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  1. There are so many great memories of that season some that will live long in the memory but unfortunately for me brights miss in the final and linaghans goal come to mind more often and still haunt me. I’ve never been so heartbroken as the moment arsenal scored and it still hurts and unfortunately always will
  2. Lincoln we got hammered sue Hartford and fashanu played for them
  3. God if you let us down Chris I don’t know what other players have done to use . Chris you were an absolute joy to watch I would walk a thousand miles over broken glass so my kids could watch you play one game and see what a real football player is
  4. Was Bristol rovers at home scored two in next game against Blackburn an absolutely fantastic player and my all time Wednesday hero
  5. Can’t see season being completed, the peak is forecast being early June maybe later so there will not be enough time after that the peak is over to fit this seasons fixtures before next season is due to start . Do they cancel the season and start again next season or do they work out a way to decide titles, promotion, relegation and European places. As much as people would love to see Liverpool denied the title they undoubtedly deserve it and for me they should be awarded it come what may. Every other issue is up in the air so would lead to chaos no matter what they did.massive decisions still to be made just hope we don’t get shafted by it
  6. When the pigs were promoted to the championship three years ago everything we told them about lack of investment holding them back and how we paying higher wages and transfer fees were on a different level should have been true but unfortunately for us we failed to notice we had no leadership and they did. Ok it was all from their manager but we didn’t have any at all levels and still don’t and that’s led to uncontrollable problems at the club that require a root and branch operation to sort out. All of this while the pigs have left us trailing is sickening, and anyone who says their success doesn’t make it worse is lying
  7. Let’s be right the whole city side were at it and the higher up you get the more it happens. What annoys me is they get away with it yet we have one player who has a reputation for diving (FF) and he constantly gets punished for it. Level playing field and all that
  8. Still think the stoke result led to our bad run, our weak minded players let it affect them too much and it became an ongoing problem. If they have been forewarned of a deduction they should have dug in and made it less of a problem but again weak minded
  9. Not disagreeing with you but I think had Bruce stayed we’d be in a playoff place at least. Is going was a disaster for the club had far bigger impact than big Ron leaving
  10. It’s fairly obvious to me that DC wants to move to a new stadium, the lack of real investment in Hillsborough, the alleged turning down of the opportunity to buy the Wednesdayite car park all point that way. Obviously those plans were reliant on promotion but for me we should jump the gun to give the club a boost , other clubs have done it so why not get premier league ready if we have the money
  11. Looks like a sad end for a genuinely great player the best keeper we’ve had since hodge. He was terrific in his first three seasons especially the first his performance that season against Norwich was the best goalkeeping performance I’ve ever seen with half a dozen world class saves that drew audible gasps of amazement from the crowd. I for one will always remember him as a top class player who would have graced any Wednesday team I’ve ever seen including the early 90 s teams
  12. Of course it comes down to how you define a big club. For me only Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal are truly big as they always have the support, stadium and never go to long without success. Everyone else in the so called big 6 has had periods of downright mediocrity and have been boosted by big money. We fall into a fairly large group who could given city type money be huge or with a great manager and wise investment could compete top half premier league and pick up the odd cup.as it is we are what we are a well supported championship club who could go up any given season but would probably struggle once there . Our neighbours have shown us it’s possible to get up and compete and although we may not be a big club anymore we will always be bigger than them
  13. With the new signings straight in against Barnsley along with FF . Now is not the time for players to bed in or get used to new team mates they have to start to give the team, the fans the whole club a lift . We need to start winning and soon to have any chance of the play offs no time for caution
  14. Don’t want pigs but would prefer them now to later if we both progress, lets keep 93 no chance of revenge for them would prefer a lesser team home or away and pigs to get city or Liverpool away. I want that centenary to come up
  15. Worked with robin for years was my uncles best mate, that bloke could certainly tell a story kept us entertained for hours at a time with tales of his Wednesday days including both games against barca
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