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  1. In an ideal world the majority of these players would not be anywhere near the first team, even Wildsmith should be enjoying a loan spell to gain experience, he has done a great job so far btw. The current side is not good enough and I am sure Jos and (probably) the individuals themselves know that but the situation dictates all hands to the pump. Unfortunately, Carlos has left us with a very unfit squad which may explain a number of the injuries the players have picked up and has not addressed the issues that have been obvious to most specifically in my opinion pace. We have some good younger players coming through and have invested in players at the right age hopefully, we can ride the storm this season and move forward on a fresh footing next season, I am as frustrated as anyone but booing the players off, moaning and groaning is not going to help them on the pitch. All areas for me look (under the right coach) promising, we all know certain players have reached an age where (especially if they have not trained properly and have high fitness levels) they are simply not at a level where we as fans want them to be. So fingers crossed, get the season out of the way invest in some quality wingbacks (that actually look up and try and find player, rather than just swinging in the ball without looking) and pace, I personally also hope Rhodes finds the confidence that he has shown throughout his career and is utilised in a system that plays to his strengths.
  2. All, We have transport organised to Barnsley departing from Harthill at 8:45 and then collecting from the Leeds Arms in North Anston. Originally we had organised an eight seater but this has issues and has been upgraded to a 16 seater, as such there is 8 seats availble, the cost for a return to either Harthill or North Anston is £10 per person, let me know if this is of interest to you. Cheers
  3. Having been in corporate last 3 seasons, one thing I can say is that the existing team are not the issue, Ian will be a big loss to the club.
  4. The corporate team know better than anyone that improvement is needed. A significant amount of time has been spent discussing options for the various restaurants. I expect improvements will happen, DC has been in place for a short period of time and rightly so has focused his attention on the footballing side of the club (which I am sure everyone is happy about) and no doubt will give a similar level of focus to off-field issues. These things take time, over recent seasons corporate was not so much in demand due to difficult times and the product on the pitch not inspiring organisations or individuals to stump up large amounts of cash for a poor team / average fixtures. I don't blame the OP for sharing his opinions and perception is reality at the end of the day at an individual level. We shouldn't be defensive when people share a negative opinion, we should accept it as their opinion not slate them for having it.
  5. Think this may be a little over the top to be honest, I assume the Charlton suite is the one outside the boxes as box holders now eat in their box. I suspect there may not have been as much attention given to today as there is on a typical matchday. anyone who did a tour prior to the facelift of the home dressing room will know it's a massive improvement on what things were like, small steps
  6. On Twitter 4 tickets for sale, ring/ text for details ********* #swfc #PlayOffFinal
  7. ok I have 5 spares (don't ask) they are £76 (+£2.50 booking fee), I only want what I paid. PM me and I will do my best, these tickets will need to be collected x
  8. Yes, I am fully aware this may already have been done somewhere, honestly can't be bothered to check! Just wondered what peoples plans are for the day, As for me, I have organised a 42 seater coach leaving from Harthill at 9am, we have organised for a pub (half way down) to open up for us an hour early at 11am, with the added bonus of taking advanced food orders for those that want it. Probably leave there about 1:30, off to ground and go to Green Man to soak up the atmosphere!!! Very excited going to be a very long week! UTO
  9. still available, not sure what the "How Much" was about or even if it was a question directed at but if so then face value!
  10. Your joking aren't you, typical yes mate deffo up for it get me a ticket etc then day or so before it's the old mate sorry forgot our lass has agreed for me to sit and bleach her chin hairs!
  11. A couple of lads have dropped out so if anyone needs a couple of tickets for tomorrow PM me.
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