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  1. Stadium location?

    This debate will go on until the club make an announcement one way or the other. Whatever the decision is it will not please everyone but one thing is for sure the stadium as it is doesn't meet the criteria for a modern stadium facility or capacity wise The decision when it comes will be the biggest one made in a long long time maybe the biggest ever it will determine our future outline our ambitions and will impact the club for generations it needs to be the right one. My only condition either way would be we end up with a modern World Cup ready stadium with the facility's required for the modern era and although I hate to say it that will probably be away from hillsborough
  2. Sam Hutchinson for centre back

    Best centre half at the club always has been, play him with lees and van aken with the latter having license to roam you have it cracked
  3. FFP and avoiding an embargo

    I will admit to not knowing the exact ins and outs of an embargo but considering one thing we have learned this season is our back up players are nowhere near good enough it would be less likely and basically stupid to sell our star players when we can't replace them. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep hold of say FF than sell him below his true value and hope we can replace him with a cheap loan. Sell players by all means release out of contract players try and get some dead wood out the door but don't put the our hopes to bed if we don't have to
  4. Agreed been a great player for us but unfortunately his time is up he needs to be out of the team for his good as much as ours let's remember the good times
  5. Leeds tho!

    If the was who is the most vile,despicable, cheating, corrupt club with the most deluded,obnoxious and violent fans their wouldn't be a debate Leeds would win hands down a club who ditched history in 1919 to try and hide malpractice who went years with nothing but john Charles to shout about who got took over by a crook who bribed them from the depths of division two to the top whose fans habitually try to get games abandoned through violence when losing who have gone down the administration route when in financial trouble while trying to beat the system who brag about crowds when it suits despite being the biggest city in the country with one club who have had more crooks involved with them than the maffia the list is endless. Argue all day who's the biggest club I will always say Wednesday but never argue who's the best because that's definitely Wednesday
  6. Mine and lads bought today must be crackers but wawaw
  7. Tricky Trev

    Fantastic player one of English footballs best in his era and one of the few who did well in Italian football was still quality when he joined us in his twilight years. Great manager for us produced our best team in my lifetime ( waddle , warhurst, bright where his players and the main men in our Wembley runs) gave us the most exciting season I've seen and was hounded out after one poor season when we were crippled by injuries it was definitely a case of be careful what you wish for and is very reminiscent of recent times
  8. Boyd and Reach

    Reach is made for the wing back role when bannan and Hutchinson return he should be switched there, Boyd when everyone is back is a squad player/ benchwarmer no more
  9. Think I'm right in saying next year is the final year for Lucas think we need to offer him a new deal. Been a revalation since Christmas and we can't afford to let his contract run down
  10. Player rating from today

    Wildsmith 7 some very good saves terrible kicking hunt 5 got in some great positions wasted every one boyd 6 great finish but never a wing back when bannan and Hutchinson return reach should play there lees 8 mom great game vernancio 6 mixed game some very good moments some poor pudil 7 steady but gives away a lot of free kicks reach 7 lot of effort great ball in build to goal but needs to be wide to get best out of him pellupessy 6 looks lightweight mayde better in a 2 with someone like Hutchinson clare 6 tried but nowhere near derby or villa performances nuihu 6 plenty of effort some nice touches but tired badly jaoa 7 the only player who looks like doing anything going forward not his best game but still better than any other player attacking wise think he deserves to stay in the side when all are back would love to see him with hooper all in all we didn't deserve to win despite being so close our ball retention is atrocious we desperately need bannan and Hutchinson in midfield
  11. Luhukay out.

    Who would win in a game of yesterday's starting 11versus an 11 of Westwood hunt. Lees. Hutchinson van aken wallace. Lee bannan forestieri Fletcher Hooper plus thorniley and matttais if you want to change things ? I think we would all go for the injured 11 which says to me we can't make an honest assessment of jos until he has at least some of these players back, out of yesterday's team only reach would probably start with maybe jaoa , pudil and Fred in contention. It's almost impossible to gauge anything given the circumstances
  12. Think wilkinson asked for a new pitch as a reward for promotion
  13. Huddersfield, coming out of Hillsborough after that game was weird no anger no heart wrenching disappointment just numb. If I and others felt that way how did the players feel knowing we had the chance of promotion but had given it away the malaise started then snowballed Preston the pigs just added to it. We should have acted there and then and yes I'm speaking with hindsight we are in free fall we need tough decisions and we need them now
  14. I'd hope the chairman will make a statement sooner rather than later to outline what the outcome of the accounts is likely to be and maybe allay some fears. I hope he gives doyen and his advisors the heave ho and turns to real football people ( wilkinson perhaps) whatever the outcome embargo or not it's clear we need to start selling players even if it isn't out of necessity we can sell winnall and Westwood for instance and o don't think we'd suffer even though Westwood is a top keeper we could also lose one probably two players from midfield and attack and still have plenty of players I'd hope we can retain as much of our real quality FF hooper bannan etc as possible but if we have to sell so be it. Hopefully we can get Clare and hirst signed up, Clare as I understand is merely after a longer deal and make better use of the loan market finally I think we should extend the season ticket deadline to the seasons end to encourage as many to renew as possible because we need everyone on board
  15. He had a go, the losses over the last two seasons are about what we spent on transfer fees over that period. For the time I've followed Wednesday and long before fans have called for this type of investment you can call him on his knowledge of the game and his choice of advisors but not his ambition and commitment I hope he can find a way round this learn a few lessons then go again. A few sales this summer the release of most if not all the out of contract players and continued use of young players including hopefully hirst and clare and we could with a few loans end up with a better balanced more dynamic squad It isn't great news obviously but it need not be the end of the world providing of course we stay up