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  1. Had a few epically drunk nights in there, used to work at the bottom of Sheffield road, finish work on afternoons and straight in there on a Friday night, back in work Saturday morning for 6 for some overtime finish at 12 and taxi straight to pub before game, doubt if I'd manage that now though.
  2. That's normal reporting in ze fatherland, doesn't read as bad in German as the English translation does, not saying it reads good but nothing that is worry about.
  3. Watched six or so years of German lower leagues and his attitude towards the fans and the club is typical of the players who played there but his ability on the pitch is so much more. This video was when VFL Osnabruck won promotion in 07 to the German second tier, best atmosphere I'd been at for many a year and am epic day where all the team ended up down town with the fans later that night.
  4. Bournemouth, Southampton or Pompey away, purely to make it easy to get to for me.
  5. Trevor Francis he was somewhat of an impact sub for us.
  6. Kept us in the cup with his concussed performance, realistically should have been taken off.
  7. Think it was this game that green un or Star had a picture of a group of Wednesday fans on kop surrounding by man u fans on front page, I've got it at home in loft. My old man said he'd took his glasses off tray for the incoming trouble
  8. Southampton away, for no other reason than its 20 minutes from my house.
  9. Spent over six years there top place, watched a lot of VFL's games with quite a few other Brits and we made some good friends over there. Skip to 2.20 in this, that's like it every home game and can get a tad lively. Bremen bruken pub was always good before and after a match, especially when someone brought them a CD with this on to play as they wanted British football songs, luckily they all saw the funny side.
  10. VFL Osnabruck, due to living there for quite a few years.
  11. Sod the reeperbahn or getting hotels, beers around grosse Freiheit and make it through the night till the fish market opens, think bar opens at 5am but others around are open earlier, good way to start off a Sunday with live bands and some scoff.
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