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  1. We should try for Thomas Tuchel.
  2. big_orme

    Released Premier League Players

    He only signed for them 31st Jan and 4 goals in his 12 games is a good return for a team that was struggling.
  3. big_orme

    Released Premier League Players

    Wouldn't mind Michael Kightly, did a good job at Burton this season.
  4. Forgive me if this is the wrong section and mods feel free to move to the correct section please. Today I do a skydive for an incredible charity called Carpenters Arms you can read more about them here http://carpenters-arms.org/ a few of the players in my team are in or have completed the programme and the charity do great work integrating them back into the community. Its a very cheeky ask but if any of you would be willing to sponsor me for the dive it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/danielormeskydive#.WSFUcR19Lhc.facebook
  5. Christmas tree formation, with the striker marking the GK guaranteed goals on that game! Other players and excuse the spellings To Madiera Stefan Selakovic Kennedy Bakircloglu Kim Kallstrom Teddy Lucic Lebohang Mokoena
  6. big_orme

    Fixture List Wallpaper

    Has anyone created a portrait one for the IPhone please? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. big_orme

    Rival watch

    Always thought Fulham would win this. Had a £3 bet on them which only returned a tenner, just wish they'd scored second half instead as had draw HT and Fulham win second half too. Newcaslte are bound to start slow. They've gone and bought a set of players who are yet to really play together and thus yet to gel. But I felt the key difference last night wasn't that they hadn't gelled but they didn't look as up for it as Fulham. It showed the difference between players playing for the club or for the wage in my opinion.
  8. Has anyone done a wallpaper for the iPhone with the fixtures please?
  9. big_orme

    Fighting yesterday?

    We were chatting to a Bobby after (squadron leader in charge of the grass areas near the green man) who said we were the best losing fans he'd seen at Wembley. No trouble at all really, he thought it was surreal. He said they turned up at the green before the game and saw they'd already lost the battle against people drinking in public so let them, gave up on that as there was no trouble. Were just clamping down on flares as it's illegal to set them off within a certain distance of a highway.
  10. Stopping playing football. I would always rather play than watch.
  11. big_orme

    More players missing.

    Just got back and watching it on Sky. It said on sky that The yellow was Kayal's 10th, doesn't that mean a 2 game ban?
  12. big_orme

    Post match presser

    No worries, don't pay much attention to the negging thing any way as can't see it on my phone. Jokes gone now though as had to explain it, bad joke haha
  13. big_orme

    Post match presser

    Glad someone got it