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  1. Yes . I’ll definitely take it please . I’ll message you later many thanks
  2. thanks pal . Appreciate that .i'll message you on friday to see what the situation is then . UTO
  3. Hi i'm looking for an adult ticket . Are you wanting to sell the 3 tickets as a job lot or would you split ? Cheers
  4. http://www.fa-cupfinals.co.uk/1973.htm I was at the home game ( 1st match ) and 2nd replay ( 3rd match at Villa Park). The only thing i was a little uncertain about was the year but check out this link-definitely 1973
  5. 1973 FA Cup round 4? 2nd replay at Villa Park. 2nd division Wednesday were 2-0 down to 1st division Crystal Palace before coming back to win 3-2 .Brian Joicey hat trick.
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