no restrictions despite more violence occurring at the lane . I’d just move to a bigger better stadium although I suspect they’d stick their snouts into that
  3. Westwood 7 not much to do but superb game winning save moses 7 thought he did well palmer 7 steady needs to work on his left peg iorfa 8 won everything in the air tackled well looking a good CB borner 8 how has he not played at a higher level super player joey 8 excellent game MOM loungo 7 decent game good goal bannan 8 played further forward some good passes nearly scored twice Harris 7 a constant threat keeps going reach. 7 good first half faded second half but provided assist fletcher 8 great example of how to lead the line perfectly good goal chalked off lee 6 some nice touches nuhui 6 did what we needed him to do murphy 5 offered very little deserved win but made hard work of it not helped by incompetent officials
  4. Probably worded it wrong, reach can be effective wide in a midfield 4 but we don’t have a central midfield 2 who can dominate the opposition we need 3 and even then hutchinson plays so deep it ends up as a 2 anyway . I don’t think he fits in a 433 as he isn’t a CM and doesn’t get closer enough to the centre forward to play up front. I think we have more suitable players if we go 532 or 352 and 541 leaves us painfully short attacking wise . Yes reach is a decent player but I’d still sell if good money came in buy some midfielders and use other players wide( fessi Harris who are more of a threat
  5. Said it for last 2 windows if a decent offer comes in sell. Doesn’t do enough and doesn’t fit any system
  6. Westwood 5 very little to do should have done better with goal moses 6 ok defensively nowt going forward the opposite of what you expect palmer 7 steady game iorfa 7 defended well shaky on ball at times borner8 natural defender if he was a yard faster or a few inches taller he’d be in PL if he was both he’d be a superstar lee 5 forgot he was playing bannan 6 terrible first half improved as game wore on reach 6 had some good moments first half then disappeared harris 7 clearly our best chance of creating something kept going and created goal need to get him on ball 1v2 in last third hutchinson 6 again too deep which leads to us losing midfield fletcher 7 battled manfully with no support murphy 6 saw very little of the ball winnall 6 hustle and bustle but little impact nuhui 8 changed game created mayhem overall we struggled to get the ball or keep it but Fulham created next to nothing midfield needs bolstering perhaps luongo needs to be given a go and fletcher needs support
  7. I can’t say I’m doing cartwheels neither am I peed off . He’s a decent manager who could be a success or could be another one who just does a passable job with no long term . I was all for houghton originally but after he declined only cowley had me excited and looking forward to long term planning and a winning culture. Saying all that Garry will get my full backing and patience, good luck Garry wawaw
  8. Can’t particularly blame the forwards today as our non existent midfield gave them nothing. FF and Harris got no supply and fletcher was fighting a lone battle. A new manager needs to stiffen the midfield up, stop hutchinson playing as a third CB and bring lee or Luongo in for reach
  9. We obviously need a manager ASAP but I feel chansiri has been waiting for the right man ( houghton) but he doesn’t seem interested so he’s going to have to change tack before the seasons over as far as promotion is concerned. Bullens being oblivious to our lack of a midfield in the first half is shocking and the fact he didn’t properly address it when we went behind tells you he’s no manager. I think rowett may be a good compromise if houghton isn’t coming
  10. I saw the other day that forests upgrade will cost 100 million for a mere 8000 increase in capacity . That to me seems a bad investment much better to move and get the attendance boost new stadiums invariably bring . I’d sooner us go all in
  11. The very people who caused the disaster are determined to make the stadium unusable . There is no point fighting this whatever we do they will find a problem so upsticks and move to a new stadium progress our club and take business away from the council, syp and sag leave them with the pigs and the lane
  12. Said it for a long time if we need to sell reach is the one to go, probably fetch the most money and although he’s a good player he doesn’t fit into our preferred systems. I’d have preferred jaoa or FF in his role today. With prices the way they are he could bring 10 million plus in that we allow to bring in hector and maybe a couple more. Wether this happens I don’t know think we’re more likely to move rhodes and winnall but hopefully not jaoa
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