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  1. Satisfied with our transfer window, some good players at this level and a good mix of young players and experience. We are obviously not shopping at the top level anymore but the chairman has certainly backed his manager
  2. This comes as no surprise to me as I believe that the long held aim of the really big clubs as been to have all games on PPV . That they have used a pandemic to bring it in and they have undoubtedly sold it to the smaller clubs as a short term solution to cover losses is shameful. Long term they will want games exclusively on their own channels to sell worldwide, just imagine how much man u can generate per game potentially tens of millions compared to the likes of Leicester and the pigs hundreds of thousands it will finally kill off any semblance of competition and send transfer fees and wage
  3. Wonderful season that will stay with me forever. From the first game at Swansea there was a feeling we would finally go up the Newcastle games city away Swansea at home in the snow you don’t forget those games. The only let down was not winning the league, there was nothing between us and chelsea ( can’t say that now) and it could have gone either way but it was still a fantastic season full of great memories for a 16 year old
  4. Ian Wright couldn’t abide the man david batty talentless crapbag morgan bully and a coward bradshaw hated us that much he was at the club years- hypocrite wise horrible little man
  5. I was worried stood at the back of the kop that colin west would knock my head off with his penalty against luton. Fortunately it sailed over me
  6. Hope we can get it reduced on appeal, but as it stands we have to take it on the chin and use as a chance for a long term rebuild. Next season will be about survival and nothing else there will be no expectation and hopefully a sense of togetherness will come out of it . I’ll be there when allowed and will support my club as always and hope this is the beginning rather than the end wawaw uto wtid
  7. Wednesday 1 -1 Arsenal well all 5 games it was when we started to believe again and showed we were still a big club charlton 0 -3 Wednesday still as good an away performance as I’ve seen and mirocevic was sensational wednesday 5-0 Burnley a fantastic night huge crowd Shelton hat trick and we all thought we were going to Wembley luton 0-3 Wednesday great performance and TC at his best against a very good team wednesday 4-0 pigs obviously , a unbelievable day we put them in their place and from then on we knew we would be promoted
  8. I think it’s more likely if we’ve been found guilty that the point deduction is already decided but they are waiting to see if it relegates us if it doesn’t they will put it back to next season
  9. RIP jack legend, hero and gentleman thanks for everything you gave us
  10. They’ve given me good times but far too few they’ve given me bad times alas far too many they make me happy occasionally and sad more times than I care to remember I’ve had heroes I’ve worshiped but had loads of wasters who’ve let me down I love them but they break my heart but I was born a wednesdayite and will die one I’m eternally grateful I wasn’t born a pig and will spend the rest of my days living in hope because when it’s good nothing is better
  11. The most talented individual we’ve had since being relegated from the premier league. That first season he was sensational the second good but since then only flashes. I still think playing him in the second play off campaign when he was clearly injured finished him as a top championship player he was never the same after . Should we have sold him after the Norwich incident, of course but hindsight is a wonderful thing. The chairman did the right thing for the club and just like hirsty making the right decision at the time doesn’t always work out
  12. Doubt it for arsenal it was even then expected for them to win trophies had they lost they’d have carried on as they always have but for us it was massive and could have changed our history forever
  13. Well I’d have been prepared to take the chance because how we lost will live with me forever. Arsenal were notoriously bad at penalties but knowing our luck they’d have suddenly found their mojo. What as always baffled me is why they took off wright when penalties seemed certain, he’d scored on the night and was by far their best striker. Was it psychological saying we still want to win the game or did Wright not want to take a penalty whatever it was very strange. I do remember that the general opinion was if it went to a shoot out we were heavy favourites to win, oh for the chance
  14. Bright was a good player but to this day I still see that chance and think hit it put your foot through it, if only
  15. In my time I’d definitely have roly number one and obviously hirst, waddle , Sheridan and Palmer would be close to the top, but going on what I’ve read and heard from older fans the list is a nonsense. Blenkinsop was regarded as the best full back in the world in his day , Wilson record scorer and from the 60s the old man says fantham was superb he only rates hirst higher swann is regarded by most as our greatest cb and Kay who I’ve heard many call the best player they saw in a Wednesday shirt doesn’t get in
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