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  1. Last dance the two escobars both brilliant
  2. Absolutely. Such a friendly place, slightly shabby (in a good way), and the bars and restaurants are great. Alameda de Hercules area is very bohemian, but i had some of the best food down there, with this place https://www.restaurantealaljibe.com/ being the pick of the bunch imo - Beef carpaccio with green mustard icecream was insane Can get HOT AF though. I'd recommend a cycle tour to get oriented, and get the downlow on the history of the place, if your interested in that kind of stuff
  3. Sex Education Im 46 and I have actually fallen in love with Maeve Wiley. Yes, i know shes not real, yes im old enough to be her Dad, but Hot. Damn
  4. I watched this recently. It is a decent film, but by jaysus its bleak (and as you say, slow)
  5. all over this on Sunday afternoon/eve...
  6. Not sure about Bobby Moore like - he was playing RB for Oldham wasnt he?
  7. difficult to put my finger on it. Said as much to out lass as i we were watching it, then turns out he does loads for charity (as you said) and i thought id misjudged him perhaps. By the end i thought he was a t!t again. I suspect its just his general demeanour. Im not losing any sleep over this kid - hes great at what he does, it was an interesting show, but i had great trouble warming to him. Suspect he does need that outlook to be able to do what he does, but i found him apparently lacking in the many of the qualities that i like in humans
  8. Never really been a fan of his look, but jaysus, they were amazing last night
  9. Surprisingly, Miley Cyrus is possible the best set I’ve seen this year. I mean she’s 120% filth, but hot damn did a good job of covering led Zep and Metallica, and has some stage presence
  10. As an aside to glastonbury... if you like deep house check out ‘Calisto - netherworld ep’ in guidance records. Bout as deep as it gets. All 4 tracks are sublime
  11. Maribou State on iPlayer well worth 50 minutes of your time
  12. It’s everything to do with age. I suspect, like me, you’re not prime Stormzy demographic. fwiw, I don’t like what he does musically either, and much prefer the artists you mention. However, stormzy is an important voice, in the same way the sex pistols were. I didn’t like them either, but their influence has been huge.
  13. Yes, pretty much stopped buying vinyl about that time I’d say. I was bang in to electronica and sadly sold some stuff that’s now worth quite a bit (autechre - Amber, all beechwood music ‘nu electronica’ series) the spread of price on the above is in most cases due to there being one (or more) discs missing from the listed items
  14. does anyone actually go to Glastonbury to watch the main stage acts? Soooo much more interesting stuff to see and do in the darker corners of the site
  15. very engaging show, clearly a brilliant climber who is totally focused... Struck me as a bit of a t!t though, on a more personal level
  16. indeed it is. Innaritus other films are worth a watch too, if youve not seen them. Equally emotionally trying watches - most notably 'Beutiful' featuring a stand out performance from Javier Bardem (who i also like very much)
  17. the thing is, America would never make a film like that. I agree some oriental films are often critically acclaimed, particularly in horror genre, and often i dont see why, but i think there are cultural aspects that us westerners dont really 'get'. Audition is a perfect example - not a bad film, but there so much inference to japanese Culture that i dont understand that i think some of the message went over my head a bit. FWIW, i like Train to Busan, largely because its ridiculously nonstop nature, but im in no hurry to rewatch it
  18. its is. bit slow to start with some weird subtitling, but once its gets going it really doesnt stop
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