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  1. If you have the budget and players city have and you want success with panache peps your man. If you’re in the championship with lesser players and a fraction of the budget he isn’t Steve Bruce probably is. Pep would certainly make us better to watch wether he would get us up is another matter
  2. While I know nothing about accounting and finance I can only assume this is a way out of our FFP problems. Wether that would mean a return to big spending or a more sensible approach time will tell but either way I’m sure the chairman will at last be getting prudent advice from A proper football man in Bruce
  3. Challenging which I think with a manager like Bruce will be possible come what may, give him a reasonable budget and top 6 is the least we can expect. If we don’t go up this year I expect a bigger budget next summer and if we don’t go up the critics will be out in force but I think we have the right man given time he will get us up
  4. Treva was a good manager who played the best football I’ve seen at Wednesday and bought some fantastic players including a footballer of the year. He got us to two cup finals and Europe. We made a huge mistake sacking him because just as top European players came to England we got rid of someone who had great contacts abroad, we wouldn’t have got walker and petrescu without him and would have got some top talent with him. His dismissal was a case of be careful what you wish for
  5. Mellor was a strange player technically gifted but lacked get up and go a target of the boo boys and very much a subject of criticism but the scorer of two of our most iconic goals that gives him a lasting place in Wednesday folklore. My abiding memory of him is in one of our rare appearances on YTVs Sunday football highlights of someone clearly shouting ‘ get in him mellor ‘which sort of summed him up
  6. Gazza just before the World Cup simply brilliant by far the best player I’ve seen live and probably would be had we been in the top division ever since a genius
  7. I hate two clubs with a passion, the pigs obviously as our city rivals and Leeds for a whole host of reasons but mainly because they are Leeds. Everyone else I’m indifferent about and only want certain results if it affects us. I don’t mind city at all because despite the billions their fans where tremendously loyal through the bad times and sharing a city with the countrys biggest club and despite the success they don’t seem to have attracted the plastic fans as of yet, but then again I don’t mind Liverpool they are fantastic to watch
  8. Think it will be more than 5 or 6 . The defence needs at least 3 even if we get hector and keep van aken and fox we need a first choice left back and some depth at centre back, if hector leaves we need a top class CB . In midfield we only have bannan, reach, hutchinson and lee who are good enough with huge questions on hutchinson and lee fitness wise and joey not up to it we need a dcm a creative midfield player to cover BB and two wingers. Up front we have the numbers but all are either injury prone, inconsistent or way off form, this may be Bruce’s toughest job deciding who to keep who to sell and of course who to bring in. I can see the overall number of incomings being about 10 but have great faith that Bruce will get it right
  9. Get the right man in charge and the rest will follow, we have the right man
  10. I’m sure given a fair go at it Bruce will have us at least around the play offs no embargo or points deduction top two is possible. Can’t understand how people think the pigs will be light years ahead of us they have less fans than us but more that go due to having three great years get in the premier league and we will get bigger crowds regardless of prices I don’t agree with our pricing structure but we are and always will be Sheffields biggest club. Keep your chin up stick your chest out and look pigs in the face when they give it the big un, you’re the privileged one not them form is temporary class is permanent
  11. Carlos was a decent manager who did well but came up short, we now have an excellent manager who given a fair chance will get us up. No need to constantly bash Carlos we’ve had far worse
  12. Of course Westwood will attract serious interest from top championship clubs but he has ever since he came. I imagine he would have got a hefty pay hike if he had left after his first season but he stayed despite us not being regarded as promotion material. He seems to be the sort who puts happiness before money so hopefully now we have a top manager who will realise his worth he will be prepared to sign up if we make a decent offer
  13. Bruce can and will make the right decisions I’m very confident we will at least be in the play offs next season
  14. No doubt the decisions we face this summer are difficult not only with the out of contact players but with all players at the club. Are they good enough, are they fit and available often enough can we afford them and all under the shadow of FFP that will dictate what we can spend on transfers and wages, how much we have to bring in , what size squad we have fortunately most of the football decisions will be left to our biggest asset, our best asset our manager bruce will know what he wants and if money is tight has great knowledge of the markets we will need to operate in. I have every faith he will have a squad that can and will compete at the top end of the table and if we can avoid an embargo can aim for top two
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