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  1. Of course Westwood will attract serious interest from top championship clubs but he has ever since he came. I imagine he would have got a hefty pay hike if he had left after his first season but he stayed despite us not being regarded as promotion material. He seems to be the sort who puts happiness before money so hopefully now we have a top manager who will realise his worth he will be prepared to sign up if we make a decent offer
  2. Bruce can and will make the right decisions I’m very confident we will at least be in the play offs next season
  3. No doubt the decisions we face this summer are difficult not only with the out of contact players but with all players at the club. Are they good enough, are they fit and available often enough can we afford them and all under the shadow of FFP that will dictate what we can spend on transfers and wages, how much we have to bring in , what size squad we have fortunately most of the football decisions will be left to our biggest asset, our best asset our manager bruce will know what he wants and if money is tight has great knowledge of the markets we will need to operate in. I have every faith he will have a squad that can and will compete at the top end of the table and if we can avoid an embargo can aim for top two
  4. For the first time in years we have a manager who I have total faith in not only to bring in the right players but to retain and release the right players. Bruce knows what is needed and has a proven record of finding the right players wether it’s from the lower leagues, Scotland or further afield and contrary to what some would have you believe not always for top dollar, his use of the loan market is also outstanding
  5. We were extremely unlucky against villa but the squad does need and will get a major overhaul, due to expiring contracts and loanees returning to parent clubs I estimate with Westwood and palmer hopefully agreeing new deals we would need 3 or4 new defenders assuming Bruce rates penney, van aken and Thorniley if not more. We need maybe 5 new midfielders if their are no sales and we keep joey who isn’t good enough. Upfront we will have numbers but no one who is available on form and scores enough. I can only see fletcher definitely being here because as well as being a good player is unmovable the rest I don’t know they have talent but also flaws . One thing in our favour is when we need the biggest rebuild in years we have a manager who knows what he’s doing and the contacts and nouse to do it
  6. Given time this bloke will get us up. The only thing that could prove an obstacle is overly punitive punishments and restrictions imposed by the EFL that could stymie Bruce
  7. Gave it hector thought he was again superb, bannan was very good as was hutchinson and lees , fletcher battled well but didn’t bring his shooting boots and Hooper reminded us of his quality despite clearly not being fully fit. Thought we played fantastic can’t believe we lost but that’s football, the game may be up for this season but I am optimistic about next season
  8. The fact mr chansiri has done nothing permanent to the ground when it is in dire need suggests to me he is looking to move. I know everyone has their own view on how big any stadium should be and I can see all points of view. My position is simple i want my club to finally fulfill it’s much vaunted potential , I’ll be honest I’m sick of seeing others who we have been on a par with before grow and leave us behind and I hate the idea of the pigs having a bigger stadium and potentially hosting World Cup football, thats our place in Sheffield. I want us to think big to aim high and look to grow and I believe our club can do it . I’ve had forty odd years of us invariably failing I want whatever time I have left to be different, better. I’d rather go Sunderland than Derby and give it a go
  9. You get a 30/35000 average by big crowds balancing out the lower ones . Don’t you think we would get 45/50000 for big games in the premier league of which there are more than when we last played in it. A stadium isn’t just for games against Burnley, Bournemouth etc but also Man U , Liverpool and the other big clubs. Also any success would see our fan base grow in what is a much bigger competition than what it was the last time we played in it
  10. Larger than life character who as well as undoubted talent came with a swagger which the team needed and perhaps more importantly we the fans needed. Was a shame how it ended but that he’s still an hero to us all says everything you need to know about him
  11. I hope Bruce can work on him during the summer, if he can become an half decent defender his passing ability will make him a very good player
  12. The amount Birmingham lost seems to be less than we have if what the chairman said in the last forum is anything to go by. Wether our efforts to comply have saved us from any sanctions we’ll see but it is encouraging that unlike Birmingham we have not been charged nor has there been any inkling of any charges. What is clear is the whole thing is a mess what can be done by the EFL I don’t know whilever the premier league carries on as it pleases any rules will always have pitfalls, the games business model is deeply flawed and beyond repair. I think this close season will see an increase in permitted losses as a sticking plaster rather than a solution
  13. Injuries may be a problem but we could also have lazaar,FF , Hooper and anomah back for the last few games and potentially play offs. Imagine today’s starting eleven with them on the bench
  14. Having just perused everyone else’s remaining fixtures if we win our key games I think we’ll do it and unfortunately we will need a few favours from the pigs, mind I think it would pee them off enormously if they went up and we trumped them by winning the play offs
  15. We have difficult games no doubt but on the other hand those teams won’t fancy playing us . Win our home games and pick up 6 or 7 points away especially if that includes beating Preston and I think we’ll do it. I think getting to the play offs may be the hardest part Bruce has a good record in them and as he says unless you win them you’ve failed it’s an attitude i like
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