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  1. jamiejohn


    Fletcher is a good player but finishing is not his strong point never has been in all honesty
  2. jamiejohn

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Obviously we want rid, expect him out on loan soon , shame but must be seen as expendable were as in recent times we’ve bent over backwards to keep him
  3. jamiejohn

    Morgan Fox

    The most static wing back I’ve ever seen, plays like an injured player in the days before subs, stick him on the wing out of the way. Thorniley is twice the player out of position
  4. jamiejohn

    Player Ratings (non OPTA)

    Dawson 7 did well almost kept out the goal Baker 8 very good game has the makings of an excellent right back and a good wing back Fox 4 started poorly and got worse only good thing he did was injure himself Lees 7 decent needs a settled defence around him Hutchinson 7 best defender at the club must stay at centre half Pudil 6 steady pellupessy 5 far to lax in possession good attitude doesn’t hide a lot of flaws Bannan 7 tried to be the creative hub but was too deep too often because joey offers no protection Reach 7 superb energy some great crosses but needs a more defined role FF 7 need to get him on ball more because when he did get it he was excellent, superb bit of skill almost brought winner Fletcher 7 very good all round game except the most important part should have won us game Thorniley 7 improved back line as soon as he came on must start next game Mattais 6 some nice touches and plenty of endeavour just not what was required at the time but that’s not his fault overall to slow a start but should have won midfield needs sorting ASAP to give bazza more freedom, we need to persist with the young players and we need more fit strikers for better options
  5. jamiejohn

    van Aken

    I had such high hopes for this lad because whatever anyone says he can play football, the fact he can’t defend seems to have taken away his passing ability as well. Change of position maybe? The lad can play with me ball but not without it
  6. So the EFL make no mention of us at all after the recent meeting while Birmingham are under an embargo ( but can still bring players in) villa are mentioned specifically with figures of 40 million mentioned yet a local journalist who always seems to have it in for us and will have an axe to grind given recent events says we are and everyone takes his word as law I’m not saying it’s not true and I suspect we’re at least on a warming but lets at least waite until we get something official from the club or the EFL before we go into a meltdown
  7. Dawson palmer reach lees pudil hutchinson bannan pellupessy forestieri fletcher jaoa subs wildsmith Baker boyd van aken nuhui jones mattais
  8. If we are under an embargo can we still make loan deals or sign free agents. I know you used to be allowed but don’t know if that’s still the case
  9. The rule may have been proven legal but it doesn’t mean it’s right. Given the current market it at least needs modifications if not abolishing. If someone pays all the bills who has the right to tell them how to spend their money
  10. It’s the championship except the unexpected. Do the right deals in the next fortnight and with players like FF , bannan, lees , lee and such we can certainly challenge but get it wrong we could struggle. That’s the beauty of this league you never know
  11. To be honest I’d listen to offers for both, fletcher is decent when fit hooper excellent but they rarely are. I’d look at moving them on and bring younger players in
  12. I heard of a pig they enquired about jaoa but he was on 35 grand a week and they also asked about one of our midfielders who was on 40 grand. One I don’t believe the figures regarding jaoa and two the only midfield player on that money is abdi who they can have but i don’t think would want . I call bull or stirring
  13. jamiejohn

    Forest Away

    Isn’t that the valley
  14. jamiejohn


    If we were under an embargo I’m sure we would know by now as for DC walking away, he doesn’t strike me as the sort to do that. We seem at the minute to be handling a difficult position quite well I just hope we start the season with FF and bannan because if we do we have every chance
  15. jamiejohn

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    If any deal allowed us to make improved contact offers to jaoa and bannan and save something on the wage bill then get it done