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  1. My birthday too. Car broke down on the way home
  2. Not sure about Bobby Moore like - he was playing RB for Oldham wasnt he?
  3. Im not going to bother. Im gonna get nutted on MDMA and pretend everythings groovy for a few hours
  4. Never mind going to games, I’ve stopped watching on ifollow
  5. Same here. Overplay doesn’t work on my Mac, but does on my phone. Wierd
  6. Absolutely this. If he's not getting sold then I'd have him starting on saturday, and so would anyone who knows their arse from their elbow
  7. HMS PISSTHELEAGUE12, about to disembark (slightly flakey stream here though)
  8. I had that. Logged on to vpn, logged out of Swfc, Cleared cookies andlogged back in to Swfc. I’m in
  9. Yes in theory, although sky are broadcasting ALL midweek championship games this season via red button, so no
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