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  1. Last dance the two escobars both brilliant
  2. Absolutely. Such a friendly place, slightly shabby (in a good way), and the bars and restaurants are great. Alameda de Hercules area is very bohemian, but i had some of the best food down there, with this place https://www.restaurantealaljibe.com/ being the pick of the bunch imo - Beef carpaccio with green mustard icecream was insane Can get HOT AF though. I'd recommend a cycle tour to get oriented, and get the downlow on the history of the place, if your interested in that kind of stuff
  3. Sex Education Im 46 and I have actually fallen in love with Maeve Wiley. Yes, i know shes not real, yes im old enough to be her Dad, but Hot. Damn
  4. I watched this recently. It is a decent film, but by jaysus its bleak (and as you say, slow)
  5. all over this on Sunday afternoon/eve...
  6. Not sure about Bobby Moore like - he was playing RB for Oldham wasnt he?
  7. difficult to put my finger on it. Said as much to out lass as i we were watching it, then turns out he does loads for charity (as you said) and i thought id misjudged him perhaps. By the end i thought he was a t!t again. I suspect its just his general demeanour. Im not losing any sleep over this kid - hes great at what he does, it was an interesting show, but i had great trouble warming to him. Suspect he does need that outlook to be able to do what he does, but i found him apparently lacking in the many of the qualities that i like in humans
  8. Never really been a fan of his look, but jaysus, they were amazing last night
  9. Surprisingly, Miley Cyrus is possible the best set I’ve seen this year. I mean she’s 120% filth, but hot damn did a good job of covering led Zep and Metallica, and has some stage presence
  10. As an aside to glastonbury... if you like deep house check out ‘Calisto - netherworld ep’ in guidance records. Bout as deep as it gets. All 4 tracks are sublime
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