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  1. But he’s not a CM and never has been. He plays well LM and that’s it. Why fit him in the team at CM with 3 CM’s on the bench?!?
  2. Hutch. Lees did well too and the rest were anonymous! Tactics - 0 Subs - bewildering
  3. I thought 343 with Palmer and moses wing back and reach and Kachunga in the wings
  4. Can someone tell John Pearson it’s Lossl not Lossi!
  5. We are mid table with a mid table squad but we have unrealistic expectations. We Expect playoffs with an aging team and only 3-4 players at the start of the season who would get into any other top 6 championship teams. As for Monk, yes he can’t make them take their chances but Moses at CB, freezing Hutch out for whatever the reason and just be the most uninspiring man at half time as we always come out worse in the second half, failing to take Bannan off corners etc are all glaring errors that a good manager wouldn’t make.
  6. I missed that one, thought they were just referring to them as Blackburn. Great program though
  7. no what mistake?? couldn’t get on with Tiger King. Currently binging Save Me as never seen it. Just started season 2.
  8. I watched the English Game on Netflix and thought it was brilliant, worth a watch!
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