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  1. lawsom34

    What are we drinking tonight

    It's half empty and we are Doombared......
  2. Salisbury away would be a good idea, I'll get the bbq on the go if that's one of the games.
  3. That's causing much head shaking from her.
  4. My other half who is Cornish is enraged by this and says it's wrong on every level and it's the Devon way. Me stick some hendersons on a cheese scone and now your talking.
  5. Still got both of those, no need for retro copies original all the way.
  6. In the shadow of the Raymac stadium.
  7. He's manager at Salisbury now, I live next to their ground and he played in a pre season game for them this year. Good honest bloke seems proper down to earth when you speak to him.
  8. lawsom34


    I can't hear it either but then again I do get my back garden lit up when Salisbury football club put their floodlights on.
  9. Zico all day long in front of Bullen, he would have ran through a brick wall for us.
  10. 0.1 mile to my nearest ground, Raymond McEnhill stadium.
  11. Right it's Wednesday now, of to bed be up in time for the match.
  12. Still in Canada so it's yesterday here still, shouldn't be posting in here yet, well be watching it live and ignoring work for a couple of hours.