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  1. jamiejohn

    Has there ever ?

    My biggest problem with the multi year STs was if we did get promoted. I hoped as a reward for backing the club financially prices would have been reduced drastically on promotion it would also have helped keep attendances high if we had stayed up something we’ve always struggled to do . The long term deals prevented that although at the moment that isn’t a concern
  2. jamiejohn


    Perhaps it wasn’t one marwood or waddle would be proud of but it was a ball put over that created a clear chance. My point is having a system that leads to more crosses would be more productive given the strikers available to us
  3. jamiejohn


    Exactly my point
  4. jamiejohn


    Today we put two decent crosses in scored one and should have got another, this beggars the question why don’t we put more balls in the box both our full backs today can’t or won’t put a cross over why are they not working on it in training. I’d have them doing drills for an hour a day hitting crosses surely that’s common sense. Why is our only natural wide man played anywhere but wide left his preferred position where he can get crosses in. Any decent manager bearing in mind we had two tall strikers on the pitch would make this a priority unfortunately jos isn’t in that category
  5. jamiejohn


    I’m not one for calling for managers to go and I sort of get the decision to go with the kids but this bloke isn’t the answer. No charisma, no passion, dreadful tactics and baffling team selections add up to disaster. As to who replaces him I have no idea but a megson type is called for maybe even megson himself
  6. jamiejohn


    The problem is we aren’t skint we’ve been mismanaged, for the first time ever we have a loaded chairman but he may as well be potless
  7. jamiejohn

    That performance.......

    Thought we played okay today were the better team and should have got at least a point. But the performance was typical of a side who get relegated while derby pinched a win like promotion winning sides do. They had two decent chances that came from luck and our errors but finished them superbly we had two great chances we created and missed them. We desperately need a win hopefully a similar performance will bring one Tuesday
  8. jamiejohn

    Automatic Promotion

    Was a fantastic season and showed me as a young lad what this club can be when it gets moving in the right direction. Some of the followings that season were remarkable the momentum took us close to success the following two years but lack of ambition killed it. What we could have done with a loaded owner prepared to spend big?
  9. Colin the dustbin man walker , scored an hat trick against Stockport but was so out of his depth in the league it was laughable
  10. Westwood for me has been one of the best keepers I have seen at Wednesday in his first season maybe the best and was excellent the following two. It’s a crying shame things have ended up the way they have but it would be in everyone’s interest for him to move on in January but please not Leeds
  11. The question should be are the premier League onboard? Do they see it as viable, would they operate a closed shop of two divisions? Is a broadcaster interested, would it have to be sky. Would the EFL be cut adrift or would there be strict entry qualifications to make relegation/ promotion unlikely or is it just a ruse to pry more money from sky and for some clubs a way of getting rid of FFP. Until we have more information it’s impossible to make a judgment on whether it’s a good or bad idea
  12. jamiejohn

    The City Is Theirs

    They undoubtedly have a better team mainly down to having a better manager,they also timed their promotion to a tee just as we couldn’t spend and the manager ran out of ideas. You can’t deny their ascendency on the pitch but Sheffield will always be ours we will always be a bigger club. When they played their previous home game they had a thousand more fans than we had in our last game given form that’s poor add in the prices that’s shocking. If they don’t go up McCabe will sell players wilder will eventually leave or run out of miracles we will be able to spend again and hopefully better then the true reality of football in Sheffield will return
  13. Was good to finally get a clean sheet especially against them, nice to see a bit of fight in the team after last week and not a bad result considering but the style of play, lack of cohesion and attacking intent is shocking. We still have some good players enough to at least try to win games. There’s nothing wrong with setting up solid and organised but to have no outlet is inexcusable
  14. jamiejohn

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    Money and when FFP isn’t a worry we’ll pay it or should I say chansiri will. We are not skint he is not skint it’s FFP . I can guarantee McCabe will never get the pigs in this position because he won’t put money in to start with
  15. jamiejohn

    Chansiri kicking off

    Yes he was so lucky to inherit waddle bright and warhurst who played such a big part in that era