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  1. Thank you very much Owling, saw the 2nd half. It was actually on Blues TV. No where near as good as John Pearson for commentary. My opinion on the game was I thought we did ok and could of won it but we lack that killer instinct or final ball to win games. Thought Iorfa was immense again. What a player
  2. I’m in Sydney and can’t get Sky sports. Does anyone know of any live streams to go on to watch the Brummie game?
  3. Yeah that no one sees!! Proper graveyard Sonny! Thanks for your back up on this mate
  4. Now then I’m on a family holiday this Saturday and I think the Leeds match is on at 10pm local time so I was just wondering if there’s any Wednesdayites in the Gold Coast that fancy meeting up or can recommend a good sports bar that is South Yorkshire friendly to watch us batter the white kack of Yorkshire? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks martin
  5. Now then, Just wondering if there is any Wednesdayites in the Central Coast that fancies meeting up for the Huddersfield game tonight for a 9pm kick off? We could meet Terrigal hotel or any Leagues clubs that has Foxtel. Let me know if anyone fancies it. Cheers Martin
  6. I’ve been seeing articles on Zola, and like most on here feel it would be a massive mistake. But what about Nigel Pearson? He did a good job at Leicester, he knows the club, he’s full of passion, still lives in Sheffield and is available. I would love to see him back at Hillsborough!
  7. Mark Smith, Dez Hazel, Micoecic( I can’t remember how to spell it) Wayne Jacobs I think and Tony Galvin
  8. Now then, seem as tho Bein Spirrs is no more, and I do believe that on ifollow that we can't watch it live. Is that correct? Just wondering how Wednesdee fans are watching the game in Australia? Anyone recommend a streaming website? Please let me know cos I don't know how to watch the game. cheers
  9. I'm in Sydney and the match froze for about 5 mins. When I tried to get the match back and pressed "watch live now" the pop up message was must upgrade your account! I've paid $185 and I always get this pop up message. It is quite poor quality.
  10. For overseas Wednesdayites in Australia, I've got ifollow but am I right in saying can't watch that on a live stream because it's on Sky? So does anyone know how to watch it live?
  11. Totally agree. And the free kick in the first half was dreadful. Boyd needs to replace him for Satdee
  12. I had the same problem. Need to upgrade to watch. It had the option to watch live on my iPhone but couldn't as it said I needed to upgrade. It's a shower of bobbar and I've paid $185 Ozzie dollars for this. Anyone else in Australia having problems with ifollow?
  13. I was listening to the game cos I live in Sydney, and a bit confused because did we use 4 subs tonight? Dave, Hutch, Matias and Winnall. Is that right? Have the rules changed from 3 to 4?
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